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    Nadal's success at the US Open feels even more astonishing now

    People have been denigrating some of his recent US Open wins as "cakewalks". The "Berretini Open", where he best Danil Medvedev in the final was dismissed as an easy title, despite Medvedev being the clear form hardcourt player of that year. . Yet Medvedev destroyed Djokovic, the "hardcourt...
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    Congrats to Novak & his fans

    Djokovic is the GOAT right now as far as I'm can change, but it would require Nadal to step up in a huge way, and I'm not sure he has enough left in him to do it. But it ain't over. As great a year as Djokovic is having at slams, if Nadal has a surge and finishes ahead of...
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    Djokovic: "I felt no fatigue. Could have played for another few hours"

    Straight from the man himself. So the fans can stop making excuses. Rafa beat him fair and square once again, because he is simply the better player on the surface. Novak played as well as he possibly could on clay at this stage of his career (while Rafa did not reach his best level on clay)...
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    Nadal voted 2021 Laureus World Sportsman Of The Year

    About time he won this again. It was announced by another iconic athlete, Usain Bolt. Thrashing Djokovic at the 2020 French Open and matching the Grand Slam record probably sealed the deal.
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    Djokovic's Australian Open Record deserves more credit

    I criticise Djokovic when he deserves it and kind of find it silly when his Stans claim he is unbeatable at his best across every surface (He isn't). But man, Djokovic deserves far more credit for what he has done at the Australian Open than he actually gets. 9 titles is nuts, and only looks...
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    Nadal congratulates 15 year old RNA student Alex Eala for her first Pro Title

    Rafael Nadal congratulated 15 year old Alex Eala (who lives and trains at the Rafa Nadal Academy in Mallorca) for winning her first professional title in the ITF Manacour Pro Tourney. Eala beat 28 year old Yvonne Cavalle- Reimers to win the title in 3 sets.
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    Victoria Premier tells Djokovic "no special treatment" to his requests & rejects them.

    Good old Novak. Only two weeks into 2021, and he's already causing embarrassing international incidents for Tennis. Can't say he isn't consistent.
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    4th year in a row WTF won by player who hasn't won a slam

    For a supposed GOAT level tournament (LOL! I'm obviously not serious), it keeps producing pretty basic winners in recent years. Fine players, but no one who looks in danger of going down as an all-time great. Dmitrov, Tsitsipas, Zverev and now Medvedev. Not one slam winner between them. To be...
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    So, Nadal got out of the hardest group

    It was super-weird to me how (almost) everyone here claimed Djokovic's group was harder. Schwartzman was a walking bye in Novak's group. Medvedev and Zverev are tough players.... ....but they are not better than Thiem on hardcourts at this stage of their careers. Tsitsipas was the DEFENDING WTF...
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    More impressive pet project: Laver Cup or Rafa Nadal Academy

    Federer and Nadal have both created these very different legacy projects, but which one do you consider more impressive? Rafa Nadal Academy, which is turning into something of a franchise, with different campuses around the world (and recently produced a French Open Champion in Iga Swiatek, who...
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    The real slam race is between Federer and Djokovic for 2nd & 3rd

    Forget about Rafa. With his virtual stranglehold on Roland Garros, and the fact that he is still a strong contender at other slams (especially US Open), it's unlikely at this stage that he doesn't end his career as the slam leader. The race for 2nd and 3rd may be more intriguing now. Can...
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    UK having another National Lockdown: WTF in danger of cancellation?

    It's supposed to start next week and last till December 1st With the WTF due to start on November 15th, you have to wonder if it might be in danger of being cancelled. People might be upset if everything has to shut down for them (even Gyms will close again), but a bunch of famous tennis...
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    How much chatter about consecutive weeks in top 10 record being GOAT metric if Fed/Djoker had it instead of Rafa?

