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    Roddick clothes

    Honestly does this guy really need to wear a polo 2 sizes too big? Looks ridiculous and can't imagine it encourages many to buy Lacoste.
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    Nike Motion Polo Pics (Europe Exclusive)

    Hey incase anyone wanted to see live pics of these I thought I would upload some pics of me in the top. Picked it up last week.
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    Sergio Tacchini 2006

    Anyone seen the lines or have any pics of them?What kinda colours and style are they?They are my favourite brand at the moment although I am a little worried as they dont have any top players wearing their gear at the moment
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    Apparel-Nike Versus Adidas 2006

    Just seen both companies early season lines and have to say Adidas comes out on top by a way.The competition Polos look very nice.The Sphere advantage Polo looks best of the Nike but I wouldnt rush out and buy it
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    Ginepri and Blake-can they carry it on

    I have been mightily impressed at the levels Ginepri and Blake have achieved over the last few weeks but this has all taken place in their own backyard in the US. I have my doubts as to whether when they have to travel to Europe and Asia for the indoor season that they will be able to perform at...
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    Cincinatti Ballgirls-anyone got pics?

    Ive spotted a couple of really cute girls doing the ballgirl job in yesterdays match between Ginepri and Federer.Anyone got any pictures please?
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    TW has Tacchini

    Great to see TW is bringing Tacchini to the masses-just a pity this is their poorest line for years.This is their best of the bunch though
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    Adidas pros in Gstaad

    Im a little puzzled as to why halfway through the week Massu and Wawrenka changed from wearing the usual comp gear to the Black response outfits.Anyone know the reasons?
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    tw front page girl

    looks lovely-who is she?
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    Going to Wimbledon-help and tips

    Hi there know theres a few fellow UK users around and plenty others to help me.Im going to London on 20th June to play in student poker finals and have decided to visit wimbledon while Im down(I stay in Scotland) Ive not got any tickets so will need to join the ques. Im just interested in a...
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    Ferrero needs to grow up

    I see reports today that he is complaining the press are giving too much attention to Nadal and ignoring the other Spanish players. I used to be a big fan of Ferrero but in recent years he seems to have changed as a person and as a player. He has done nothing of note recently to warrant any...
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    The best shirt Nike ever made This one worn by Kiefer at the ATP Champs in 1999 was brilliant although I never purchased it at the time as it was £45.Gutted as it still looks as good now as it did then.Been looking for it on **** etc but its never appeared.
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    Girl In Pink on TW front page

    Sorry to create a thread just for this but I'd appreciate if someone could tell me who is this please?Dont recognise the player and she looks very cute.Thanks
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    Puerta Versus Melzer-Warning

    Just to warn a few people that in Europe bookmakers have suspended betting on this match after a flood of cash saw the odds of Melzer go from 5/2 to 1/3. On one betting exchange the price of Puerta as gone from 0.4/1 to 3.95/1. The amount of money which has been bet is 10 times more than any...