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    How do you rank Becker, Edberg, Wilander

    Theres only one assumption in my post. Wilander was#1 in 1988. Lendl wasnt far behind. Thats all.
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    How do you rank Becker, Edberg, Wilander

    WHO wouldnt? Thats not the question. But IT was'nt as dominant as it looks in the first view.
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    How do you rank Becker, Edberg, Wilander

    Thank you. For supporting my thesis with numbers!
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    How do you rank Becker, Edberg, Wilander

    Lendl didnt Play after uso, because of injury. Had he played a mediocre Indoor season for his standard, he certainly wouldve overtaken Wilander! Wilander took the #1 spot after the uso final and IT was close in terms of Ranking points. Believe it or not. Points are the only thing that matter for...
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    What order do you rank Lendl, McEnroe, Connors, Agassi in as far as greatness

    How come you rank Connors#1, If he has losing record vs all other contenders?
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    How do you rank Becker, Edberg, Wilander

    Of course IT looks very impressive now. In the course of 1988 i had never the feeling that Wilander was as dominant as Lendl the years before. Mats had lots of very close matches, that could have gone either way (Edberg, Cash, Sanchez twice, Zivojinovic come to my mind). He did win them. Strong...
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    How do you rank Becker, Edberg, Wilander

    Of course. Additionally He won the decisive rubber in the dc final in Germany in 85 with Nystroem. Edberg hast by far the best doubles carreer of the trio. Was #1 in singles & doubles! But had the best partner! Becker has an olympic gold! Which none of the others have! And he beat the #1pair...
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    How do you rank Becker, Edberg, Wilander

    When Mecir swiftly defeated Wilander at Wimbledon, Wilander was 10 matches'short' of a grand slam. It cannot be taken for granted that he will win uso.
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    Does Chang beat Becker in 89 RG final?

    OP should be: Does Becker lose a potential RG89 final? I think the outcome depends more on Becker. If Becker plays well He would certainly win. He would overpower Chang. It seems very unlikely to me, that Becker would let an opportunity like that Slip away. Becker was in good shape, so I wouldve...
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    Tell me about Michael Chang!

    Cant agree. I know that Boris Becker really enjoyed Michael's win over Agassi in the ao96sf! Agassi would have been His nightmare.
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    Duel Match Stats/Reports - Agassi vs Becker, Wimbledon quarter-final & semi-final, 1992 & 1995

    Thank you dir correcting me regarding the opening Game. But If Beckers'only' hold was the Game before the rebreak at 5-1, then there ist still one Game missing, cause the Score was 6-3.
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    Duel Match Stats/Reports - Agassi vs Becker, Wimbledon quarter-final & semi-final, 1992 & 1995

    You are right in stating that Becker left too much energy in the QF. But Becker was down 2-4 in the decider, so he certainly faced a break Point!
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    Duel Match Stats/Reports - Agassi vs Becker, Wimbledon quarter-final & semi-final, 1992 & 1995

    Remember that Becker was up a break in the decider.
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    Mecir Mythology

    Everyone here talking about the 87 win over Lendl. But His WCT Dallas triumph over Mac is of the Same caliber. Everyone here talking about his Wimbledon win over Wilander. But I also remember a straight sets win over Edberg?!? Mecir has wins over all greats of his era. Semi or better in all gs...
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    Kevin Curren 1985 Wimbledon

    Certainly the best Wimbledon run without winning the Championship. I simply couldnt believe my eyes what Kev was doing to Mac & Connors. It just seemed like he couldnt miss. Curren played that ao 84 with a wooden racket while Wilander had switched to a modern one. That gave the Swede the edge.
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    better career/whom would you rank higher overall?: Lendl vs Connors

    The clearly inferior Player Lendl did beat Connors 22 times... Once he delivered a double bagel. That's not what I call "clearly inferior".
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    One-Hit (Slam) Wonders

    Not sure about the Stich story. Have to look it up. But in my memory Volkov would have been Up a break and 15:40 Stich serving without the netcord winner. But IT wasn't match point. Overall Michael didnt Seen so lucky beating Courier, Erdberg and Becker b2b losing only one set.
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    Status of the Australian Open and the YEC

    Even though Wilander, Lendl and McEnroe played AO in 83, the tournament had a depleted field in those days. Wilander had a bye in 1st rd. Then David Mustard (173), Dale Houston (481) Stefan Simonsson (132) before he had his first top100 opposition in qf! IT wasn't that attractive for players...
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    GE best lobber

    Oh so right. The shot that won him the 90 Wimbledon final!
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    50th anniversary of the ATP Finals

    No he wasn't. Maybe Boris was the best player in 89 - winning W, USO and DC aus Well as Philly and Bercy, but Lendl gathered the most points over the year. That decides the Ranking. Becker was lazy over the us hc stretch and missed some indoor tourneys to save fuel for masters and dc (both with...
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    No love for Tim Mayotte?

    Yes, he had dc rubbers for the us. Eg losing to Jelen in 87 gave Germany the decisive advantage to ein that legendary Hartford encounter. Mayotte pushed Becker to go the distance, but had no chance in the decider.
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    Match Stats/Report - Noah vs Wilander, French Open final, 1983

    I think Chesnokov beat def champ Wilander twice in straights at RG. OK No s&v, gut outplaying Wilander from the baseline seems even harder to me.
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    Why do people trash Hewitt so much?

    I don‘t think Becker was More experienced when he won it in 85...
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    Why do people trash Hewitt so much?

    I just mentioned that this defeat was missing in the op.
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    Why do people trash Hewitt so much?

    he lost to very old Becker at wim99 who is the so champ96
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    Should McEnroe rank above Agassi

    Imo it ist a well rounded combo of very respectable singles career plus doubles achievements and post career activities (Chief of Hamburg tournament) that Made Michael Stich a HoFr.
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    Should McEnroe rank above Agassi

    Stich is a Wimbledon Champ and olympic gold medalist in doubles...
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    Michael Stich appreciation thread

    I'm not sure that Stich was sure he would beat Muster. What I remember was Stich showing some confidence saying: "I will Bring along my running shoes!" Which meant that He knew about His chances. Media interpreted thus as arrogance.
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    Greater player: Safin or Kafelnikov?

    Kafelnikov due to His doubles achievements. I think he is the last player that hast gs trophies in singles and doubles.