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  1. eshin213

    **** Poly Black Solinco

    Has anyone tried the RP NY poly black? It looks like its from Solinco and from the RP NY website it says it is softer then Solinco Hyper G yet firmer then Hyper G Soft.
  2. eshin213

    Head Lynx Tour "For Pro Player use"

    Good Afternoon! I received a few sets of Head Lynx Tour 17 (Champagne) labeled "For Pro Player use" and was wondering if these strings are any different that the normal retail Lynx Tour?
  3. eshin213

    Babolat Pro Stocks

    Good Afternoon, Can anyone help me out with tips on how to identifying Babolat pro stocks and what to look for?
  4. eshin213

    Possible Blade Pro Stock?

    Can some one please help me identify/confirm this Wilson Blade is a pro stock? It is the 18x20 countervail but has a glossy paint job
  5. eshin213

    Head TGK238.1 vs TGK238.2

    Hi Everyone, Can someone tell me the main difference between the Head TGK238.1 vs TGK238.2? I know the string pattern is different but I am curious what else is the different? I just picked up a pair of the two and they seem identical customized for the same player... Thank you!
  6. eshin213

    Wilson Hyper Prostaff 5.0 Stretch - Paintjob

    Can anyone help me with finding out what the racket under the paintjob for these rackets might be? They are Wilson Hyper Prostaff 5.0 Stretch PJs but the racket is an 18x20 and has a thinner beam than actual 5.0s. I picked these up years ago and they were used by Cecil Mamiit.
  7. eshin213

    Wilson Hyper Prostaff 5.0 Stretch

    Was going through my storage and found these rackets! I picked them up years ago and they were used by a former ATP pro. Does anyone have an original they can compare it too? Im not sure if they are the actual rackets of paintjobs? Thank you!
  8. eshin213

    Wilson 6.1 Classic - TW Bosworth Section

    For anyone interested it looks like they are selling a Wilson 6.1 Classic on the TW Vintage Bosworth Section They have it listed as a Bosworth Wilson nSix-One Racquet (5/8) but in the inside of the throat it has classic printed just like the other Wilson pro stocks...
  9. eshin213

    Andre Agassi Radicals?

    I just picked these rackets up today and is anyone able to confirm if they might be AA's personal rackets?
  10. eshin213

    **** Head Radicals

    Just picked these up today! Can anyone confirm if they may be Agassi's personal sticks?