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  1. jeep2008

    Why all pros bounce the ball before serve?

    Ok whats the story behind that?Not really air under surface.....
  2. jeep2008

    How tacky is it to use Adidas and Nike products on the SAME day

    Under Armour fan here....
  3. jeep2008

    Nike Turbo GP Information

    Unfortunately the next available size in the Nike line up is 14.I guess I'll wait for the updated model whenever it comes...
  4. jeep2008

    Nike Turbo GP Information

    I'm also size 13 USA and I can get a 14 USA in my country.Do you think it would be ok?How tight was the 13 for you?
  5. jeep2008

    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    In Europe we have surplus...
  6. jeep2008

    Live by the Blade...Die by the Blade...

    2015 or V 5 as mentioned above.
  7. jeep2008

    Interesting that Wilson Website Footwear Section: Coming Soon??

    Have you also owned the 3.5.Are these similar shoes?I am very pleased with the 3.5 and I'm looking to buy another pair.
  8. jeep2008

    Interesting that Wilson Website Footwear Section: Coming Soon??

    What model is rush pro 2.5 2021?Is it new to the line??
  9. jeep2008

    K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme

    I love wide toe box!!Who would want a snug toe box??
  10. jeep2008

    What do you think of this kick serve feel tip?

    Unfortunately YouTube likes 10 plus minutes videos for advertising reasons so a lot of youtubers that try to make a living out of these videos talk bs for 3-4 minutes and then show you the real tip.So annoying...
  11. jeep2008

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Diadora Speed Blushield 4

    No,normal GR8s.The SCB are the widest everywhere.Then comes the BS5s especially back and middle.Then comes the RushPro 3.5 mostly due to their more plush-forgiving upper.These are by the way the most soft all around,almost like a sneaker.Last comes the GR8 .It is not a narrow shoe but for...
  12. jeep2008

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Diadora Speed Blushield 4

    I hope these pictures will help you
  13. jeep2008

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Diadora Speed Blushield 4

    I have both so I think no.BS5 is as wide as the SCB on the opening part of the shoe.In the middle and front they are a tad narrower.So a half size smaller BS5 is certainly narrower
  14. jeep2008

    Wilson Rush Pro 3.5

    I don't agree though with this '' The shape and size of the shoe make it suitable for players who have a narrow to medium foot. If you have a wide foot then I wouldn’t recommend this shoe. '' For me it felt wide enough,wider than Res 8 and on par with Diadora BS 5
  15. jeep2008

    Wilson Rush Pro 3.5

    ''Also, unlike the Wilson Pro 3.0 that a lot of people complained about getting toe jamming in the toe area. This is not the case for this version. You are going to get enough room in the toe area which would make it comfortable to wear and play in them.'' Here is one of the few reviews of this...
  16. jeep2008

    Comfortable tennis shoes for a long time at the tennis court ?

    If you are a coach then most of that time it is feeding so get a Nimbus 23 by Asics.If all is playing hard and sliding ,which I highly doubt ,then a Wilson Rush Pro 3,5,soft wide comfortable almost like a sneaker.
  17. jeep2008

    Nike Turbo GP Information

    Anyone here went up a full size?I wear US 13 and my only other choice is US 14...
  18. jeep2008

    court ff2 - ss ff2 - gr8 all court DILEMMA

    For me GR8 US13 is the perfect length so no''fluffy ankle area'' but they are a bit narrow in the middle side-upper with great toe box though.The greatest weakness is their slippery outsole when there isn't too much clay on court.Fell once and since then they rest at home...
  19. jeep2008

    Which generation of Blade is the best?

    Ha ha this is so easy!2015 by far.
  20. jeep2008

    L. Fernandez/C. Gauff vs. S. Hsieh/E. Merten - Solid Dubs

    Fernandez luck of experience in doubles was obvious.Also I have never before seen so many successful lobs in a professional match...
  21. jeep2008

    Diadora Speed Blushield 5 AG

    Report back after some months of use.The front of the shoe is extremely hard.It is so hard that reminds me of army boots!If you drag your shoes ok but if you are a senior looking for a plush shoe to play doubles this is a deal breaker.The nail on my left big toe is permanently bruised and black...
  22. jeep2008

    strength training/lifting vs tennis scheduling

    If I go to the gym I can play tennis the next day but with some stiffness . If I play tennis though I need 2 days to recover and then play again or choose to go to the gym.So it is 4 times per week so not to stretch my body or injure it.I can of course play or exercise every day but I choose to...
  23. jeep2008

    Worst Tennis Balls You Have Ever Used?

    The US open are 3 balls and the Tour are 4 ball cans?...or maybe its the picture low quality and I'm mistaken....
  24. jeep2008

    Wide feet

    A wide toe box is a must imo
  25. jeep2008

    Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 5

    this is my favourite colour
  26. jeep2008

    Wilson Rush Pro 3.5

    3 months now and they feel and look great still.Very happy with them!
  27. jeep2008

    Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 5

    I thought Exceed 4 was the narrower of the two.Lets hope a video review will come up shortly .
  28. jeep2008

    Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 5

    How is the sizing?Wide toe box?
  29. jeep2008

    Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 5

    I'm trying to find info and reviews about this shoe but there's so little around.Anyone here has them?How is the fit and general feel of these shoes?
  30. jeep2008

    Solecourt Boost!!