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    Prince of Tennis Smash Hit! 2 game question

    How do you beat Sanada and Atobe together in doubles They clobber my moon volley and they clbber higuma otoshi
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    Flash Game
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    optical illusion edit: no there are no ***goty scary things. those things are ***in gay.
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    Site for player's results YTD?

    Is there a site where you can check for the profile of a player and see the scores of all the matches he's had year to date?
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    Henin-hardenne spoiler

    she can stick her 'allez' somewhere else cos she lost muhahahaha
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    Back in time: Courier vs Stich qn

    The wimby film reminded me of something... anyone remember way back when courier vs stich...either 93 or 94 I think - when stich was at match point, and he gave someone in the crowd his racket the the boy played a point with stich if you remember....WTF WAS UP WITH THAT
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    Hertogenbosch open

    Anyone know where to get live scores for this open?
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    hewitt vs coria

    have these two played each other before? I been meaning to watch this match for a while, will get the chance with davis cup. they play similar games, both quick as crap and consistent, hewitt has better serve and can volley
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    Dud Scud this is what I find funny "If I retired tomorrow, if I don't win a match for the rest of my life I'm going to be a happy person." it's like WTF(whyTF) YOU PLAYING FOR THEN? then he compares himself to agassi...something like: "look at...
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    How do you do the twist serve and Tezuka zone?

    you know...with echizen and tezuka