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    Dealing with a player with no sportsmanship

    There's a player I hit with that has no sense of sportsmanship whatsoever that just infuriates me. I usually beat him but it's always a struggle holding it together mentally. What he does: 1: Bad line calls. As long as a ball touches a like he'll instantly call it out, no benefit of the...
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    Tips/Critique on my serve?

    Would love any tips or critique on my serve, thanks!
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    Wanting to quit playing tennis

    I've been playing tennis for many years and have taken many lessons. I play with a friend of mine who hasn't played anywhere near the same amount nor received the same amount of instruction who I usually beat. However every time I lose a set, or a best of 3 match against him, it just makes me...
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    Head keeps dropping on serve

    No matter what I do, my head keeps dropping on my serve. Ive tried lifting my tossing arm up but I still end up dropping head when I go to hit the ball. Any other tips for keeping head up while serving? Would jumping and using my legs on serve help with keeping my head up?
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    Serve speed based more on strength or technique?

    So I've played with the RF97 for the past 2-3 years. My ground strokes with it are fine but my serve has always been a bit lacking. Then I recently tried out a lighter racket, the Clash 98 and I suddenly felt like my serves were a lot better since I felt like I could swing the racket faster...
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    Good tennis club to join in Seattle

    Hello, I'll be moving for work in Seattle, somewhere between Westlake and SLU area. I'm looking for a tennis club that has early morning tennis sessions (like pre 7am), is somewhat close to that area. So far I've only found the Sandpoint club, and the Amy Yee tennis club, but they're both like...
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    Tension loss in polyester hybrids

    So my impression of tension loss with polyesters is that when the mains are staying outta place and no longer return to the original position, it means that the string has lost tension. I tried a hybrid of Tecnifibre Black Code 4S mains and GrappleSnake Irukandji and crosses, and the mains...
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    Tips for keeping shoulder tilt in line when serving

    Hi, when I'm serving, I'm having trouble keeping my racquet arm in line with my shoulder. I seem to be able to get into an ok trophy position, but once I think of hitting the ball with my racquet, my right shoulder automatically rises above the shoulder tilt line, which I think might be causing...
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    TWU Database CoF values

    Hey guys, I noticed that on the TWU database, the Black code 4S seemed to have a lower coefficient of friction than some other strings like the TF Pro Red Code Wax. Does this mean that the BC 4S would promote a bit more spin than the PRCW when used as a cross in a hybrid?
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    Switching from full poly to a multi/poly hybrid

    Right now my current set up is Racket: RF97a Strings: TF Black Code 4S @ 50lb or GrappleSnake CES Neon Dust/Liquid Neon Hybrid @ 47/50lb I play great with this setup, except it tends to hurt my shoulder/elbow quite a bit, especially after serving a lot. When I play, I tend to hit a bit...
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    About what NTRP rating would I be?

    Hello, I'm wondering what my approximate NTRP rating would be (ratings aren't really enforced or judged for tournaments here in Toronto). Also, any comments or analysis about my game (I'm the one wearing all white with black sleeves) would be highly appreciated! Thanks a lot!
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    Tips for my serve?

    Here's a video of me serving (you can slow down the playback speed and itll still play smoothly) I'm looking to improve my serve, but I'm not quite sure where to start. I'm trying to emulate Raonic's serve a bit, (at least from where the racket is curled up at the start), but not sure what...
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    Forehand follow through

    So I'm trying to work on my forehand, and I'm starting to wonder if my followthrough is a bit too awkward. Here's a video of me hitting some ground strokes (I'm the one in white, and forward the video to 3:15 or so) Sorry if the video seems unrelated, but it's about the only one that has...
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    Tennis clubs/leagues/tournaments near Menlo Park?

    Hello, I'm a Canadian who will be interning at a software company in Menlo Park from Sept-Dec. I was wondering if there were any good tennis clubs that I could join for such a short time span. I'm looking for some team tennis league play, and also some tournaments too (similar to OTA...
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    WeissCannon Ultra Cable vs Tecnifibre Black Code 4S

    Hi, I was wondering what other people's comparison of these two strings were. I'm currently using Black Code 4S, so wondering if UC would be a significant enough improvement to warrant switching.
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    Ways to make Black Code 4S more comfortable?

    Hi, Right now I'm playing with a full bed of Black Code 4S strung at 50lb. However after 2-4 hours of gameplay, my arm will usually start to feel more sore. My racket is the RF 97 Autograph one btw. So I'm looking for ways to make it more comfortable. Right now I'm thinking of stringing it...
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    Can't seem to win as an aggressive baseliner

    First a bit about my game. I'm like the typical aggressive baseliner with a strong serve and strong groundstrokes. And I don't really like getting pulled to the net (though I do have decent volleys). Now about my problem. I've played in two tournaments so far and I've lost in the first...
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    Open String Patterns

    Hello! Currently im using the Blx Six one 95 (16x18). I recently saw that there would be an upcoming version of the pro staff 95s which would be in a 16x15 configuration. So I was wondering if I'd get alot more spin if i switched from 16x18 to a 16x15 later, since I heard that crosses don't...
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    What makes someone a "doubles specialist"?

    Hello, I was wondering what exactly makes someone a "doubles specialist", a term I often hear with players like Daniel Nestor.
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    Even Balance

    Hi! I'm currently using the Blx six one 95 16x18 and it's about 10 points head light. However I'm more used to an even balance racquet since I used the wilson H tour before. So i'm wondering about how much lead tape I would need to add to make the Six one evenly balanced? Tnx in advance :D
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    Advice for a young player?

    Hello, i'm a young high school tennis player, and I have a few questions/requests for tips here. First of all I have a question about my own shots. I normally hit shots that just barely clear the net, with maybe at most 5-10 cm of clearance. One of my previous high school coaches...
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    New Tennis racquet

    Im currently using a Wilson H tour, i was wondering if the Babolat Aeropro drive was a suitable racquet to try which is somewhat similar to the H tour. Also, if im currently using a 1/2 size H tour, would it be better to get a 3/8 babolat racquet since i heard their handles were made bigger?
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    Racquets similar to the Wilson H Tour midplus?

    Hello, i've wanted to buy a new racquet which has very similar specs to the Wilson H Tour midplus which i'm using right now. Are there any suggestions?
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    What string?

    Okay, at the moment I'm using a Wilson H Tour as my main racket. At the moment its strung at 52lb with Wilson sensation 17g. I was wondering if I restrung it with x1 biphase 17g at 52lb, would it feel and play better? Or would I be better off using wilson sensation again? Thanks in adv! :D