    Just curious. It's definitely a nice record passing Connors for most consecutive weeks in the top 10, and only All-Time Greats or GOAT contenders are in the top 5. I feel like Rafa fans will celebrate it for a second then quickly move on, but my perception is that Fed and Djoker fans really...
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    ATP officially recognise Olympic Singles Gold as a "Big Title"

    Well they fought hard to avoid it since they came up with this "Big Titles" thing, but it hurt their credibility not to include it. So now they have. So all of the Big 3 have incomplete resumes. Federer and Djokovic need OSG, and Nadal needs to be healthy to get a WTF title.
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    After Australia 2019, the manner of Nadal's destruction of Djokovic was absolutely neccesary

    It shouldn't have been neccesary. Nadal's body of work and superior H2H against Djokovic in Grand Slams, should have spoken for itself. But tennis is a sport where people, even the journalists, commentators and former pros seem to have short memories. After Djokovic spanked Nadal in the...
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    How did so many "experts" get it so wrong?

    So many pundits, tennis journalists and commentators (several of whom are former players) seemed confident that the 12 time French Open champion would lose to Djokovic? Almost no one had Nadal putting on a clinic. How do they get paid for these opinions?
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    Hopefully we never hear another Goran hot take!

    Used to like Goran when he played, and was happy for his Wimbledon victory. But the absolute disrespect he showed to Rafa in his comments during the tournament can never be forgotten. Djokovic is a great player, but Goran went overboard to hype his chances against Nadal. Lost a fair bit of...
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    Iga Swiatek first player to train at Nadal Academy to win a Grand Slam

    Swiatek talked about it when being interviewed by Naomi Osaka on instagram live earlier this year. She's had two seperate stints at the Rafa Nadal Academy and credits training there for improving her game a lot
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    Rafa said he liked the conditions in the Semi-Final

    He said in the presser that he liked the conditions because it was 16 degrees and not windy. If it's similar on Sunday, Rafa shouldn't feel particularly troubled. I think conditions have only hurt him when they had him playing in the middle of the night in serious cold against Sinner. That...
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    Thiem losing US Open final ideal result for Djokovic & Nadal?

    Thiem has been the one younger guy with the game and consistency to challenge Nadal and Djokovic at slam level. An easy slam win today would get the monkey off his back that he still hasn't won a slam, despite several finals now. And I feel that would allow him to play Nadal and Djokovic with...
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    ESPN voters choose Nadal as most dominant athlete (individual or team) of the 21st century

    Based on his dominance of the French Open, Nadal is about to be crowned the most dominant athlete of the 21st century by voters on ESPN. In the rounds,Nadal defeated Kobe Bryant's LA Lakers, undeafeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr and dominant Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. The final is...
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    Nadal hoping to finish career with 25 slams!

    Shots fired ! Wonder if he can come close. Feels like he's set 25 as a realistic target for him, and possibly what he thinks he'll need to put Federer and Djokovic out of sight...
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    US Open go back to it's original safety measure plans for coming back

    The plans they had before caving to top players like Djokovic. Limiting the entourage to 1, keeping the players in one hotel etc ect. With Zverev latest boo-boo, players have clearly shown they can't be trusted not to break social distancing rules. You'll end up with players going out to...
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    Hmm...Lendl believes slam count should decide GOAT debate

    It's interesting that yet another all-time great says SLAM count ranks far above any other criteria in the GOAT debate, yet some posters here will act as if you are a filthy casual if you believe the same. But what does Ivan Lendl know, eh...
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    Anyone else think Juicing is going to go through the roof?

    Not just in tennis, but sports in general. If you are an athlete looking to gain a competitive advantage, with minimal chance of getting caught, now is the perfect time to get onto your supplier and start your cycle. There is no testing during lockdown. Even when lockdown is over and sport...
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    How did Nadal get such a ridiculous draw compared to Djoker & especially Fed?

    I heard none of the players of the players Fed faced for the first 5 rounds were even in top 40. I don't always buy rigged draw theories, but it feels like doing everything possible to keep Fed in till at least the semis. Yet he's still going life and death with players ranked 100 like Sandgren...