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    Rafael Nadal moves ahead of Andre Agassi on exclusive Grand Slam feat

    Tennis - Rafa has become the third-best player at hard-court Majors with 128 wins, leaving the American on 127 and trailing to Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic Author: Jovica Ilic | "The 19-time Major champion Rafael Nadal earned the most significant part of his success on the big scene at...
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    Nadal vs Federer U.S Open 2019 G.O.A.T MATCH

    So federer should win this, he's beaten Nadal 6-1 since 2014 and Nadal hasn't beaten him off clay since then either. He has the advantage of a much easier draw, more rest time between the semi's and the final. The stars are all aligned. However if he dosen't it means Nadal has the federer slam...
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    Rafael Nadal joins Federer, Agassi, Djokovic, Connors on hard-court record

    Tennis - The Spaniard has become the fifth player in the Open era with 450 ATP wins on hard court. "With 83 ATP titles, Rafael Nadal has been one of the most accomplished players in the Open era, conquering 18 Majors and 35 Masters 1000 crowns. The Spaniard has won 59 out of those 83 crowns on...
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    Nobody beats Rafael Nadal 8 times in a row!

    You heard it here first
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    I think Djokovic's the best in the world right now...

    on hard courts at least. He's been to the last two slam finals, losing to a ralph who's played the best he's ever played at the us open. Regardless of the outcome of himself and ferrer/murray in the final. He's done really well since the atrocious French Open 2010 serving fiasco. I think his...
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    Congratulations to Novak Djokovic on winning his first U.S. Open Championship

    You're the best and you're in great company, following in the footsteps of Juan Martin Del Potro in defeating Nadal and Fed in the slams consecutively. 2 slams and surpassing the greatness of Sir Andrew Roddick on the same level as legends such as Lleyton Hewitt.
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    All the pressure is ON FEDERER at the U.S Open 10

    Facing the possibility of a career threatening and forever most talked about subject in tennis history, the tentatively titled, CAREER Slam domination of one of the greatest if not THE greatest rivalries of all time. Already 2-6 in gs, and 2-5 in GS finals, across all surfaces no less, Federer...
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    2010 is the BEGINNING of Prime Nadal

    His prime should last around 2-3 years. He'll be a threat at slams to a lesser extent for another 1-2 years after that. :) (Barring Injuries and if he takes care of his knees and scheduling.)
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    Nadal should have 8-10 slams now and Fed should have 13-15.

    Too bad he overplayed and aggravated an injury last year for the FO and Wimby. It probably would have been an 5-0 at the french, 7-2 in gs and 6-2 in GS finals across all surfaces. Wimby, we all know he pushes federer and it would probably be another 4-5 set epic. Federer is lucky. Another...
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    Hewitt back in Top 20. I predict a good 2010 providing he can remain injury free with a top 10 year end finish and possibly a masters place. The AO 10 he can gain ranking points and do some damage with a good...
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    If an Injured Nadal beats Fed at the US Open on Nadals worst and Feds Best surface

    If Nadal beats Fed at the US Open on Nadals worst and Feds Best surface Then Federer is indisputedly NOT the GOAT. And Nadal isn't even the GOAT yet or even ever. Imagine if players like Sampras, Agassi, Lendl, Connors, Becker etc in their primes were in this era. Henman, Hewitt in their primes...
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    Safin's U.S Open

    Well it's apparatantly his last slam ever? How well will he do? I'm guessing 3rd/4th round at best. But i'd obviously wouldn't mind if won the whole damn thing, but i doubt it very much. Comments?
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    Hewitt eyeing pre-Open rankings assault I can see him in the Top 32 for a seeding and possibly top 20 by the U.S Open. He's still a threat especially people overlooking him nearly defeating Roddick barring a few points and...
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    Fed get's lucky again.......

    with the 2 tie-breaks. Roddick broke overall more times then Fed in the match yet still loses? lol federers luck and his weak field of competition between 03-07 when Nadal, Djoker and Murray not even at their peaks proves he isn't the G.O.A.T but Laver is and Sampras is above him purely because...
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    Should Nadal have won in straight sets in the 08 W Final?

    Well if the roof was in play for 08 or no rain delays, it may not have been the best match ever. Should Nadal have finished it in 4 anyways with the match points? How about the 07 W Final where he was lucky Nadal had an injury in the 4th and Fed was crying about the line-call and wanting for...
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    Nadal will still win Wimbledon 09.

    And he'll mostly likely win the French next year. It took one of the best clay court performances of recent years and a freak, once in a lifetime performance to dethrone a very off Nadal. Nadal isn't going anywhere. :twisted: People forget he's still the reigning Aus Open champion, won 2...
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    Let's not forget about Roland Garros 09. The rumour backstage is that it plays a bit different to Madrid, surely not? :confused: I'm pretty sure the last four FO's have had a similiar result, no? Well you heard it here first, on reflection of this staggeringly...
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    Anyone DENYING Nadal on hard courts now.

    No matter what happens in the AO 09 Final, his legacy amongst the delusional is well and truly over.
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    Murray being compared to Federer (Career Wise)

    LOL. This is ridiculous even for the BBC/Editor: I still think he's overhyped. His Grass and Clay skills aren't going to magically transfer over from his supposedly god like Hard court preference so he dosen't...
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    2009 Predictions.

    Federer will have no more than 2 slams. A slightly better year than 2008 overall. If Nadal and Federer both reach the Wimbledon final and both are fit, then Nadal will win it. Murray will not win a slam. Safin for a minor resurgence. (Top 20) Hewitt for a minor resurgence. (Top 20)...
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    Safin focusing on Elite again.
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    Murray won't beat Fed

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    Murray won't beat Nadal.

    Nadal barring injury should prevail in 3 or 4.
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    US Open coverage on Eurospot (U.K)?

    Anyone know if they show coverage this year. I know they used to do it on Eurosport and i have Eurosport/2 only.
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    Blake destined for Greatness
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    Nadal on the brink........

    .......of history and not succumbing to becoming the greatest no.2 ever. :)
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    Justice is done

    For last year and Fed's lucky win because of Nadals injury. Nadal breaking 4 times v just the 1 time for Fed. That idiot next to gwen stefani and mirka. Whoever he is, he was annoying as hell today. Anyone else agree? Mirkas antics throughout the entire match. The rain delay which...
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    A message for Federer

    With clay court legend Rafael Nadal out of the draw, Roger Federer had a opportunity to improve his French Open chances from 0.4% to say 0.5% by winning Rome and gaining a necessary confidence booster due to an already lackluster campaign. Until he had an extreme case of...
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    Nadal likes PS3

    For Topspin 3, there's been a lot of speculation about why Nadal is only appearing on 1 version of the game. Here's the answer, it seems: Seems Nadal may be a PS3 fanboy :) Still a little skeptical really as he's appeared...