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    Lefty short crosscourt backhand slice return from deucecourt

    I serve out wide to the deucecourt. My lefty opponent returns consistently short slice crosscourt. I find it hard to take a slice on the rise even though it is fourhand my stronger side. If I let it bounce a little i am out of position I have to make a close to winning shot changing direction...
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    Tournament decisions 4.0 or 4.5?

    Planning to enter tournaments in USA. I am pondering should I go 4.0 or 4.5. What would you do in my shoes? I am in white and this was three years ago and pretty casual, no pressure what so ever. Havent got any better since, maybe little bit worse.
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    Mannarino racquet?

    Is that Pure Storm Tour + that he is using?
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    Toalson ultra grip (wet) overgrip

    This is tackiest and most long lasting overgrip i've used. Could you please add it to your collection of overgrips?
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    You don't have to guess ntrp

    Off balance serve and phone booth swings in both sides. What else?
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    Pure Storm Tour GT

    Played a practise match with pure storm tour gt today. Those two hours of playing were also my first with this raquet. Gt tour felt pretty much the same raquet as Pure Storm and Pure control. Maybe a little bit more stable compared to two pure control tours and one pure storm tour i had already...