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  1. Hankenstein

    Project: Head IG Challenge MP - RA to die for

    When I was browsing the Europeean Tennis warehouse site, I found a very interesting racquet: Head IG Challenge MP. A 100 in² hitting-surface with an unstrung weight of 270 grams and a 33,5 cm...
  2. Hankenstein

    How to calibrate a Babolat 3001?

    My Babolat 3001 strings 5 pounds to much each pull and I want to calibrate it, but where do I do it? The old instructions says remove the cover and turn on the 3rd screw? Anyone with more info and help on where I shall do the calibration? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hankenstein

    Wilson Ultra 100L vs 100CV

    Anyone here that have tried the Wilson Ultra 100L and cuztomized it? It seems like it has same mold and string pattern as the 100CV but much softer flex. With it´s low weight it´s really tempting to customize it. My normal set-up is 325 grams with a 31.5 cm balance and thats possible to reach...
  4. Hankenstein

    Adapters for Babolat machines when stringing oversize frames?

    My old Babolat 3001 machine is not able to string larger oversize frames. If my memory is correct there used to be some other parts or adapters when stringing super oversize frames. Does any of you guys have any adapters for sale or any advice what to use to be able to string this type of frame?`
  5. Hankenstein

    Solution to fasten butt-cap for über-hard hairpins

    I bought two Babolat Pro-stock frames , Aero Pro Drive GT, that according to the seller used to belong to Wayne Odesnik.. The paint indicates its a APDGT + but it is cut to standard length. The butt-cap was fastened with some kind of glue. I removed the butt-cap and tried to fasten it with my...
  6. Hankenstein

    Senior World Championship Umag 2016

    This year both the team and individual young senior ITF world championship takes place in Umag, croatia. Same venue as the ATP event Croatian Open. I will go there and play the Mens 35 event and hopefuly also doubles and mixed doubles. Anyone else that plan to play this event?
  7. Hankenstein

    Babolat 2501 e problem

    I found a Babolat 2501e in decent condition to an extremely low price.. around 180 $. I knew though that it not worked but I bought it anyway and will see if I can bring it life. Have to check with you guys first if anyone know what can be the problem Whwn pressing the on button, The machine...
  8. Hankenstein

    Mini-review: Qlipp Tennis Sensor

    As many of you already know, I write equipment and travel articles for the Swedish Tennismagazine and with that part-job I get the benefits of trying a lot of new stuff on the market. Recently I got in contact with Qlipp and their new Qlipp Tennis Sensor. I got a first sample sensor to try out...
  9. Hankenstein

    Great find - Babolat 3001

    Here in Sweden we have a trade-site called "Blocket" that is very popular. Sometimes in odd categories you can make really good finds and that happened to me this week. I found one big Babolat 3001 with all original spare parts and original stand for around 600 $. The machine was a bit dirty...
  10. Hankenstein

    Anyone tested both K Blade 98 and Blade 98 2015?

    I must say I really liked the feel of the K Blade 98 I tried recently. Very positive in all categories. Anyone that have used both the K Blade 98 and the 2015 Blade 98 18/20? How do they compare? Major differencies?
  11. Hankenstein

    Replace my old Neos 1000

    My old trusty Prince Neos 1000 has served me well over the years, but i plan to buy a small table-top and install my Wise Tension Head on it. I am looking at Gamma X-6FC and Gamma Progression II 602 FC. Is there any major differencies between these two machines? Has anyone here bought the...
  12. Hankenstein

    Customized Head Graphene Rev Pro

    Has anyone customized the 300 gram light Head Graphene Prestige Rev Pro and played with it on this forum? I tried to search, but could not find any thread about it, strangely. Is it only my limited searching skills or has no one here made the customizing process with this platform-frame?
  13. Hankenstein

    RS Lyon (new string from Robin Söderling)

    I just noticed on the RS homepage that they now have a tennis string in their stock. It´s called RS Lyon and it seems to be a co-poly string in 1.20 and 1.25 mm. Silver color Has anyone tried this string yet? I will try and buy some sets and see how it is :)
  14. Hankenstein

    Nike Lunar allistec size vs Vapor 9.0

    I have US 12 in Nike Vapor 9.0 black/pink. Fits good! What size would you advice me to buy in the Lunar Ballistec? For example, i also have Adidas Barricade 8 in both US11,5 and US12. The 11,5 is good overall, but the big toe slides sort of into the front of this shoe. In the 12 i dont...
  15. Hankenstein

