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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    My 2 blades came in at 323g strung with an over grip. I wanted to get it close to where I had my v7s for starters, so added 4grams in the grip and with a dampener brings it to 331g. Going to test it tomorrow and see how it feels. If the sw feels to low I'll then tinker with the hoop.
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    switch over from 2014 Babolat Pure Strike to an arm friendly racquet

    I had the very same issues you are having and switched to the Wilson Pro Staff countervail. Took some adjusting but now enjoy playing with it and no discomfort whatsoever.
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    New Pure Aero 2019 = HORRIBLE COLOR!!!

    I got the Matte Black special edition which is beautiful!
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    Pro Staff 97 vs Pure Strike?

    Just to update, I have added just 1 gram at 12 o'clock on the PS97 which has helped improve the plow and pop. After a few runs in singles and doubles really getting the feel of it.
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    Pro Staff 97 vs Pure Strike?

    I have played with the Pure Strike for about a year and a half, modified to 339 grams. I enjoy it but experience on and off elbow pain with it so I had gone back and forth with Yonex DR98 until it is relieved. I've recently been hitting with the PS97 CV with same string setup and tension, and...
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    Need some tips to transition from Pure Strike (16x19) to the Pro Staff CV. I've played with the Pure Strike for some time and modified it to be 339 grams. I enjoyed it but experienced intermittent elbow issues throughout even with favorable string setups. After demoing a few racquets, I decided...
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    Babolat Pure Drive Tour

    Ok, played 2 sets of doubles with the PDT and looking forward to sampling this in singles for a more complete assessment. Just from hitting in doubles, the pop and spin factor clearly stands out compared to the RD98 in groundsrokes. I also enjoy a crisper feel compared to a flexy one and this...
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    Babolat Pure Drive Tour

    Glad I came across this thread. I'm excited to play with the PDT tomorrow for the first time. Currently playing with a slightly modified DR98 but felt the need for some more pop from the frame so decided to demo this one. I always had a pet peeve about SHBH with 100 sq in headsize but as I get...
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    Wilson Burn, What went wrong

    Although Wilson QC is frequently mentioned on these forums, the specs on the Burn 95 are all over the place. I happen to like this frame and have 3 of them but they range from 328 gms static, 326SW to 339gms and 336SW. The balances are even worse and trying to match them is challenging.
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    Wilson Burn 95 - Exceptional mix of control, feel, and power

    So far, I have used nat gut (Klip Legend) in the mains with Weis Cannon silverstring, ALU power rough and Polyfibre TCS in the crosses. really liked the Klip and silverstring.
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    Wilson Burn 95 - Exceptional mix of control, feel, and power

    Totally agree with Miami. A shop owner highly recommended the Burn 95 to me and was I initially skeptical due to the extended length and currently playing with a larger headsize. After some time acclimating to it and finding a preferred string setup, I was very impressed with the performance of...
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    First outings: Wilson vs. Textreme Tours.

    I have been playing with the Burn 95 and my ohbh is awesome with it. Like you with the 97S, still adjusting and fine tuning the forehand.
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    First outings: Wilson vs. Textreme Tours.

    Try the wilson burn 95 since you're already playing with a 95sq in head frame, an easy transition. It definitely fills the "more pop" quality you seek. Agree that the 97S is a great frame. For me the problem was adding too much weight to get to my desired specs became counter productive. Hope it...
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    BluTak in handle - best way to remove?

    I never tried heat, just gradually pull it out as desired. I recently returned a frame to TW which I had customized with blue-stik in the handle and easily totally removed it from both chambers. It took a few minutes but no trouble. Trick is having the tennis channel on watching whatever match...
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    Stringing options for Burn 95

    Have you at all modified your burn? Mine came in under spec, with overgrip and dampener was about 11.6oz. I added some weight to handle to get to 12oz..342gm to be exact. Have not measured the balance or sw yet but after initial hit, just felt that I wanted to increase the static weight.
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    BluTak in handle - best way to remove?

