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    Minimalist shoes for Tennis?

    I've been battling plantar fascitis for the last 9 months or so. Based on some reviews by people with plantar fascitis, I tried the Merrell Trail Glove as a casual sneaker - it's a minimalist trail running shoe. I just got the Merrell Bare Access 2 to use for tennis. The sole, and more...
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    Rules Question (Verdasco v. Tsonga)

    No, because that is still a serve, in the sense that the intent was to win the point by hitting the opposing player. On the other hand, if you make a bad toss, you can catch the ball on your racket, and it doesn't count as a fault, even though you "hit" the ball off your toss, it's clearly...
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    Was the NY crowd partisan to either player yesterday?

    I did, he didn't give a ****, but he did stop when the umpire finally said something. If the beer lines were shorter, I might have ended up on a Youtube fight clip:)
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    Was the NY crowd partisan to either player yesterday?

    Agreed - there were a couple of chants started by some Nole fans, though a couple of times, some Novak/Nole chants were almost as loud as the Rafa chants, but it seemed like it was late match sympathy. Also, I was sitting near the a$$hole who yelled "Vamos Rafa" before nearly every one of...
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    who has the best groundstrokes of all time?

    I agree - when on, he's as good a ball striker as Agassi. He's an underachiever, and often a headcase, but that's not the question here. He's one of the few guys who has on occassion pushed Fed around even when Fed is playing well. I watched Nalby practice at the USO a couple of years ago...
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    Agassi admits to using meth in '97.

    Sort of... :)
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    Does tennis require more mental toughness than any other sport?

    In the words of Roberto Duran - "No mas!"
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    how come federer stayed healthy for such a long time

    On a related note, I'm surprised how relatively injury-free Roddick has been for his career. His serve looks like it would wreck his shoulder. And although he's a pretty big guy, the extra 15-20 lbs he added for a few years should also have led to more injuries. I would've bet anything 5 yrs...
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    Tennis Orlando, FL

    Appreciate the offer - but I took Mikeler's advice and did a couple of hours at Lake Cane - nice facility, far better than any public facility I've seen in the NYC area! And I'm playing with Nextman916 tomorrow - and that'll probably be it before I leave on Sunday. Thanks for the advice...
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    Andy Roddick lost to the eventual champion in 10 Grand Slams!

    Chang at USO From 91-97, Michael Chang lost to the eventual champion 6 of those 7 years. He was really consistently strong on hard courts throughout his career, just never quite got over the hump....
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    Andy Roddick lost to the eventual champion in 10 Grand Slams!

    And with the confidence that comes with that success, he may have had more... I've always said that without Federer, people would be talking about whether Roddick is as good as Sampras. He'd have threatened at Wimbledon every year. Alas, you play the hand that's dealt....
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    Tennis Orlando, FL

    Thanks for the advice - I was in Puerto Rico and was amazed at how hard it was to play an hour of tennis in temps that were upper 80s - even golf was tiring! So no chance I can get you to beat up on me for an hour while I'm there?
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    Tennis Orlando, FL

    Thanks, and if I don't find anybody, I'll definitely do that. I'm in NYC, I know it's hotter and more humid in Olrando, but we get our share of tough weather. I'm ready to play in 90-95 degree heat - then retire to the hotel pool and bar - should be fine!
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    Tennis Orlando, FL

    Thanks, I saw that thread right after I posted and tried to contact Phil. Mikeler - I don't know anything about Orlando, but I'll be at the Marriott Grande Lakes.
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    Tennis Orlando, FL

    I'm going to be in Orlando the next 5 days, and was hoping to find someone to hit with. I'm a 4.0, and would like to get in a little exercise. Additionally, if anyone has info on any club or pros for an hour lesson or the like, that might work too, if I can't find a hitting partner. Thanks in...
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    Federer Roddick Wimbledon Final = Most Viewers In 10 years!

    Last year's finals numbers were certainly impacted by the rain delays. Casual fans couldn't possibly be expected to keep watching. I recorded it and went to play some tennis during one of the rain delays, and I caught up to the live broadcast during another rain delay.
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    Drugs and Tennis

    Sadly, I'm inclined to agree with you. I've gotten to the level of such cynicism that I assume any outstanding athletic achievement is tainted. And even sadder, I'm usually right....
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    Safin says that Federer should have won 25 Grand Slams already by now

    No kidding! The stupidity on this forum is appalling at times... Sarcasm is too subtle, I suppose.
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    I like Federer being seeded 2 :)

    Well, despite being 2nd seed, he's no underdog - check any of the betting lines.
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    4 Slams in a row vs Calendar Slam

    The AO was a year-end event at the time, so your order is wrong, she won the '83 AO after Wimb. and USO, then won French, Wimb, USO, and lost '84 AO semis in December of that year.
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    4 Slams in a row vs Calendar Slam

    How about winning 6 in a row vs. 4 in a calendar year? Martina did that in 83-84.
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    Roddick vs Karlovic, is anybody watching this?

    Sounds like Wimbledon in the '90s...
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    Nadal: I can't Go On Like This

    Agreed, clearly Soderling was tight in the first set. I don't think he made a first serve in the first game... I thought Soderling played very well the final 2 sets - only one break. Federer played so well throughout though, Soderling barely got a sniff at a break. And Fed was more or less...
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    Why Soderling Will Beat Federer @ RG2009?

    To paraphrase: "Nobody beats Robin Soderling 10 times in a row!"
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    Djokovic (SRB) vs. Ljubicic (CRO) | Madrid QF #2

    It's a big general sporting goods store in Manhattan - that must be why. They certainly carry a good range of tennis gear in the spring, but that's a bit silly really.
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    donald young vs michelle wie ?

    All good points. But remember that Wie has already had some solid results. She's got 5 or 6 top 5 finishes in LPGA majors, which is rather impressive, even if she has yet to win on the LPGA tour. It would be surprising if she doesn't win a few majors (barring injury of course).
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    The AGONY and ECSTASY of Roger Federer

    By extension, does any #1 have to hold a slam in the trailing 12 month period?
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    H2H against the field, Nadal 0.815 vs Federer 0.807

    Is that an excuse for Sampras' record outside of slams? Hard to imagine a competitor of Sampras' caliber ever playing without trying to win. And he was playing about as many tourneys in those years ('99-'02) as Federer does these days.
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    H2H against the field, Nadal 0.815 vs Federer 0.807

    Who knows? I was just countering the post claiming Sampras' slam %age is superior to Fed's, which is just wrong at this point in time.
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    H2H against the field, Nadal 0.815 vs Federer 0.807

    Not sure what you're trying to say. In general, Sampras played more tourneys than Fed does. Fed hasn't played 20 tourneys in one year since 2003.