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    Dunlop Precision 98 Tour

    This new racquet from Dunlop looks very promising. Stock specs are perfect for me and i like black PJ too. It looks like slightly heavier and a bit more headlite version of Bio F3.0 tour. Anybody have some early experience with this racquet ...
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    Same weight and SW, but different balance

    Hi, i have simple question. Which racquet is more polarized ? Weight(g) - Balance(cm) - SW 1) 313 - 32.6 - 308 2) 313 - 33.0 - 309
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    Ordering racquet from TWE

    I want to order racquet from TW Europe, but last time i got racquet from them, its balance was off by 1 cm. Is there any way to ensure that this will not happen again ?
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    Review - Yonex VCORE Tour 97 (310g)

    I buyed this racquet recently. It was blind buy because yonex demos are not available in my region. I lost my youtek prestige MP recently and wanted to try something similar. I play mostly with POG 100 these days so i will compare Yonex to Prestige and POG in this review. So far i played with...
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    Demoed a few Tweeners

    I have chance to demo a few tweeners with my friends. Here are my impressions after 3 days of hitting. Wilson Juice - Older model (2011 or 2012). Worst from the banch for me. I didn't like how it swings. It felt more head heavy than other racquets with similar weight and balance, yet...
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    Yonex poly tour spin - what tension ?

    Hi, i'm currently using yonex PTP and i would like to try yonex PTS also. Everyone saying that PTS is very low povered. I have strung PTP at 23/22 kg. What tension should i use for PTS in order to get roughly same power ?
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    Looking for Prestige MP replacement

    Hi, i'm looking for similar racquet as my youtek prestige MP, but with bigger sweetspot. I tried a few bigger head size racquets and while i liked forgivness they offer, none of them had stability, feel and cotrol of prestige. From my research, good candidates for replacement may be 1)...
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    Disappointed with Nadal

    It was unfortunate that he was injured in the final. Although he had no chance to beat god mode Wawrinka, it could be at least entertaining final. But i was disappointed how he can't handle his bad fortune. When his psyhical problems show up, he just concentrated so that everybody knows that...
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    Same poly in full bed, just thinner crosses

    I strung my racquet with full bed poly, but i used thinner gauge for crosses. Preciselly SP Hyberion (1.24)/ SP Hyperion (1.18 ). As expected stringbed felt softer and more comfortable and provided a bit more spin than full bed of 1.24 gauge. And because mains always breaks 1st and are more...
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    New Prince string - Beast Bite

    Anyone have mome info about it ? It is supposed to be shaped version of Beast Xp in orange color.
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    Solinco TB alternative ?

    Hi, I would like to try this string, but i cann't get any solinco products in my country. Are there any polys with similar performance ? I play with SP Tornado which may be similar according to some reviews, but is any poly out there which performs even closer to TB ?
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    Textured/shaped poly with good tension maintenance ?

    I currently use SP Tornado which have good spin and decent tension meintenance. Is out there any string that gives at least equally good spin but holds tension better ?
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    Bio 500 Tour

    My new Bio 500 Tour arrived today. Initial observations: It's 5 grams under specs, balance seems to be 3 pts HL as advertised. Dry swings feels good, not too light nor too heavy. Estimated SW is 310-315. Head shape is different from Bio 400T, more narrow and longer. Pattern is very open...
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    Racquet headsize related to court surface

    I play about 95% on red clay, but sometimes in winter season i play on hard courts too. Me and all my sparrings noticed that playing on HC is much much easier. Ball jumps a little bit faster, a little bit lower and bounce is very predictable and constant. I noticed that i prefer midsize racquet...
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    Demo Impressions - PD, PDR, Speed 300, IG Instinct, Exo3 Tour

    My friend wanted to buy new racquet so i took opportunity to test some racquets with him. Here is the list Pure Drive Roddick 2012 - So far it is best Babolat racquet i have encountered. I didn't spend much time with it, because i knew from the start that SW is a bit higher that what i...
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    Racquet balance for 2HBH

