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    Does Marcelo Rios belong in the Hall of Fame?

    Is this thread an honest question? I thought TW's obsession with Rios' supposed otherworldly talent was a bridge too far (he was very talented no doubt, but not some new, unheard of dimension of talent as people seem to think), but now this.
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    Did Sampras Underachieve?

    He OVERachieved.
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    How tacky is it to use Adidas and Nike products on the SAME day

    It would be tackier to sorry about such a "transgression." I'll wear fully matching kits and equipment when a company gives me all the stuff and/or pays me to wear it.
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    Agassi played Monte Carlo only one time in this whole carreer ?

    Yep. I remember Edberg playing Rome late in his career and enjoying it and saying he should have played it more. He was usually a no show.
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    Better Grass Farewell for Federer?

    A classy press conference just prior to Wimbledon on Centre Court saying that he's retiring after having not played all year.
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    87 years old Feliciano Lopez thrashes Rublev

    Lopez: "I turned pro the same year you were born, and I made my first Slam QF when you were 8."
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    How do you like this new Davis Cup finals format compared to the prior format?

    Honestly, my interest in Davis Cup was waning even before the change. Obviously, there's still something at stake and there can be incredible matches, but overall I just don't care that much. So the format change doesn't make a huge difference to me. But the lack of best-of-five really is...
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    Djokovic has made 67% of GS Finals in last 11 years

    I think it's the best over the longest period. 2004 to 2011 (8 years) Fed was in 68-69% of Slam finals - still amazingly impressive, but "only" 8 years.
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    Djokovic is in a slow decline, but his fans don't acknowledge it yet

    I think they've fully acknowledged it. But it is a SLOW decline. I mean, geesh, he was in 4 Slam finals last year and won 3. He's still a very legitimate contender. What do you expect his fans to be doing?
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    Zverev era has come.

    Kudos to him - he's improved, he's playing great - Gold Medal and ATP Championships. That said, eras "come" when player's win Slams.
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    Novak interview... Biggest criticism of ATP I ever heard...

    That's a good reference hidden in there.
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    Is Turin a better venue than London?

    Nostradamus - great pictures.
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    Is Turin a better venue than London?

    Purely judging by TV, they both seem pretty great. Turin has been great. Plus, it's a beautiful area. Can't go wrong with either really.
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    2021 ATP Finals Torino SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Alexander Zverev

    Sometimes I think the ATP Finals RR format is fantastic, other times I find it trash and long for something like the Virginia Slims Championships (WTA Finals) when it was 16-player single elimination with a best of five final.
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    Peng Shuai: Speak Up Tennis Community

    The story has gained traction in mainstream media. That may be apparent to most of you, so I'm probably late. I wasn't following the story except on TW, but sure enough in the last few days I heard about in on NPR while in the car and also saw it on some major news sites.
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    2021 ATP Finals RR: Medvedev vs Sinner

    Medvedev would seem to be a particularly bad physical and mental matchup for Sinner. Physical just because he can just get so many balls back and frustrate Sinner who isn't always super strong mentally. Add to that the tough serve. Mentally, Med is usually good at staying focused and gutting...
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    Peng Shuai missing after accusing official of assault

    Sure, I get that this topic could go to to Odds & Ends since it's not about Peng's tennis matches, tennis performance, etc. But, why can't it be in "General Pro Player Discussion"? I mean, we've waded into players' romantic and sexual relationships, recreational drug use and partying...
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    Alcaraz is Box office!

    Alcaraz's typical shots don't seem fancy to me. The let cord get was just a reaction shot - not a part of his normal arsenal. I don't think the hype is about fancy shots.
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    Alcaraz is Box office!

    Hype often precedes great results instead of being the product of great results. If he goes on to win Slams, some people will say "the hype was deserved." But that kind of misses the point of hype - tangible excitement about new blood, how they play, their prospects. To me hype can be...
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    Alcaraz is Box office!

    The let cord reaction get was sublime.
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    2021 Next Gen ATP Finals

    How do we feel about the scoring template - best of 5 sets to 4? Honestly, I like it as a one-off something different; though I wouldn't like to see it regularly. I like this event. I have no idea who Baez even is. Or Cerundolo for that matter.
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    2021 Paris Open (round of 16): Alcaraz vs Gaston

    Great comeback in the second set by Gaston. A small setback for Alcaraz, but I still think he's on his way.
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    Man, I love the Paris indoor tournament. Always have.
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    The Alcaraz-Sinner match in the linked clip (the third match in) really shows how viewing angle, video quality and speed makes a huge difference in what tennis looks like. This is what I think most people who haven't seen a pro match would think it would look like. A lot of videos and...
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    Sinner: "Tiafoe Went Too Far"

    This. I like Tiafoe and his energy, but even I roll my eyes or cringe sometimes at his antics. But he's hardly the first person in tennis to behave in a way that might bother his opponents. As long as he's within the rules, it's for them to deal with and in this one case, Sinner didn't...
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    2021 Vienna Open SF: Sinner vs Tiafoe

    The race points determine who is in the ATP finals.