    Review: Wilson Pro Staff 97 (315 gram version)

    YES! Many have asked and finally, here is the review of the Wilson Pro Staff 97. As many of you guys knows, i get to test-play new frames long before the public because i write equipment articles for a swedish tennismagazine. The lighter 315 gram version of Federers new holy grail is...
  16. Hankenstein

    Nike Men's Fall RF Advantage Premier Polo - More colors? When will you get more (Lt Retro w/Lt Photo Blue) colors of this fantastic polo in stock?
  17. Hankenstein

    Pic request: IG Radical Pro with black CAP

    Anyone here that has photos of Head IG Radical Pro with black MG/YT Prestige Pro CAP´s? I know there are a few that has made it but so far i have only found one photo of it. How´s the fit? 100 % perfect or any major differencies?
  18. Hankenstein

    Wilson Federer Elite 12 Pack Bag

    Have not seen anything about this new bag. Looks rock solid and many good compartments. Anyone seen it live or felt how it is?
  19. Hankenstein

    Babolat 2015

    We already know we have a new PD for 2015 from Babolat. We also know that the APD will be out 2016. But what else do we see from Babolat? I personally think they will do something to the Pure Control-series. You hardly see anyone use that frame. Not on tour, not on the local...
  20. Hankenstein

    Making extra holes for shoelaces

    Some sjoes i´m using have the strange design that the upper hole for the laces is very much seperated from the other holes. The gap between the holes are simply to big. For example, the Yonex SHT Pro. Between the two upper holes its such a big gap that it can easy fit another hole in between...
  21. Hankenstein

    Some live photos of RF97 and RF97 Autograph

    Just strung up one RF 97 340 gram and one RF97 315 gram with Luxilon Savage in 51 lbs each. The weight was 337 and 313 grams. 340 has leathergrip and 315 has synthetic grip (Here it´s easy to replace the synt. grip with leather and add about 10 grams weight making it 325 grams) At first the...
  22. Hankenstein

    Kirschbaum Max Power / Rough

    When will this new string arrive at TWE?
  23. Hankenstein

    Chris / Andy: APD+ strings/tension

    You guys seemed pretty happy with the APD+ in the review you made last year and i´ve seen you used it in some string reviews lately. What string and tension have you tried and really felt dialed in with in this frame? Thanks :)
  24. Hankenstein


    I very often find the original shoe laces from most shoes i buy to be to short and always buy aftermarket laces. I have up until now bought Mr Lacy Slimmies but they are not long enough (i have ASO ankle braces and a very big, high feet) Anyone knows about good, long laces in good quality...
  25. Hankenstein

    Tgt293.3 / Tgt293.4

    When i tried the Head Graphene Prestige MP for the very first time, july 2013, it was marked with TGT293.3 under the pallet. I really loved the soft feel of that frame. Now when I bought a Graphene Prestige MP and tried it, i thought it felt a fraction stiffer and maybe a tad more modern...
  26. Hankenstein

    Fit of Lacoste tennis clothes

    How does the Lacoste tennis shirts fit these days? For example: If I have XL Adidas, how is the Lacoste compared? Slim fit? I normally need the length of an XL Adidas but the "body" of a L if...
  27. Hankenstein

    Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed Pro Ltd ???

    What. Is. This ????
  28. Hankenstein

    Project Game improvement

    So, the time has finally come to me as well. That time when you realize you are to old to keep up with the young guns. I was feeling like an old river-ferry at a Future´s event a couple of weeks ago when the younger players whistled missiles past me that i was constantly late for. I have most...
  29. Hankenstein

    CAP´ed Head IG Radical MP

    I want to try customizing a IG Radical MP with silicone, lead and black CAP´s. Have not seen this frame CAP´ed so far. Cant it be done? Is not this 260-mold possible to CAP at all? If yes, does anyone have pics of how it looks with black Caps?
  30. Hankenstein

    Prince Neos 1000 - 360° racquet clearance

    My Neos 1000 with Wise tension head has 1 "flaw".. And that´s the lack of 360° racquet clearance over the tensioner unit. Has anyone done or seen it be done to make the racquet pass over the tension unit 360° (like on the Neos 1500 for example)