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    New Balance Fresh Foam Lav - TERRIBLE Durability

    Update: New Balance finally provided a coupon for another pair of shoes. Delivered on June 28th, used between first week of July until today Aug 23rd. They have been disintegrating after day 1. I really tried to baby them, rarely slid, and was always aware that the durability would be an issue...
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    Do rackets really lose stiffness over time? Has anybody measured new/old frames on a Babolat RDC machine?

    In this interview Federer goes on to explain he uses about over 60 rackets every year, replacing all 12 of his rackets 5 times a year because they lose their stiffness. It's also something that gets mentioned on the forums here. "Micro fractures" is the common term. I have used this frame...
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    Seeking a racket recommendation for new player in their mid-30s starting tennis. Blade? Pure Strike?

    A good friend of mine wants to start playing tennis and she's looking for a nice new racket. She's relatively fit and puts in a good effort so I don't think those oversize 10z rackets are for her. I gave her my Wilson 6.1 95 and she actually did well with it but the weight was affecting her...
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    Help me replace my aging 15 year old Hyper Pro Staff rackets

    I'm using my 6.1 Hyper Pro Staff rackets I've had since I was a kid. What are some similar very low power, head light, heavy weight rackets I should demo? The closest thing seems to be the RF97, but I've tried the counterveil version of that racket and it felt like an absolute cannon. I could...