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  1. pug

    Head graphene radical S

    Hello, Have any of the play testers hit with the graphine radical S? If so, what did you think about it? Thanks!
  2. pug

    Nobody beats serena williams 1 time in a row!

    Please! Doesn't williams realize that everone can see through her pathetic excuses? No one ever beats serena except serena acording to......serena! No wonder she is so disliked.
  3. pug

    prince demos

    Hello When will demos be available for the new prince racquets? Thank you.
  4. pug

    Any news on Graphene Extreme?

    Anyone heard anything?
  5. pug

    Titan gut back in stock soon?

    Hello, Just wondering when Titan gut will be back in stock? Thank you!
  6. pug

    Barricade 7 fit vs Kswiss help please

    Hello, Can someone please comment on how a Kswiss wearer, (defier, stabilor) would like the fit of the Barricade 7? Would the Barricade be too narrow, or is the 7 wide enough? I would love to try the Barricade 7 but I don't know if the fit is too narrow to give it a try. Thank you.
  7. pug

    Anyone go Kswiss to Barricade 7 ?

    I have worn the Defier, Stabilor, and ultrasendor, and the fit was fine on all of them. I want to give the Barricade 7 a try but I am concerned about room in the toe box. Anyone have experince going from Kswiss to the Barricade 7? Do they have enough room for a Kswiss wearer? Thanks.
  8. pug

    When will the Djokovic hate begin?

    It seems that success breeds contempt here for some reason. A player is loved as they climb the ranks, but once they gain a certain level of dominance the hate begins. How long will the love-fest last for Novak?
  9. pug

    To play them, or to not play them, that is the question!

    2 Original Aeropro Drive Plus. Do I string them up and play them, or stick them on a shelf? What would you do?
  10. pug

    Original Aeropro Drive Plus for sale on TW?

    Hello, I saw 2 original first edition Babolat Aeropro Drive Plus racquets for sale on the site yesterday, just wondering where they came from? Someone find them in a backroom under the couch? Or? Just curious how that happens. Are there more? Thanks!
  11. pug

    KSWISS shoe guarantee - Fantastic Service!

    I mailed my 4 month old Defier DS shoes in on Thursday 10/21, and on Friday 10/29 my brand new replacement pair was delivered to my door. 8 days from start to finish is great service in my opinion, especially when the guarantee card states to allow up to 1 month. I love these shoes, and I...
  12. pug

    Painted my BLX 95

    Love the racquet, but the paint scheme bothered me and the QC sucks. So, I decided to recreate it to suit my idea of what the racquet should look like.
  13. pug

    Wilson BLX Butt Caps - When will they be in stock?

    Hello, I am looking for replacement Wilson BLX butt caps. Any idea when they will start being stocked? Thanks!
  14. pug

    Gamma Strings - Your feedback please

    Hello, I am curious what Gamma strings you have tried, and if you liked or disliked them. I have tried Asterisk 16 and was impressed with the playability, very comfortable too. I am going to try ZO twist 16 in the near future as well as Ruff. Thoughts, opinions, likes, dislikes when it...
  15. pug

    3 Leather Grip Test

    Hey Everyone, I decided to regrip some racquets with nice new leather grips. I love the look and feel of a leather grip and I wanted to try out a few different ones for my own edification. I chose these based on what struck my fancy, but I will try the other TW offerings in the future for...
  16. pug

    If I like the new Speed Pro is there something wrong with me?

    Hey Everyone, The Speed Pro is taking a beating here at Talk Tennis, there does not seem to be much love. I just picked one up, strung with BB Ace 18 at 52 pounds, and I must say I am impressed (used for my hacking-pusher game). Should I go see a shrink?
  17. pug

    Can an "older" beginner get very good?

    Hello, Picked up the game last year at 45. Is it possible for someone in my age range to progress much? Could I make it to a 5.0 when I turn 50? The game is fun and I enjoy practicing, but will it take more than that, like pure talent to make much progress? I would like to think I am not...