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    Best wilson of all time ?

    Lots of HPS6.1 love! For me it’s my 2nd favorite Wilson PJ after the kfactor, and I played with the 18x20 model for a few years (admittedly because I’m a DelPo stan), but I don’t think it’s nearly as good as the nCode 6.1.. way too lacking in feel in my opinion..
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    Best wilson of all time ?

    ncode 6.1
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    Tsitsipas black strings

    Who’s career has been ruined by 4G?
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    Increasing Grip Size: Heat Shrink Sleeve vs Overgrips?

    Shrink sleeves add like 18 g of weight to the handle and thus alter the balance pretty drastically
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    Is RacquetTune accurate?

    I just strung a racket at 55lb this afternoon and RacquetTune was gauging it at 36-37lb (tried it 3 times)… I thought I messed something up, but now after an hour of hitting it’s gauging at 52lb.. weird
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    How To Handle Opponent Accusing Me of Hooking?

    USTA event? “If you thought I made a bad call then you should have asked for a referee” And walk away If not a USTA event then who gives af honestly
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    Should I give full bed Synthetic Gut a try?

    agreed! syn gut only as a cross for advanced players, and only in mains for juniors/beginners I played with full syn gut until senior year of hs, and even just switching to a cheap crap poly like gamma zo was a massive upgrade
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    What are the rarest but greatest rackets ever?

    Babolat soft drive is worth adding to the list
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    Do you like oddball strings?

    The point still stands that a full bed of poly at 86 is ridiculous especially considering the justification is that anything looser is too trampoline-y. The entire ATP strings their poly 30+ looser than whoever this woman is while likely hitting twice as hard. It makes no sense
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    Do you like oddball strings?

    you mean the setup that he admits became antiquated and expresses regret about not switching to poly and bigger head size earlier? hm
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    Do you like oddball strings?

    I personally feel like kevlar is still pretty usable these days under the conditions you have good technique and a soft frame. It generates impressive spin and it lasts for ages.
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    Alu power ice blue 125… such a nice string! Best volleying and serving poly I’ve used, just such a smooth blend of power/control/spin. The only issue I had was that I could sometimes overhit.. maybe a little too much free power? Anyway, I’m not breaking any news about this 15 year old string...
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    Firestorm 17 broke for me after about 4 hours of hard hitting in an 18x20 :( Nice string though, definitely has some “wow” factor from the baseline Testing Hit Pro 17 now, it’s nice and responsive, but probably not worth the trouble of importing it into the US next up, Alu Power ice blue!
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    @galapagos I tried BBO based on your recommendation, and I really like it and think it suites my game nicely. I tried it in my dad's Phanton 97p, since I was scared of hurting my arm if it was strung in my 6.1 95 18x20. I liked BBO so much that I am willing to change to a flexible frame so I can...
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    Matching racquets- how importance is a couple balance points’ difference?

    Hi guys! I recently acquired two new racquets, and unfortunately one was about 8g heavier than the other. I got them to the same weight by putting a leather grip on one, which obviously caused them to have different balance points. The one with the leather grip is about 1.5 points head-lighter...
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    How come some pros like federer dont use flexible, low stiffness racquets?

    A PS90 is certainly marketable with prime Fed endorsing it, but idk about a over the hill Fed. A 90 sq in head size is already a tough sell to rec players. At least the RF97 has specs that amateurs can play with, even if Fed’s marketability declines alongside his play
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    How come some pros like federer dont use flexible, low stiffness racquets?

    I think the Bryan’s Prince frames were like 68 RA unstrung..
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    ***Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 Club***

    I’ve recently come to acquire some HPS 6.1s in standard length and 18x20, and I like them a lot. Doing a bit of research, I see that the PSC is wildly considered to be a better frame than the HPS, but goodness, that RA rating makes me nervous. I like the idea that is offers a less muted feel...
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    what racket do you play with? And what’s your playstyle?
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    How come some pros like federer dont use flexible, low stiffness racquets?

    Sorry, I missed that bit from your previous comment. Very interesting. I'm not expert on Fed's specs, I would just be shocked if he really was playing with 58 RA his whole career pre-RF97. Also would be pretty wild if he switched from 58 RA to 67/68 with the RF97, but I guess he's trying to...
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    How come some pros like federer dont use flexible, low stiffness racquets?
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    How come some pros like federer dont use flexible, low stiffness racquets?

    So he went from a stiff-ish PS85 to a 58 RA PS 90, and then back to 65-66 RA for his ncode 90? Seems hard to believe, but maybe he wanted to put more emphasis on his baseline game? Edit: visited that TN post, so the flexible frame would have been from 2012-2014 in between BLX pj and the blacked...
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    Having a pain every time when I do press ups or chest presses

    Does it affect you when serving or throwing overhand? had similar pain and it turned out to be a torn labrum. Wishing you the best
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    you're kinda chopping down on the ball rather than carving through it. try to focus on taking it earlier and more out in front of you, it looks to me like you let the ball get too far into your body :)
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    Where the heck did you manage to find Hit Pro in 1.30 gauge? Mayami’s website on shows it in 1.25 for reels and packs
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    Mayami strings

    I ordered a pack of Hit Pro and it was shipped on 9/6 and still hasn’t even arrived in the USA yet
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    Baller on a budget.

    I had a pack of Grey Fire imported into the US from the UK, from a site called stringersworld
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    2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

    Djokovic exposed!! There are players in D3 college with better hands at the net
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    2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

    This is over. Just bring Djoker to the net and you win