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    LM/Flexpoint Grommets?

    After a a rather nasty hissy fit during a match I am needing to replace the bumper/grommets on my LM Radical. I can't find Liquidmetal I'm assuming that the Flexpoint grommets are the same this correct? Thanks in advance. It's been a while since I've been on the...
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    Meg or Johnnyf

    I'm headed to N.Y. next week and I was wondering if there are any cool tennis stores around (with Babolat shoes maybe?). I don't know if Johnnyf is back yet...
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    Does anyone here have any experiences with's services? How long do they keep your frames, was it worth the price, etc.? Thanks.
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    Are there any MRTs here who will add weight and also offer racquet mathcing services? Thanks!!
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    MASSIVE Cramping

    I was at tennis camp yesterday and I collapsed (sp?) with cramping. I got it in my calfs, quads, and hams. The trainer really had no clue what he was doing, so he just gave me some ice and the guy in charge of the camp told me I needed to go back and play. So I went back and cramped up again...
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    Help With Tension On AeroPro

    I just got two new AeroPro Drives that I recently went out and played with. For some reason, I had a lot of trouble with ball flying long on me. I currently have it strung with Luxilon Big Banger Orig. @ 62 lbs. I hit with a lot of topspin and I didn't have this problem with my LM Radicals...
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    New Frames!

    Today while my mom and I were shopping, she let me stop in a tennis/lacrosse store to look around. I was looking at the racquets and I stopped at the Babolat AeroPro Drive and was checking it out. I hit with one about a week ago and loved it. For no reason at all, she asked me if I wanted it. I...
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    Adidas Rod Lavers

    Anyone tried the Adidas Rod Lavers? How do they feel? Durability? Thank you.
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    Coaching DURING A Ponit?

    I didn't read the entire way through the if this was already covered...sorry. There are no judges or anything at my school, and coaches ALWAYS coach during the changeovers. But sometimes they coach DURING points. Is this allowed? It really breaks my concentration. I said something...
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    Fairway Leather Grip

    Can someone please tell me where I can purchase a Fairway leather grip online? Thanks
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    Has anyone tried Estusa frames? I play very agressive, a lot of power and topspin. Wondering if any of their tour level frames are right for me. Also, why does TW only carry one of their racquets?
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    How To Remove Babolat Pure Drive + Grommet & Bumper

    Can someone please tell me how to remove the Babolat PD + grommet and bumper system? It seems like some of the grommets are bigger than the holes. Thanks in advance.
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    Painting A Racquet

    I was wondering where you can hire someone to paint a racquet and do it well. I screwed up on a Prestiege Classic and had no choice but to trash it. Also, does it change the weight or feel of the racquet. Thanks.