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    TW closing doors?

    OK...let's see how I did with my thread here...and what have we learned here. If one is already aware of TWs "liquidation", then the email offer will of course not be ambiguos (imagine that!). Does this imply that the next time I get any promotional offers from any vendor indicating...
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    TW closing doors?

    Uh, then the wording in your promotional distributions needs to be less ambiguos.
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    TW closing doors?

    Prolly not, but I got a promo email from TW worded as follows: Sale Tennis Warehouse up to 75% off everything in liquidation
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    calling all two-handed backhanders!

    Wow...the thread is still going... It would appear that you have reached a milestone with your 2hbh...congrats! I knew you would eventually figure it out (don't think, just hit). Sill more to learn tho... f1
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    Gah! My Aim On My Serve Is Way Off.

    Assuming a flattish serve... There are essentially two ways to apply lateral directional control to a serve shot: "golfer" versus "quarterback". Golfer method is easiest to learn. Just learn to hit the ball with one service motion and aim by simply rotating your pre serve stance left or...
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    Flat Serve: How large is the window above the net?

    A reasonable "target window" to aim at for hard flat serves is 1 to 12 inches above the net chord. However, I'd say the spread angle or "shot grouping" of the "average club player" attempting to hit hard flat serves is probably in the neighborhood of about 18 to 24 inches.
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    I wake up in a pool of my own vomit every morning......Is that dangerous?

    Yes...your wife/gf may kill you for getting goo all over the sheets...and she is getting tired of having to deal with the mess every morning!
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    Agassi's Comment

    What's there to elaborate on...unless you think he is being dishonest with his comments or you don't think he knows what he is talking about? On his 2hb, his dominant arm is also his prominant (fh) one. Personally, I'm glad he made those comments. I hit 2hb similar to his and have always...
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    High weight low reps, or low weight high reps?

    He is...and he isn't. The one think we can all be "sure" about is that everyone responds differently to training. What you need to do is... 1. Define as clearly as possible, your resistence training objectives. 2. Create or adopt a resistence training program most likely to meet those...
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    How important is it to stick to one racket?

    Better players (or really bad ones or just newbies) are the ones more likely to have the ability to use different racquets without much if any adverse affects on their game. Consider yourself fortunate since it means you aren't slaved to a single frame to play the game very well. The opposite...
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    Wow! $500 for Williams Sisters Lim Ed Racquets

    Is there a non gold leaf version of the racquet available in either nCode or K lines?
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    How to remove paint from a racquet?

    Fine grit bead blaster should do the trick. Fast, easy, no toxic chemicals, and very easy to control how much of the finish you want to remove. The end result will also produce a finish that is very clean, uniform and satiny.
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    when serving a basket of balls...

    EXACTLY! In terms of serve practice, quality and quantity are not mutually exclusive concepts. One of the things I was also doing during 3 to 4 hundred ball practice sessions was make some changes in the technique too. It takes LOTS of repetition for the new techniques to become permanent...
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    when serving a basket of balls...

    Fortunately, I don't hit that many serves anymore since I'm now past the development stage. At my peak, I was hitting about 1000 serves a week for about a month. The arm and shoulder were sore for about 2 months, but not anymore! Nowadays, I hit about 300 practice serves per week. In my...
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    when serving a basket of balls...

    Serve practice is similar to jogging/running. The more you hit, the better your power and endurance will get. Some recommendations for you: To accelerate the development process, use a racquet that is heavier than the one you normally play with. Just lead up one of your racquets and...
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    High weight low reps, or low weight high reps?

    Forgot to mention...varying the cadence of the reps is a very effective resistence training technique. This is done by using different counts (seconds) for the concentric and eccentric portions of the reps. For example, let's say you are doing a bench press pyramiding supersets exercise. BTW...
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    Ksix-one Team Spec Discrepancy

    How hard can it be for the racquet makers to add the word "UNSTRUNG" (or "STRUNG") to their racquet spec labels?
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    Is the endless racquet search a dead end street?

    All hobbies that involve use of some kind of equipment have their "equipment geeks", people who perhaps study the related technologies and constantly change, tune, fuss, buy/sell, etc the equipment. For people who are focused on just playing the game, the endless racquet search is mostly a dead...
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    Need your help?? Serve better with M-Fil200 but play better with K90 haven't fully adjusted to the K90 yet. The situation you are experiencing with K90 is not permanent. It will probably take you at least a couple months and thousands of practice serves to reach your potential with the racquet. I realize the tempation to switch to a lighter...
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    High weight low reps, or low weight high reps?

    WT4SB...good as any other well designed routine. I notice no mention of proper nutrition on the web page. The workout routines are only about a third of the equation. You also need proper nutrition and rest too for whatever kind of gains you are trying to achieve. Search around the forum or...
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    High weight low reps, or low weight high reps?

    The methods aren't totally mutally exclusive. I've used both methods as well as a hybrid split for years and have been surprised at some of the results. In short... I've gained muscle mass using both (wt/reps) hi/low and low/hi split methods; Max potential power is generally attainable...
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    Is putting rackets in individual and bag bad for racket?

    I forgot to mention that I use one racquet case per bag compartment more as a buffer against the racquets rubbing against one another than anything else. So, my own racquet bag which has 2 main racquet compartments, can hold a total of 4 racquets. In each compartment, there is one racquet case...
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    Is putting rackets in individual and bag bad for racket?

    Double casing a racquet won't in itself hurt the racquet or strings although I'd recommend letting the grips dry off first to minimize odor/mildew issues. Ambiant temperatures will of course cool or heat your equipment no matter how many cases used. Best to simply minimize exposure of your...
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    Do you lose alot when learning new stuff?

    Yes...usually when trying to learn something new while in a match. In fact, sometimes I'll sacrifice the practice match score when trying to learn something new or relearn something that's gone rusty. Otherwise, one should turn off "practice mode" and turn on "match play mode" if one really...
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    Anyone play with K90 & K95?

    I'm a K90 user although I also carry n90s and one K95 16 X 18 in my racquet bag too. Since I'm accustomed to K90, when I hit with the K95, other than the obvious differences in "feel" between the 90 and 95, the most notable functional difference between the two sizes is simply one of greater...
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    Equal swingweights, different balances?

    Lighter racquets generally have greater "mass appeal". Many people aren't "into" racquets and buy what feels good while at the pro shop. I know of quite a few advanced level players who use lighter racquets...teaching pros, older players, and the rest who simply don't know better.
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    Equal swingweights, different balances? would appear to me that you have just answered your own question. It's not necessarily an issue of adv/disadv or pro/con but simply what the player prefers. I recently completed demoing almost all of the mid to heavy wt K Factor line of racquets, found I play well with all of them...
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    Equal swingweights, different balances?

    If only it was that simple...light/head heavy (L/HH) vs heavier/head light (H/HL)... At what swingwt? In other words, two diff racquets at 290 sw will play differently than two diff racquets at 350 sw. Also, lighter static wt racquets tend to be stiffer than their heavier static wt...
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    Maybe Jimbo was right

    Just go the the auction website (e * b * a * y) to find many of them for sale for cheap.
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    Which feels like it swings heavier to you? nCode 90 or K90?

    lol...ya couldn't resist could's OK.... Notice you didn't ask, "Which feels like it swings much heavier to you? nCode 90 or K90?" And you want to filter your poll to just those who play with the racquet extensively. Wonder why? Hope you realize the you have for the most part...