    Is 8 pts headlight racquets OK for 2 handed backhand ? I have never played with racquet which is so much headlight, but i'm doing fine with 6 pts HL racquet. I guess more HL is good for 1 hander, but what about 2HBH ? Is anybody of you with 2HBH using 7-9 HL stick ? I'm Interesting in Bio 400...
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    Bio 400 Tour - question about modding Balance & SW

    Is it possilbe to moddify bio 400T to make it 6 pts HL while SW will not exceed 315 mark ? If yes, how much lead and where ? Stock parameters are 9 pt HL and 306 SW. Thanks in advance
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    TFight 320 VO2 - Need string advice

    I have new TFight racquet. My first string job was Pro Line II (1.25) at 55/53 Lbs. Racquet played very well at the start, but after about 2.5 hour mark, tension suddenly dropped and then i had hard time to keep ball inside the court. I have never experienced so quick tension drop. PL II does...
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    Tension maintenance on different gauges

    Which gauge of the same string usually hold tension better ? Thicker (16) or thinner (17) ?
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    Help me choose a bag

    I need bag for my tennis equipment. It need to have capacity for 3-4 racquets, 1 pair of shoes, and some tennis apparel. Can i store shoes and apparel to standard 6 pack bag or is it only suited for racquets ? I'm interested more in capacity than brand, but concrete suggestions based on...
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    Swingweight of Pure Storm GT ?

    What is the swingweight of stock Pure Storm GT ? TW lists it as 327, but it seems to be a bit off. Most retailers have it listed between 315-320.
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    Is injected silicone in the handle worth 50$ ?

    I wanna buy Tecnifibre T-Fight 295 VO2 MAX, but i cann't decide which version. Only difference in new 2012 model is different paintjob and injected silicone in the handle. PJ is non factor, because i like both versions of it, but i would like to know if silicone in the handle makes racquet...
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    Question for Tecnifibre users

    Do prior model of technifibre Tfight 295 VO2 Max have injected silicone inside handle or it's only new 2012 model feature ?
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    Tweener with SW under 320 ?

    I'm looking for similar racquet as APDGT/Prince Black, but with lower swingweight (310-320). I can not demo so i need opinions from players who played with one or more of these racquets: Bio 500 Tour Blx Pro Open IG Extreme MP IG Instinct MP Organix 8 315 thanks
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    Exo3 Tour 16x18 vs 18x20

    Vote only if you have played with both versions Please note your forehand grip (eastern, semi-western, western) and backhand (1 handed, 2 handed)
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    Bio 200 Lite vs (YTPP, YTPMP, 4D/Bio 300 Tour)

    I want to choose 95 Inch. racquet with open pattern and my favorites so far are Bio 200 Lite and Prestige Pro. I'm leaning to the dunlop, because there is more room for customization. I would be grateful for some minireviews which compare 200 Lite to Ytk Prestige Pro or to racquets which are...
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    Rdis 100 MP - Review

    Here my thoughts about stick after 2 hours of practice rallying and 2 double matches. It is strung with SP Hyperion (1.24) 55/53 lbs. So far i tested it side by side with Ytk prestige MP, because my main racquet is currently at stringer. My plan was to get something with more power, bigger...
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    Rdis 100 MP vs Vcore 98 D

    I actaully testing rdis 100 MP and i like how it plays, but it is not enough manuverable for me, so vcore 98 can be an option. how these two racquets compare ? I'm mainly interested in power level, stifness, spin, control and feel.
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    Rdis 100 MP - how much power ?

    I have this racquet on the way and i'm not sure, what initial tension i should use. I will string it with SP hyperion. I have my 4D 300 tour strung at 24/23 kg and my SpeedPort black strung at 27/26 kg. I'm not decided between 26/25 kg or 25/24 kg for Yonex. Is Rdis 100 MP power level closer...
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    Leather replacement grip

    I would like to know some info about babolat, head and wilson leather grips. I know that babolat is 1.7mm and weight is 24g, but can't find info about head and wilson ones. I want thinnier and most heavy one. Which i should choose ? I'm not from US, so i can't get TW leather grip. Thanks...