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    Pro Kennex Kinetic 7G

    Any users of this frame out there? The specs look great....I've heard that it has a large sweetspot, good power, and is nice on the arm. I realize that PK has been on a roller coaster ride lately but the price of this frame is enticing (and hopefully PK is making a comeback in the US). Feedback...
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    Age versus power

    Just wondering if anyone has stuck with a low powered and possibly relatively heavy frames as they get older. Being in my 40's, and in decent shape, I have always been teased by trying lighter, or stiffer, or more powerful sticks to make up for any decreasing mobility. Examples would be players...
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    Strings similar to TNT2 Pro Plus

    Any ideas re: strings similar to Gamma TNT2 Pro Plus (I hit with a 17L gauge)? I liked its stiffer stringbed but it seemed to have decent feel and power also...although it broke very quickly. According to TW the string is made of "Elastalon co-polymer core/Elastalon wraps/Textured Surface/TNT...
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    Head FXP Prestige MP vs nCode 6.1 95

    I've researched the various threads re: these two frames and am now wondering if anyone has playtested the two of them for comparison. What are your thoughts and final recommendations. I am a 4.5, relatively flat hitting all court player with a 2H BH. Have always played 12 oz frames and am...
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    Why do you like Poly's

    Why do you like/use poly strings (for spin capability, please check "control" box as I forgot to add that option)? If you do not like poly's, please contribute that feedback as well. Thanks!
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    LM Prestige MP to FP Radical/Instinct?

    Just wondering (as I get a bit older) have any LM Prestige MP users tried, and switched, to the Flexpoint Radical or Instinct (LM or FP)? I might be looking to demo a lighter swinging, more powerful frame and possibly giving up my trusted Prestige. I am used to Head racquets so prefer to try...
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    Poly strings on LM Prestige MP - what to do?

    I have always used multi's and sometimes gut strings on my frames over the years. Recently tried a full Poly job (Klip K-Boom 18g, 55 lbs.) on my LM Prestige MP and it played extremely well. Great spin and power with control. Probably the best results that I have had with this frame. Problem...
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    O3 Tour v LM Prestige MP

    I have been using the LM Prestige MP for a couple of years and am wondering if any Prestige users have hit with the O3 Tour. My only complaint with the Prestige is the lack of power (but boy, what control!). I strung lower tension but the frame feels too "mushy". I have heard good things about...
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    Volkl Tour 10VE mid vs. MP

    I've hit with both frames. The mid is supposed to be a more "precise" and demanding frame. I understand that (due to its smaller head, thinner beam, etc.). But the Midplus has a higher swingweight and seems to be a heavier swinging frame, albeit with a larger head/sweetspot. I found the mid to...
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    "Powerful" string for LM Prestige MP?

    I just purchased a couple of LM Prestige MP's. Love the feel, comfort and control, but could use a little more pop. I'm used to using NRG2 18 (I'm not a big string breaker), but am wondering if there are any recommendations for a more powerful string for these frames. I like a tightly strung...
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    Decision time: LM Prestige MP or Volkl T10 VE MP?

    OK, I have hit with both (also posted a couple of questions on the board) and like them alot. LM Prestige MP had slightly better control and the Volkl T10VE MP has slightly more power. If any of you have used both frames....what is your favorite? I need to commit to one soon but they are very...
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    More power...LM Prestige MP or Volkl T10 VE MP?

    I received some good feedback on these racquets in an earlier post, but the power issue was mixed. While completing my comparison of frames for a potential new racquet I have one question....which racquet do you think has more pop, the LM Prestige MP or the Volkl Tour 10VE MP? I've hit with...
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    LM Prestige MP v Volkl Tour 10VE MP?

    These racquets seem pretty similar with their specs. Has anyone hit with both and can provide feedback?
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    Volkl Tour 10 VE mid

    I have been demoing several player's frames recently (currently use a heavily weighted 300g) and really liked the Tour 10VE mid. This racquet provided fantastic control, was quite maneuverable at net, and had the best slice backhand capability of any racquet that I have used (and it felt great...
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    Golovin's Volkl?

    Anyone know......Cat 10?
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    Volkl vs Head

    I've been reading the posts on this board and have learned quite a bit regarding current racquets. I am currently using a weighted 300g and am looking to work up to more of a control racquet (yet still have some power). I am about a 4.0 (4.5 during the summer when I play alot), 43 years old...