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    So that's what Nadal's famous buttocks look like.

    I'm dedicating this thread to all the TW ladies. And some of the guys.
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    David Foster Wallace punches own ticket to the big tennis court in the sky.

    The writer David Foster Wallace hanged himself yesterday. He was a competitive junior tennis player who later wrote about the game. Most notably, he wrote the essay "Roger Federer as religious experience" and "Infinite Jest", a novel partly about a junior tennis player. He was such a...
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    Ice or heat.

    Because this topic comes up occasionally, I thought I would post a couple of interesting links that a friend recommended to me recently. As this pain management clinic points out, ice has long been recommended because it's the right thing to do in case of high-energy muscle trauma, so sports...
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    Feedback request re: cycling workout

    So I've recently started doing a workout I've been meaning to do for a few years. I live close to a park on a large hill. It has a paved road that leads all the way to the top. I think it's around a 350 ft. elevation climb (haven't been able to find exact figures) with no dips. I'd guess it...
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    Ciprofloxacin and tendon damage.

    Due to a bacterial infection, I'm just starting a 21 day course of the antibiotic cipro. So I decided to learn a little more about the poison I'm going to be putting in my body for the next three weeks and discovered that it has been associated with tendon degeneration and, frighteningly...
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    When to look at the ball when serving.

    I just started taking some lessons with a good coach. He's had some great observations and advice so far, but I'm struggling with something he suggested on serve. He told me to watch the ball from the beginning of the motion. Normally I start looking at the ball around shoulder height. I...
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    Wilson ksix-one 16x18 replacement grommets

    Can anyone tell me which grommets to use on the ksix-one 16x18? I don't see it in TW's list of grommets. Would the nsix-one grommets work? Thanks for any help.
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    The Obama fan club.

    Obama supporters unite! A fan club won't make a difference in the election, but at least it gives us a place to share our opinions. I think Obama's the man to heal the US after the Bush years. I'd say more, but I'm at work. Anyone else want to join the Obama love fest?
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    How to keep grommets from slipping out.

    I recently strung a k-six-one 96 16x18 for the first time and had one small problem: on the last mains, the grommets slip out of the racquet with tensioning. They slip back into place when I clamp and release the tensioner, but my concern is that the string rubs against the bare frame when the...
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    Is the supply of nBlade's already drying up?

    Knowing that the nBlade was going to be discontinued, I've been waiting for the price to drop before buying another one, but the recent fluctuations in availability on TW worry me. All of the other nCode racquets have had extended availability on TW after the k versions were released. Do you...
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    The longest review of the nBlade you'll read today.

    It may seem odd to post a review of a soon-to-be-discontinued racquet, but I know there are at least a few obsessive racquet nuts out there who will appreciate it. Due to the excessive length of the review, it will be posted in sections. After the review, I will post short impressions of the...
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    Looking for new hybrid cross. Suggestions appreciated.

    Lately, I've been using a hybrid of Cyberflash mains and Gosen Micro crosses on my nblade mp. However, I'm not really happy with the Gosen Micro. I find it a little slippery feeling, and I don't get as much spin as with Wilson Sensation or even Alpha Gut 2000. Those strings also feel softer...
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    Did anyone else notice Serena's foul mouth?

    In his blog, Steve Tignor mentioned that he thought he saw Serena mouth the B-word at Justine while waiting to receive serve. (Blog here: I also noticed this but thought I was probably imagining things. Did anyone else...
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    Help stringing cyberflash on alpha pioneer dc+

    I'm trying to string some 17g cyberflash at 51lb on my pioneer dc+, and it's not pulling the tension all the way. It just keeps pulling and pulling and doesn't balance out to even. I go until the linear gripper hits the racquet handle. The only thing I can think of is clamping it, regripping...
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    Picking the right gauge for poly.

    So I'm planning to buy some Big Ace. Is there any reason I would want to get the 17 gauge instead of the 18? I'm not a frequent string-breaker and have my own stringer. How long should I expect the 18 gauge to last in terms of hours played? How long before it loses tension?
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    This forum's gotten dull. Time to stir up some trouble.

    Here's an excerpt from Peter Bodo's blog ( "Anyway, Pete (Sampras) told me that he finally took the plunge and went to a 95 sq. inch racquet, which is all of five square inches larger than the last one he used on tour and...
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    Alpha Pioneer DC assembly question.

    I received my Alpha Pioneer DC today, but I can't seem to insert the "outer angled supports". The metal prongs on the angled supports are slightly wider than the holes they're supposed to fit in. I've tried cooling down the supports with cold water (I could probably cool them more if I left...
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    Take-home message from Djokovic-Canas: how to beat a pusher

    I don't have any anti-pusher bias, but I'd say that Canas is about as much of a pusher as anyone on tour. So for anyone out there who's been complaining about not being able to beat pushers, refer to Djokovic's victory today. Canas is a top-notch pusher: very fast, very consistent, and...
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    Ankle tape.

    I remember hearing someone (Mary Carillo or Pam Shriver, I think) say during the Aussie Open that all the players now tape their ankles with new tapes that are "like skin". Does anyone know what tape the pros use these days? I ask because I've rolled my ankle once and would like to avoid doing...