    I use both screwdriver and thin alligator pliers to start pulling pieces out.
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    Stringing options for Burn 95

    Played doubles this morning on indoor hard courts and really enjoyed the feel of this setup. I paired the Klip Legend 16g with a leftover half set of 17g silverstring in the crosses and produced a nice combination. I think the Klip gut is a little firmer than Babolat gut so the soft poly...
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    Natural Gut vs Multifilament

    Very happy with Klip Legend. Currently using 16 on the mains and WC silverstring 17 on crosses. Smooth soft poly which retains tension reasonably well.
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    Stringing options for Burn 95

    Thanks. Yeah I wouldn't consider doing a full poly even though I find the frame to be comfortable for it's stiffness rating. I'm actually going to drop it off for stringing today, I have Klip Legend 16 gauge for the mains and deliberating which poly in my bag I'll pair it with. I am going to try...
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    Stringing options for Burn 95

    Thanks, was curious about nat gut in the mains. Wasn't sure about a good tension range with that head size and string pattern.
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    Stringing options for Burn 95

    Picked up a Burn 95 in a trade out of curiosity and after a few hits, am somewhat intrigued by it. Haven't hit with a 95sq in head in long awhile, but admittedly I'm surprised by it in a positive way. It's currently strung with Addiction in the mains and Revolve in the crosses in a 16x20...
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    Babolat Stars & Stripe Collection

    Wow! Those are some ugly racquets.
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    Official Pure Aero customization thread

    Static: 345.5gm , balance: 31.7cm, swingweight: 341 10gms blue stik in handle, 3gms each at 3 & 9, 2gms at 12 plus overgrip= 7gm and rubberband dampener=2gms. 2 matched frames, 1 string setup: WC silvetstring 17g mains 49lbs, biophase 16g crosses 53lbs. 2nd setup: cyclone tour 17g mains 49lbs...
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    Weiss Cannon Scorpion vs Topspin Cyber Blue vs Blackcode

    Was curious on the comparison between wc silverstring and scorpion. Have been using silverstring and feel it fits the qualifications you are looking for. Have not tried scorpion though and see that it's slightly less expensive.
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    topspin cyberflash or WC silverstring

    I currently have silverstring in a hybrid setup with a multi and find it to be soft with a good ampunt of liveliness. Just bought a set of cyberflash 17L which i plan to try on my other frame for comparison.
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    Strings for Pure Aero

    Played 2 singles matches on clay with the silverstring 17 on the mains and biphase on the crosses. Feels great, no hint of discomfort during or after play, a nice combination. Ordered a set of topspin cyberflash 17L and polyfibre TCS 17 as they are noted to be soft. Waiting for a pair of...
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    Strings for Pure Aero

    What strings and tension do you use? I had 16 gauge addiction on the mains at 53lbs and 17gauge silverstring in the crosses 49lbs. After a few sessions, the multis were moving all over the place and had to constantly re-align them after every point before eventually popping. Currently I have...
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    Strings for Pure Aero

    Looking for help as well. I have been playing with the PA for about 6 weeks and had it strung with a multi in the mains and poly in the crosses. It didn't take long to realize that this isn't a durable setup for this frame. Switching to a stiffer frame I was concerned about developing arm...
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    Best Racket for extreme OH-Bhanders

    I'm using the PA and PAT with a OHBH. Both are slightly modified with weight added to the handle; PA 335gm and PAT 345gms, SW and balance not known. Feel there is a larger learning curve coming from thin beam/smaller head frames to a 100 sq in/thicker beam modern frame when it comes to OHBH...
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    ProKennex...... what about them, any experiences?

    I only added 3gm each at 3 & 9 and made sure I kept up my rhs. I never measured the sw or static but estimate with the lead tape, overgrip and dampener it came out to 11.3-11.4oz which is much lighter than your PK5g. Only played with it until my hand healed and then moved up to heavier stiffer...