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  1. Slodge630

    Radek stepanek racket

    Does anyone know what head racket radek stepanek has used at the end of his career and/or what he is using nowadays e.g. currently at the atp champions tour in London?
  2. Slodge630

    Pallet changes can destroy hairpins?

    Does anyone know (or have experience with) if too many pallet changes and again and again stapling the buttcap into the hairpin destroy the end of the hairpin so that it becomes weak and and eventually break off and hence destroy the racket? background is that I want to change all my pt57afrom...
  3. Slodge630

    Goran ivanisevic rackets

    Anyone know which stick goran is using currently? I just saw him use a red prestige in an exhibition with novak in mallorca
  4. Slodge630

    Mahut racket specs

    Does anyone know the exact specs of nicolas mahut‘s h22?
  5. Slodge630

    Head prostock buttcap whole

    Today I received two used pt348 head prostock rackets. Does anyone know what the drilled holes in the buttcap of many head pro stocks are for?
  6. Slodge630

    Djokovic not with head anymore?

    Here Nole does not have a Head stencil in his racket anymore. Anyone know if his contract expired?
  7. Slodge630

    Paolo Lorenzi new racket

    I saw already twice now that Paolo Lorenzi uses a blacked out head racket since two weeks as in this picture: Anyone know if that is still a pt57a or something else?
  8. Slodge630

    Federico Coria

    Anyone know what racket he uses? Looks like a youtek radical
  9. Slodge630

    Basilahvili racket

    Does anyone know what racket basilashvili plays? Is that a pt346? Also his white strings would be interesting to know
  10. Slodge630

    Nenad zimonjic head history

    Does anyone know what rackets zimonjic used when he was with head? i think till 2011 it was a pt57a without any grommets. But was was after that ?
  11. Slodge630

    Lukas kubot racket

    Anyone know which head racket kubot is playing? Is that a pt346? Also his setup would be interesting