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    Traveling by Subway to the US Open

    You shouldn't be concerned at all. I went last year, did the same thing, the trains are packed on the way home, I never felt nervous or threatened whatsoever. You will find the trip amazingly easy, I know I did! Have fun!
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    Favorite Singles Practice Drills

    Hey skiracer, this is great stuff, will try these and would love to hear some more, thanks
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    Should the slice goes from up to down or up, down and up again?

    should go high to level. The pros go high to low because of the tremendous racket head speed they are able to produce. For the average player this results in a lot of floaters. High to level will produce much more reliable results for the typical player.
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    forehand backswing sells subscriptions

    What a joke. Yandell's site is hands down the best around. Not even close. Best money I ever invested in tennis.
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    NTRP of people playing challengers? Impressive vid

    Dallas challenger, early 2008. I went to this match - good stuff.
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    Tennis training dvd's

    Get a subscription to When I was learning (still am) I watched a bunch of videos, visited a bunch of sites, etc. Then I joined here. This is the best, not even close. Best $100 I ever spent. You won't be sorry, trust me.
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    New York City

    Coming to NYC Sept. 1-5 to catch some of the US Open. I'm staying at the Hilton NY in Manhattan (1335 Avenue of the Americas). Can anyone recommend a place nearby to hit some balls, or even get some lessons in while I'm there? Thanks!
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    Doc, just can't take it anymore...

    this is correct. I have/had the same thing. Saw an orthopedic surgeon. He made me some inserts for my shoes, they raise the lateral part of your foot a few mm. At first I thought he was crazy, thought there's no way changing your foot position that little would make any difference. But it has...
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    Digital quality Streaming Video LIVE from DAllas Challengers with a GREAT Field.

    I just saw that as well. Unbelievable. Announcers are absolutely stunned! I believe Bruno was up 5-1 in the 3rd set as well. What a way to go down.
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    Tennis Tutor Plus with Player Mode insight?

    Bloozman, Did you end up getting the Player Plus model, and if so how did it work out for you? Give us an update if possible, thanks.
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    How low is this?

    OK, a little update for you guys. I confronted him the other day, told him I knew everything. At first he's like "that wasn't me, I don't know what you're talking about" but then when I showed him the photos/video of course he broke down crying, sobbing, telling me how sorry he is, blah blah...
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    How low is this?

    OK, I need some opinions here. My buddy and I both took up tennis about a year ago. Really love it. We decided to take lessons together a few months ago. Pretty sporadic, maybe one lesson a month at most. All of a sudden he starts getting a lot better than me, I'm thinking what's going on here...
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    Rate these players (video included)

    I knew it! I knew it! You're the white shirt guy! I'd know your voice anywhere! Hey man, how's it going?
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    Rate these players (video included)

    Hey who are you? You sound familiar. Is that you in there? Do I know you?
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    Rate these players (video included)

    As the principal in Billy Madison once proclaimed: "what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now...
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    Rate these players (video included)

    hey man, sorry to burst your bubble and all but I think ZAPVOR's a guy.
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    Rate these players (video included)

    OK, I'll level with you. I'm mid-thirties, generally untalented, trying one last desperate stab at some form of athletic glory. So c'mon, I gotta build myself up somehow!;) Now we just gotta figure out which one of you all is the guy in white . . .
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    Rate these players (video included)

    Good advice! By the way, thanks for the tip on the serve, I never noticed that before!
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    Rate these players (video included)

    What are you getting so worked up about? Also, try not to post in all caps, it kind of stresses me out.
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    Rate these players (video included)

    You're probably right. I guess he's not that fast. But he does look pretty quick sometimes. Any chance of maybe analyzing like you do a serve video where you go frame by frame and measure the distance he covers then calculate his 40 time from that?
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    Rate these players (video included)

    1. Chris Henry Arizona 4.40 2. Adrian Peterson Oklahoma 4.40 3. Antonio Pittman Ohio St. 4.40 4. Kenny Irons Auburn 4.45 5. Lorenzo Booker Florida St 4.46 6. Marshawn Lynch Cal 4.46 7. DeShawn Wynn Florida 4.48 8. Alonzo Coleman Hampton 4.49 9. Ramonce Taylor Texas 4.50...
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    Rate these players (video included)

    Are you friggin' crazy?!?! That grey guy would kill the white guy! Grey guy looks about 22-23, probably benches about 325, runs a 4.4 40. White guy looks to be in his early 40's, slow as molasses, probly just took up tennis a week or two ago. I dunno know, just my opinion . . .
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    Rate these players (video included)

    what's going on here?
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    Rate these players (video included)

    What NTRP rating would you give these two, both the guy in the gray shirt and the one in white? Also, feel free to provide any criticism/analysis of either player's technique. Thanks!