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    Question about the extra string that came w/ the racquet I ordered.

    I ordered just recently a Wilson K90 Tour and went with a hybrid. I got a full set of Babolat VS 16 gut and had you guys just do the half set in... so I had the other half set in a bag. I was curious if you stretched the entire string (I'd like to know if my other half is stretched or not) or...
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    Tennis Warehouse Awesome Service

    I just ordered a Wilson K Factor KSix-One Tour 90 Racquets with a custom hybrid via phone since they didn't have the string I wanted in the hybrid so I had to choose a different string. The service was excellent and very polite!
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    Looking for a video

    I remember awhile ago there was a video of someone serving against Nadal I believe (?) and the ball hit the net post and came back in and it was an ace.
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    Do you feel the final match was close?

    Do you feel the match between Federer and Nadal was close or separated? I feel it was a closer match than anyone realizes; it really could have gone Federer's way if he would have won one of the break points in the first set. The game was incredibly close and very high level in my opinion. One...
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    Awesome Combination (Gamma NG, Topspin CF)

    Racquet: Wilson PS 6.0 85 Weight: 364.6 grams Balance: 11 pts HL String setup: Mains - Gamma Natural Gut 15L @ 56 Lbs Crosses - Topspin CyberFlash 16g @ 54 Lbs At first, this string setup was a bit stiff and didn't feel all too great. I didn't get much pop off the strings. However, after two...
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    US Open Fans/Crowd

    I was curious on what everyones thought is? I think the crowd has been pretty pumping for some players but pretty rude to others. Booing when they challenge and what-not hehe :p. Or yelling during points or as the player is about to serve. I think the match between Haas and Safin was bad...
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    Hingis loses to... Colbert o_O?! hahaha found this
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    How many girls cried because of Hingis?

    Haha, I remember when she first started making her comeback she played that hotshot 17 year old (I think?) and made her cry and now this match. I rmeember a few others where she made other girls cry. haha
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    Wimbledon: Mens Final vs Womens Final

    Don't post spoilers or who won! Which final do you think was better and why? For me, I really liked seeing serve and volley so I liked the womens match *granted* I don't like either Mauresmo or Henin-Hardenne :p. A lot of good touch, placement and just steady and interesting tennis. The...
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    85 vs 100 sq. in.

    Well I've been playing with a Wilson ProStaff 85 for awhile strung with Cyberflash Topspin @ 55 lbs and have been playing well. DireDesire sent me this great racquet and I pulled out some of my old racquest just to compare it. Then I saw the differences between a 100 sq. in and an 85 sq. in...
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    Meghann Shaughnessy: Racquet Her racquet is painted... it's half the Fishcer M Speed Pro paintjob and one of the yellow Fischer paintjobs... It looks like the 105 M Speed Pro (shape) to me but...
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    Came Across Something Interesting 163.6 MPH Serve I was basically looking for old service clips of Bill Tilden because I remember watching it from a video my old High School coach had. It really looked like a work of art -- beautiful, fluid and perfect striking. Not sure if that's true...
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    What a great feeling!

    My match is up next in the state conference championship bracket. The match starts and I can hear my opponents teams screaming their name while I hear a few of mine scream my name. One person from another team was quitely saying my name/college team. I lose the first set 2-6... tough start...
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    Interesting racquet for ohbh

    I was quite suprised. I'm not much of a fan of OS racquets, but I can use them. I have a one handed backhand and find some racquets to be mediocre or alright for one handed backhands (mostly due to balance). Prince Original Graphite OS is a pretty good racquet for one handed backhanders. My...
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    Ball to the Eye

    Serve and Volley... the dangerous art. Anyways, went to serve had a ball coming maybe 40 MPH or faster. Went for the backhand volley framed it and the ball came straight into my eye. I think my eye might be fine but not sure. I have a slight headache and my eye is still a bit sore. At the time...
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    I'm preparing for next years college tennis season. I want to come in strong, fit and prepared. I was curious about flexibility though. Should I stay away from making my lower body flexible and just stick with upper body? I remember something about Andre Agassi and saying that's why he's...
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    Federer - Jumping One Handed Backhand

    I'm not sure but I feel since a lot of balls are flying high to his backhand, do what James Blake did. Jumping one handed backhand. I feel that might help him against Nadal. Federer tends to stay on the ground for backhands and only comes off the grand after he has struck the ball. Do you...
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    New Love: Fischer

    I personally didn't like Fischer because the name, lack of racquet selections and because of other things. Before this I really loved Babolat and Wilson because of the selection and the popularity of the brands. Fischer is my new love, and a bit underrated. I'm demoing the Fischer M Speed Pro...
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    Warranty with Adida Barricade IIs?

    I got these shoes not too long ago (March 17, 2006). The toes on the left shoe are already worn out and the front of my shoe is splitting (toe getting blown out). Anyways, I know there's a 6 month warranty thing for it if the bottom wears out. But not sure for the rest of the shoe. I...
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    Racquet Matching

    I'm planning to buy 2 or 3 racquets from Tennis-Warehouse. I was curious if you do Racquet matching? As in having the racquets be very similar (weight, balance point and such in exact)? Like all two or three racquets be exactly 340 grams. Instead of one being 340, the other being 350 and the...
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    Toe Dragging

    I drag my left foot on one handed backhands sometimes. And the tip of my shoe is already wearing out. What can I do to make it more tough but still keep it feeling light and the same weight?
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    18x20 vs 16x18 pattern

    I was curious what the advantages or the disadvantages between the string patterns? A more open vs a very dense string pattern. I got a Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 Midplus 16x18 version and a 18x20 version. My 18x20 version just came in and I never used a 18x20 string pattern. Will I lose a...
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    Just Ordered Adidas Barricade IIs - Question

    I ordered these shoes just now. I never got an email or a print out where I can print out a receipt or such. Thanks.
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    Gamma Stringer 16/17 Thoughts?

    Gamma Stinger 16/17 Thoughts? Gamma Stinger 16/17 So I tried this setup and I found I liked it, but how much different would it be from say a Luxilon Rough and Gut setup? Would I expect more power? I string my racquets down to 50-52 lbs.
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    Good shoes for: wide feet, and flat foot?

    I need excellent arch support, as well as shoes that are on the wide side. Not sure how to measure my foot or how to get my foot sized correctly? But, I do know that 8 1/2 adidas fit comfortably leaving some space between the tip of the shoe toe and my toes. Not sure how big the gap is I'm...
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    Fighting Jet Lag?

    So it seems that the tennis season will start and we will be on flight. We go to the airport then take a jet, once we land and sutff we'll go drive off and go play our first match (that day). I've never had to face anything like this ever and it's a first time for me. How do you combat jet...
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    Washing Nike Sphere Dry how?

    How should you wash Nike Sphere Dry clothes and how should you dry them? Thanks!
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    Adidas Barricade IV Question

    They say go a step higher than your shoe size. -> Men's Superstar 2G I've bought these shoes and I wear a size 8 1/2 and they...
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    Specifications on Wilson HPS 6.1 Midplus

    I was curious on what the specifications are for this racquet? I can't find anything online that has swingweight, stiffness rating or such. The one I borrowed was a Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 Midplus -> Head Size: 95 sq. in. -> Weight: 12+ oz (?) -> String Pattern: 16x18 (I think?) -> Lenght...
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    What type of string is this?

    I saw someone hitting with this weird gut... he said it was some type of gut from Germany. It was really soft and felt extremely good. It was a gray/greenish color and was really bouncy.