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    Wilson 98s string tension

    I've played the new 98s (weighted to 11.7 oz, all added in the butt so now about 6 pts HL) for nine months. Typically play Volkl Cyclone Tour 17 @50 in mains and prince syn gut 17 @52 in the crosses. Have also tried Solinco TB soft 17 in the mains. I love the racquet but find that it is very...
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    Yonex DR/Ai

    What is the difference between the 98s? I read the reviews and can't tell. The specs are the same.
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    Babolat pure storm

    Is there any difference between the ps and the ps tour other than additional weight in the handle? The tour weighs .8 oz more and is 4pts more head light.
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    Head youtek extreme mp grips

    Can you buy the plastic two piece grip shell that would allow you to change the grip size? I see replacement butt caps. My two youtek extreme mp racquets both rattle from this area but not if you hold them tightly at the butt. How are they affixed to the frame tube?