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    Quality West Coast Programs for Boy Recruit

    My son is entering his junior year in high school this fall, and ready to begin the recruiting process. He's a steady 5 star player, still improving, with the potential to be close to blue chip range by the end of this year. His primary considerations for his college tennis are to: (i) stay in...
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    Barnes Tennis Center - Airplane Noise?

    Anyone familiar with San Diego tennis know whether Barnes Tennis Center - being so close to the airport - has an issue with airplane noise?
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    Dunlop 300 4D Lite

    Saw it at the tent at IW. When will TW have it available for sale or demo?
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    Talking During A Point

    During a Boys' 12 match today, my son played an opponent who, on probably about 30-50 percent of points played, would comment audibly and loudly (but not to the point of shouting or screaming) while the ball was in play. This kid would say things like "too short" when he hit a short ball or...
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    Patty Schnyder proves that longevity is possible in today's WTA

    Patty Schnyder won her 11th WTA singles title yesterday, 6-3, 6-0 over 17 year old Tamara Pazcek. It was also Patty's 500th career singles win. She played her first WTA-level match 1995 and 13 years later she's hovering just outside the top 10. Year in, year out, she always there, playing a...
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    Anna-Lena Groenefeld

    Here's a woman who was in the top 20 two short years ago, then completely crashed with a bad injury, ballooning weight, and emotional trauma and sabotage from a former coach. Now she's ranked #143 and a qualifier.... But on the recommendation of someone who had seen her last match in...
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    Five Retirements In Men's First Round Today!

    FIVE retirements in today's men's first round action? Nishikori, Stakhovsky, Llodra, Lee, and Volandri, all retired after falling two sets down. Injuries? Lack of interest? Forgot they were playing a grand slam? Couldn't handle the 68 F temperatures?
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    Tursunov kicked out of Nottingham

    Dmitry Tursunov was kicked out of the Nottingham tournament today after he left the court following a disputed line call during his doubles match with Chris Haggard. Not only were he and his partner defaulted from the doubles match, but the tourney supervisor kicked Turnsunov out of the singles...
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    What's up with John McEnroe?

    What's up with John McEnroe? He's really one of the best American commentators out there, actually probably the best.....But during this tournament, he's seemed woefully unprepared, even a little embarrassingly ignorant at times. Today, he said that Guadaloupe and Martinique (the former French...
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    Nalbandian protoge wins third consecutive challenger

    Congratulations to Eduardo Schwank, an argentino coached by Javier Nalbandian, for winning his third consecutive challenger yesterday. Schwank was a world #2 junior, but his early career in the pros has been plagued with injuries. But he's been healthy now for awhile, recently turning 22 years...
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    Djokovic 17-3 in 2008; Safin 1-4

    Slow day at work, so I wanted to take a look at the current 2008 Win-Losss records of the top 100 as if they were basketball teams or baseball pitchers. Of course, all wins are not equal (and if you look at the race, Federer is still #4 even though 28 players have more wins than him this year)...
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    So now that Federer's stranglehold on the #1 ranking is slipping.....

    ...I thought it would interesting to take a look at the number of ranking points each of the top 8 will be defending from Indian Wells through the end of Wimbledon. Nadal: 4,030 Federer: 2,680 Djokovic: 2,275 Davydenko: 1,150 Gasquet: 970 Roddick: 935...
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    Andy Murray out - Can Britain win even one set against Argentina?

    With Andy Murray pulling out of next week's Davis Cup tie in Buenos Aires, can Britain win even one set? I'm thinking it'll be a clean sweep for Nalbandian and company.
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    Ferrer's String Tension

    Anyone catch Ferrer calling for a string job during a changeover in the JCF match? He held up a package of Big Banger Original and asked for "22, 21," meaning 22 kgs on the mains and 21 kgs on the crosses. That converts to 48 lbs and 46 lbs. I know Volandri strings even lower than that, but...
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    Biggest Suprise Emerging/Re-emerging Player of the Year

    Chela? Consistent, solid performances throughout the year in both the smaller events and the big ones. Mathieu? Turned around his reputation as a choker. Moya? Not content to just slide through the rest of his career, he re-emerged as a threat and solidified his place as one of the best...
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    Most Disappointing Player Of 2007

    Which player has endured the most disappointing year? Blake? Suffered a number of early-round losses to players outside the top 40. Couldn't hang tough in the big matches. Year could be salvaged by a strong Davis Cup performance. Ljubicic? Some good results in the small tournaments, but...
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    Kent Carlsson: The Ultimate Supernova?

    Supernova: "A rare celestial phenomenon involving the explosion of most of the material in a star, resulting in an extremely bright, short-lived object that emits vast amounts of energy." Who here remembers Kent Carlsson? He crashed onto the scene as a 17 year old Swedish clay-court phenom...
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    Best Return Game Of Current Players Outside Top Five

    Everyone knows that to get to the top five, a player needs a great return game as well as a great service game. Roddick may be an exception to this rule. But to avoid the never-ending Federer-Nadal debate, who do you think has the best return game of current players outside the top 5? A great...
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    James Blake: Will he be able to beat anyone in the top 40 this year?

    It's the start of the summer U.S. hardcourt season, and James Blake is seeded 2 in Los Angeles. He started the year at #4, but, with an underachieving 26-15 record in 2007, is barely hanging on in the top ten. One intersting stat is that he hasn't been able to beat anyone with a ranking higher...
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    What player has gained the most ATP points since January 1?

    It's not Ljubicic, not Blake, not Haas. It's David Nalbandian, with +695 as of this week. Is this the year for another slam final, perhaps a win? Of course, his probable third seeding in the French would pit him against Nadal in the semis........Meanwhile, Hewitt, Safin, Agassi, Coria and...