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    need help with BFII warranty

    u don't need to call the toll free #, just go to and get your claim # under footwear
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    Nike Mens Fall 2007

    the heritage group is up on tw
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    Federer's Nike Polo at RG 2006

    I think it's Nike Men's Control React Polo
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    **Possible Glimpse of Nike Vapor 5's for Spring 2008**

    that is not the vapor 5 and it's a woman's shoe
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    nike: Air zoom revive
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    Tw-nike air zoom revive

    thanks Chris.
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    Tw-nike air zoom revive

    saw some sample pics with the interchangeable outsoles and was wondering if you had a release date for the shoe. thanks
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    Today i ve got my Breathe 3s

    here is a better picture from ndc
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    Agassi now wears adidas

    here is another article from espn
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    Agassi now wears adidas

    wireimage has pics of him practicing yesterday all decked out in adidas
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    Painjobs, You Say?

    espn just did an article on this issue, quite interesting.
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    TW- New Figjam Model or Color?

    they looked like reebok pump shoes to me
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    Nike Air Max Breathe Free II now at TW

    there is a black/white version for spring 2005
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    Carlos Moya's Black And Yellow Breathe Free II's (Picture?)

    no carlos but here is a picture of the shoe