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    Neue Tecnifibre Tfight XTC

    Hallo liebes TW-E Team, ab wann werden die neuen XTC tfights bei euch verfügbar sein? Danke und Gruß Thomas
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    written Review of Signum Pro Yellow Jacket

    Hello TW Team, short question: when will the wirtten Review of Yellow Jacket be online? thank you Regards JJ
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    Signum Pro Yellow Jacket auch in DE erhältlich?

    Hallo liebes TW-E Team, ich habe das Video Review zur neuen Signum Pro Yellow Jacket auf gesehen. Es handelt sich dabei ja um eine TW exclusive Saite richtig? Wir es diese somit auch in Deutschland bei TW geben? Die Saite scheint lt Tester sehr interessant zu sein, wäre ja...
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    Tecnifibre TFLASH 300 vs Srixon CV 3.0

    Hello all, has anybody had the chance to play with both Racquets? (Tecnifibre Tflash 300 PS) What are your thoughts? Thank you Regards JJ
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    @ Brittany & Chris short comparsion of Srixon CV3.0/Tflash 300 PS / Völkl super 7

    Hello Brittany and Chris, can i kindly ask you for a comparsion of the three Raquests? What is your Opinion: - whats your favorite of the three - Which is easiest to Play - most Control - any other thoughts are welcome thank you very much Regards. Thomas
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    Replacement for Ascis Gel Resolution 5 Clay /Wider foot

    Hello together, i have to replace my GR5 Clay and i can´t find a Shoe that fits my foot as well. I have a wide foot and tried about 5-10 shoes so far without success. Is it correct that the Gel Resolution 6,7 are diffefrent in fit? Thx for an Tip. Regards. JJ
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    Written Review to Dunlop Srixon Revo CV 3.0

    Hello TW Team, i already saw the Video to the new Srixon. Sound interessting and all of the Players in the test were positive with it. When will the written Review be online? I´m very interested in the Scores of the raquet.. :-) thank you Regards Thomas
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    Alu Power Soft vs Alu Power in Case of Playability Duration and Tension Maintanance

    Hello, i just read both reviews of the two Alu Power Versions (original Alu and Alu Soft). So i just want to ask if anybody had the chance to play with both. Special Point for me: The normal Alu Power is a superb String for me, but dies too fast. So Playability Duration is to short...
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    Pro kennex new Qtour 300, any Thoughts?

    Hello, i was wondering if anybody has experience with the new Pro Kennex Qtour 300. For me, specs looks great: ProKennex QTour (300) 16X19 box beam? RA63 Head Size 630cm² Length 68,5cm...
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    Wilson Spin Effect Raquets (esp six one) Stringing Recommondations?

    Hello TW Staff, i´m a little confused about the Stringing Recommondation for the Wilson Spin effect Requets (specially the nix one 95s, which i´m using). I got 4 different Opinions about the Stringing: a) as normal b) stringing crosses same tension as mains c) stringing crosses with...
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    Question for Chris and Jason: Comparsion of six one 95s and Ai98

    Hello, short question for Chris an Jason (involved in both Playtest, but if any other hit with both feel free to answer:) ) Is it possible to make a short comparsion of the Wilson six one 95s and Yonex ai98? Esp the forgivenes / Maneuverability / demanding/size of sweetspot is a point for...
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    Wilson Ripspin: any difference between white an Black Version?

    Hello, has anybody played with both Colors of the Wilson ripspin? Any differences in Playability? what i heared, the black one should be a tad softer.. Regards JJ
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    Yonex Tour Super Solid bei TW-E?

    Hallo zusammen, seit ein paar Wochen gibt es die neue Yonex Yonex Tour Super Solid bei Kurze Frage: wird es diese auch kurzfristig bei TW-E geben? Insbesondere der 1,25mm Durchmesser interessiert mich sehr. Danke und Gruß Thomas
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    NEW Multi Yonex Tour Super Solid - any Reviews or Opinions?

    Hello, i was glad to see that yonex is coming with a new mulifilament String. i´m a big fan of the oder yonex Tour Super 850 PRO (but only in 1.32mm available). The new Yonex Tour Super Solid is made in 1,25mm. So, has anybody opinions on that string or may be a review? thx JJ
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    Tecnifibre 2013?

    Hello, i thought there allready was a thread about new upcoming Tecnifibre Raquets. But i can´t find it anymore? So are the any news about the Raquets? thx in advance Regards JJ
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    New Version of MSV Focus Hex "Soft"

    Hi all, there is a new Version of the Msv Hex on the market, called MSV Focus hex "soft": i had a chance to play with it for 2h now, and it´s realy amazing. The normal hex was always a compromise in...
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    Babolat Control Team mp (100sq) Specs?

    Hi, is there a chance that someone can post the specs of the babolat pure Control Team MP (100sq) Racket? es. the swingweight would be interesting.... thx
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    Mantis Comfort Synthetic = Weiss Cannon Explosiv?

    Hi all, has somebody already the chance to compare these Strings? Just from their Looking (have both here in my hands, but not played so far) and product description it can be the same String. in this List they are about the same Range in case of Softness...
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    Comparison of Tecnifibre TFlash 310 and APD/APDC ;Storm Team?(tflash 310 in general?)

    Hallo, who had a chance to play both or all three to tell me how the tflash 310 perform ? Looking at the specs of the 310 (16x19) an reading the (few) comments here it must be very interesting. Why is so little attention on it? I would be glad for any posts about the tflash 310 (also...
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    Babolat pure Storm VS Yonex RQ-7

    Hallo, (first of all, sorry for my bad english). i´m very interessted in these two raquets. I already played with the Storm an i think it is great. But when i look at the reviews i think the rq-7 can be great for me too. so has anybody a comparison of exact this two? (i haven´t a...