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    Santa fe, New mexico

    Will be in Santa fe for a conference next week, will be free Sunday afternoon and all Monday. Looking for any 4.0+ in the area Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Nike elite tennis socks

    ETA on more elite tennis socks in Large?
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    Critique my serve

    Hi all, Just got back into the game after a year long break, trying to recover from a rotator cuff/labrum injury. I was playing with a blx prostaff 90, but I've recently found that I can't serve like I used to 2-3 years ago. I bought a yonex dr98 to demo and so far it's gone fairly well. I...
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    Differing BLX 6.1 90 paint jobs?

    I've had one for a while that has "prostaff 90" painted along the hoop, but the two I just bought say "prostaff ninety" instead....Did Wilson decide to change paint jobs during production?
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    Does anyone have this Federer Nike shirt? it's the one he wore to the 05 wimbledon. It's pretty much my favorite shirt ever! I have a medium that I've rarely used cause it's a little big on me, but if ANYONE has a small that...
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    Wow, never switching strings again....

    so I've been using pro hurricane 18 ever since it came out and it's been really good to me and my game. I usually string it around 55 on my LM prestige mid and I'm good to go. Recently, I was unfortunately out of PH and settled with a pack of PSGD my sister had laying around. First time out it...
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    No black Vapor Vs till end of June?!

    Wow, is it really going to take that much time to get more size 12s? TW, it can't be true!
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    Why isn't FSN showing the PLO right now!?

    they're showing some hockey postgame show....ugh. Anyone in Texas having this problem?
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    I did my first racket stringing tonight!

    LM prestige mid with babolat pro hurricane tour 17, my own of course Jesus, now I know why all my stringers didn't like stringing my racket up....It was a cool experience and I didn't have any major screw ups. The only part that was really hard were the last part of the crosses...what a pain...
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    signum pro poly plasma sucks

    Seriously, no control or feel from this string. I got it because there was a lot of praise for it. At first it was ok, but after a week and a half it's just unplayable. I never had this problem with pro hurricane or PH tour. I think I'll stick to my PH tours. Just my 2 cents
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    do you NEED the receipt to send back nike shoes

    I just wore out my BF2s but I can't find my reciept. I still have the warrenty card though. Anyone have experiences with this?
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    how are the nike breathe cages different from the breathe 3/2?s

    it's like they're the same shoe
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    How are the nike court mo GTs?

    anyone tried these out yet?
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    How are the nike court mo GTs?

    I think they look pretty good and the 6 month guarantee isn't bad either. I'm thinking about buying a pair but I would like to hear your thoughts.
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    LM or FP Prestige mid?

    I'm currently using the LM prestige MP but I think I'm ready to start playing with the midsize. I was wondering what you guys thought between the two versions. I love the flex and feel of MP but I've gotten a lot stronger and I think a more control oriented racket would suit me better. I'm a big...
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    what did you get when you sent in your vapor speeds?

    I'm sending mine in right now because of the heel air bubble burst. I'm just curious if you got a product voucher (and amount) or a replacement shoe.
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    how does the nike control react polo fit?

    hi, I'm looking to buy this polo but I have no idea how it fits. As reference I wear a medium sphere react crew (the white/black/gold one fed had at the masters late last year) and that fits fine. Should I go for the medium or the large?
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    What's this Sphere Macro that Nike is coming out with?

    I saw it on a site but I couldn't translate it to what it does. The shirt Fed is supposedly wearing for Wimbledon looks freakin awesome and I wanna know what this knew Macro is all about. Anyone know? Oh yeah, and thank you Nike for coming out with at least one way awesome line this year. It...
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    God hates Kansas

    imrite?! lawlz
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    How do the Breathe Frees fit?

    I wear a size 12 on my barricade 3s, 12.5 on barricade 2s, and 13 on vapor speeds. I'm looking into the BFs for my last few tournaments of high school and I was thinking about ordering from TW but I don't really know how they fit. Also, what are you opinions on both shoes?
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    screw up with an old order

    ok, so just a few days ago I head over to my stringer to get my racket strung up with some string I ordererd from TW. I figure everything is cool till I go back to pick my racket up. Well, when I go to pick it up, my stringer says he's gonna have to charge me 6 more dollars cause he had to use...
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    anyone have that ESPN NCAA basketball theme song?

    anyone? cause it's a pretty cool intro song if you ask me.
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    Thanks TW!

    I've been ordering my clothes and strings from you guys and I just recently placed my first order for a racket from you. I just have to say what a great job you guys did on the string job. The racket came in great condition with minimal damage to the CAP grommets from the stringing. One thing...
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    More Vapor 3 colors?

    When are you supposed to get the new vapor 3 colors and what are they? Also, why does the one listed as white/black look more like a silver color? I would rather get a straight up white like my white vapor speeds.
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    Golovin's new hair I <3 brunettes
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    best method of shipping racqets?

    after reading the box topic, I need to ask what method I should use to ship 2 racquets I'm planning to sell. USPS, Fedex, or UPS? What are your personally preferences and why? Which would be the cheapest?
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    X-1 Biphase vs. Yonex 850 Pro Spin

    I've been using the technifibre in a pro hurricane mains, tech crosses for the past 2 years. I absolutely love this set up at 59 in my prestiges, but it wouldn't hurt for me to cut the cost of it down a little bit. Durability, though, seems to be a bit of an issue now that I've gotten a lot...
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    good idea? X-1 with sensation

    well I'm down to 1 set of technifibre X-one biphase and I won't be able to buy anymore for a while. Since I can get Sensation for free from my coach, could I extend the life of my X-one by using the sensation in the crosses? For anyone who has used this setup, how long did it last you compared...
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    how long did your vapor speeds last?

    they seem like a very nice shoe and I can get them for around 80 bucks so is it worth it? How long did it take you to wear them out?
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    how do the Nike Sphere React crews fit?

    I'm planning on getting the fall or winter shirt and I was wondering how they fit compared to the fall Advantage crew or the Solid crew. Anyone know?