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    Head premier tour

    I recently got two of them for 140. Was it much of a deal?
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    Anyone know the stats of the Volkl Tour 8 S.E.?

    I have one but i dont know anything about it.
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    In your opinion what is the best racquet for net play?

    Im looking for a racquet that is good at net since that about the only place i play at.
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    Is the yonex MP Tour-1 any good?

    Im thinking of getting one of them.
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    How durable is the i.radical?

    Ive heard storys of them smashing into peices after hitting a court and i just want to clarify this incase i decide to get a few of them.
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    Is it possible to lengthen a racquet?

    My grandparents accidentaly got me a jr puredrive and since its pretty much the same racquet i thought i might as well just add more length to it.
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    Prince NGX mid or Dunlop 200g?

    Prince NXG mid or Dunlop 200g? Im looking for some feedback on either of these before i buy.
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    Are the NGX graphite racquets any good?

    Im thinking of getting a few of them i just dont know which head size is best.
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    How old is this racquet?

    Its called the spalding system 20os i found it in my garage a few weeks ago and got it restrung, its actually a decent racquet to play with ive just never heard of it.
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    Is superglue good for temporarily fixing cracks?

    Anyone know?
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    What kind of paint should i use to paint my racquet?

    I heard that spray paint ate away at the frame.
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    AH! look at this pic of Dent.

    I dont know how to post a pic so heres the link,
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    Which racquet should i get?

    It's between the wilson have or the prince more precision, which one is better.
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    Is the Prince More Precision any good?

    Im thinking of ordering one.
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    Anyone ever heard of this racquet?

    Its the spalding system 20os i found it in my garage and i would like to know more about it.
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    Is the spalding system 20 os racquet rare?

    I want to know because i just found one in my garage, also is it a good racquet to play with?
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    My racquets handle broke can i send it to babolat for a new one?

    It cracked on a serve and it is unfixable.
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    What is a good way to put a rubberband on a racquet?

    Ive been trying alot of different techniques and so far i dont like any of them.
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    Customization question.

    If you want a 6 pt head heavy racquet to be 6 pts head light you would add 12 grams of lead tape to the handle, right?
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    Which racquet should i get?

    The wilson h blaze, pure storm team, or pure control team. I would have to customize untill it weighed 13 oz though.
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    What is a good racket for control?

    I need to find one because my PD+ is starting to lose its fee to me and im hitting out alot more than i used to.