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    My Review of a New Cross Stringing Tool

    Picked up a HD version for 18X20 pattern. Works like a charm. Less stressful weaving/pulling/straightening the poly cross before tensioning. I don't think using the tool saved me much time, but it did make stringing poly cross more enjoyable. BTW, I don't use this tool for syn or multi cross.
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    Great backup plan for my own racquet. What type of knot is it?
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    This is how it's done!

    For the love of the craft, I say bravo to the gentleman in the video.
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    Novak Djokovic had surgery (right hand) in Switzerland

    No wonder he missed the elbow on purpose and went for the hand instead
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    Buying on from US

    Hello, wondering if anyone can help. Pls contact me through profile. Thanks!!
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    IG Prestige MP Same as Youtek Prestige MP?

    Now that I want to get one. How do you distinguish the two? Look for the working IG/Inegra on specs plate?
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    IG Prestige MP Same as Youtek Prestige MP?

    Sorry for the newbie question, but are these the same racquet ? I know the lineage of Prestige from the days of old (Classic>I>LM>FXP), but don't really know what came after that. I googled both and they both look the same to me. Any way to distinguish the two?
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    Becker with Fischer Vacuum Pro 90?

    Has Boris ever played with the Vac Pro 90 in the past? Bought one recently where seller mentioned this racquet was played by BB during a tournament in Hong Kong. I highly doubt it, but thought I'd ask.
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    How many people still play with rackets that are over 20 years old?

    Since loosing my iPrestige MP, I've been swinging the Super RD-Tour 90. Solid and beefy.
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    Player Resemblances (pics)

    Facial feature wise, Petra Kvitova's eyes remind me of Jani Lane's Daniela Hantuchova reminds me of Pat Sajak, sorry...
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    Nothing beats the eighties

    13 minutes of pure rock awesomeness.
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Schindler's List for the first time. How did I ever missed this great classic idk...
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    all time worst songs still getting radio time

    Madonna "Like a Prayer" and 4 Non blondes "What's Going On" literally make me shudder every time I hear any part of it
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    Saw the Green/Black ones at Ross also for $69.
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    i.Prestige MP x IG Prestige MP

    The i.Prestige MP XL has regular bumper, and the MP has CAPS. I have both and they play different from each other.
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    Federer racket at Halle

    Looks like Prince Prisim. No longer available.
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    Bad grass

    Just a crazy idea. Instead of eliminating real grass to go all artificial, why not create a hybrid surface consists of a square inch of real grass next to a square inch of artificial grass. I understand the foundation will be inconsistent, but at least you'll have best of both characteristics.
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    You can't kill the Metal.

    Lol, out of the blue, I youtubed this video about 2 weeks ago. What memories.
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    Fed fans : Are you warming up to Nadal ?

    Never really disliked Nadal and don't mind his on-court antics. Love watching his match highlights on YT. Just that I always felt he had an unfair advantage over Federer every time they played in the past due to the tweener racquet he uses, and the extra time he takes to recuperate between...
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    Am I the only one who's spooked by the child's legs on the lower left?
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    Yonex Rd Power 10 SP

    I believe SP means Singapore version, but I could be wrong.
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    Nadal on fast grass

    My POV is that Nadal only has to adjust/adapt his game to survive the 1st week of WB. After the grass has been chewed up into the 2nd week, he can revert back to his clay style, hence the stronger play deep towards the end of 2nd week. It's feast or famine for Nadal on grass.
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    What nike shoe should i buy after using a zoom breathe 2k10

    What size are you looking for? I may have access to a pair of 9's in clay version.
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    Still the best forehand in history

    Thanks for the link to the great video. To think he was doing it with a midsize racquet vs players with midplus and above. Can't imagine what could have been if he had honed his skills from his early age with a midplus/tweener racquet.
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    Anyone from Columbus, OH??

    Anyone from Columbus, OH area? Need a favor, please give me a holler. Thanks in advance.
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    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

    Just spun the Tooth and Nail LP. Thanks for the reminder.
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    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

    I know there are not a lot of metal fans out there in this forum, but I just want to throw this out there. Just gone through a ton of Kamelot music and videos on Youtube. If you are a fan of melodic power metal with deep lyrics, definitely give them a chance...
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    Skewed H2H Cuased by Racket Choice???

    Thanks for all the replies and keeping the troll/flame to a minimum, it has been a fun read. So I guess I'm in the minority here. It's just hard for me to wrap my head around that most here think there is no real advantage of a 100 vs a 90 Come on now, we all here play tennis and for...
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    Skewed H2H Cuased by Racket Choice???

    Forgive me for posting the name Fed/Nadal, should have known better... How about we take both names out, and inseart player A/B. If both players have similar skill set, and the one that is winning more is wielding a larger racket. How do you explain? BTW, I don't believe there can be a...
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    Skewed H2H Cuased by Racket Choice???

    I'm a pretty reasonable guy who can sit through and keep an open mind on rational discussions regarding goat existence, h2h, weak ear, wft/og/dc, etc. I enjoy reading both sides of the arguments. I don't get agitated when someone is voicing an opinion that I don't agree with, nor do I feel the...