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    Calling all polyester gurus

    no cyclone and spe hybrid? spe main and cyclone crosses. anyways, am really curious to your tension choice in the end.
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    Check out this ball machine contraption!

    glad that i found this, i designed plans for building one myself for the summer. but i think it is way to high for forehand and backhand practice. maybe try using a board where the ball drops to allow the ball to bounce higher to help with backhand. based on your specs, i think i need to adjust...
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    Dunlop Force 98 Tour

    if this plays anything like the idapt 98 with red/soft shock sleeve then i am interested, elsewise can't say that i care for it.
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    am I stupid?

    i have a 30+ year old head racquet. really hard to do heavy spin compared to toddays. they feel alot softer, i have had so many experience with tennis elbow, but older racquets never gave me any issue in that field. anywho, im also in search for comfortable, but far from the oldern feel. check...
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    Pressureball tube, any experience?

    yea they work, don't own one myself though. i plan on a diy project of simply attatching a psi gauge to a 2 gallon pump sprayer. i'd rather risk messing around for the price of 1 tube. the problem i see with reviving balls is that after a few times, they lose pressure after one hitting...
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    Prince O3 Tour Grommet (Midplus) where to find it?

    yea call them, and if you really like the racquet make sure to stock up on a few. or even call tw and see if they can get it for you.
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    Could my grommets be breaking my strings?

    i've seen plenty of bad grommets breaking strings, its a 5 dollar investment, if you think that the issue it probably is worth changing it.
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    Racquet Grip Replacement

    you should try overgrips, yonex supergap is a big favorite, i know its mine. if you are looking for a replacement to a standard grip and don't like overgrips then just find the one that was on your racquet already or pick a new one.
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    How To Pressurize / Revive Old Tennis Balls...

    dunlop balls usually last me a long time. its probably the rubber prevents air flow at a better rate. also i don't know about the steel vessel, but with almost all other not mechanize ball pressurizer you will need to adjust the psi every couple of days. anyways i plan on getting a 2 gallon...
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    A racquet for a beqinner

    well you have two options. buy any racquet you feel comfortable, get a good shock absorber and an overgrip. i would even suggest aluminum or titanium ones. a good shock absorber would be my bias opionion of Technifibre vibra clip. overgrip i suggest is yonex supergap, but you can buy any...
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    Stability in 'tweeners'

    if 25-26" due to shorter length, less torque is applied in general. so better stability. if we are talking about standard, then shouldn't be much of an issue. a good tool is a good tool, but learning how to use a decent tool may be more important. but yea, lower levels won't be affected by...
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    Racquet/Strings Harmony

    i don't think its worth researching, but i am sure it will bring light into physics of tennis. i don't think there would be much of a game changer to tennis unless humans become bionic and need better equipment. but as i said, its not going to be a breakthrough of anysort. science is already...
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    throw it in a garbage bag of rice/bread or some other drying agent. although you shouldn't need to worry. no racquets that have a grommet should be harmed from a little water.
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    Mikeler's Polys

    i figured you would say that. in my opinion though, it lacks the bite that i want. maybe if i try a smaller gauge it might give me enough bite, or maybe a hybrid will do me fine. thanks again.
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    Mikeler's Polys

    out of curiousity, have you tried the ruff code yet? also to mikeler, what the best poly you have tried with good pocketing and bite?
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    Can´t hit the slice

    a good slice is definately based on feel, so certain racquet can help you improve on it. but you can slice properly with any racquet. but don't let up on your shoulders, and yea firm up the wrist. knee bending, shoulders, or torso are usually where most people mess up as far as i can see...
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    New string selection menu at check out - Check it out! Feedback welcome!

    this is cool, though i think it would be cool but a bit insistive, if you have strings you would recommend for each racquet. especially ones that have been reviewed, but most racquet aren't all that sensitive to strings selection, so it's not all the useful but neat at least. something more...
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    Frames of smallest head size?

    an attainable one would be a wooden racquet its a 60 sq inch. but heads prestige is the most precise machine i have used yet, other than a pneumatic tennis ball cannon aka spud gun.
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    Best Overgrip!!!

    i have tried more grips than i have with strings and racquets combined. and i have to say supergap by yonex to be the winner.
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    Good Stuff NOT On TW

    I second the tourna power cap, would really love to have an easier way to get my hands on these.
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    Does this article still hold true from 2012 didn't read the article, but there plenty of input in the thread. for me, its about the tensions. strings will play different at different increment. so unless i have a giant reel of strings that i don't like, then i won't do much...
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    Luxilon Alu Power vs Alu Power rough

    im on the side of easternrock and tw crew. rough has more bite. these strings are tough and the tension don't last long. the rough definately feel alot plusher than the other.
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    Prince Tour 100 18x20 V Microgel Radical MP

    i dunno why i don't like the updated version of the tour. they are practically the same spec wise. even when i try to balance them the same the feeling, the trajectory is different. i am currently using the cyclone, though i personally think that their are better strings out there, it is a good...
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    Prince O3 Red Ls vs O3 Red original (wrong specs?) is the original ibelieve. the ls version is updated and will be different.
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    Serve calling for help...

    idk why, it doesn't look like you need it but i feel like you could use a little more torsional rotation. possibly as you throw the ball allow your back to twist a smidge more toward the net, it'll help allow your body to fall into the court more as you jump for added power. but really, just...
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    What grip do you use on your topspin 1-hander?

    i find myself using both the eastern and semi western alot. can't decide on one i guess. i learned 2 different ways in different phases of my career and instinctively choose between the two.
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    Mental game

    i don't think carefree is what you are looking for. you think to hard one the past and the future. focus on the now, what can you do now. i do understand what you mean by carefree, you worry so much, and need to let go of what you are thinking in your mind. basically let your mind go blank and...
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    more powerful racquet

    the closest racquet that plays similar was the exo3 98 rebel the newer one. not the 98 tour. the prestige is pretty unique, the 2011 babolat storm tour. wilson blx tour. these are the ones from memory that plays closest to the prestige that has higher power that i can think of. pro line...
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    Calling all polyester gurus

    out of curiosity, have you tried the ruff code yet? how do you like it? i hear that it plays similar to alu rough.
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    String for casual play

    my first poly ever was the original big banger rough, i dream of it. but its a horrible string since a bad shank or misshit can cause TE. strings that last long as long as you don't break them are kevlar and gut. gut plays different over time. princes and gosen syn gut are pretty famous. so...