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  1. panic

    Do You Remember Toomas Leius?

    He is still in scene coaching anyone who wants, I have taken lessons from him. He is old, but you can clearly see he's good, hitting clean all the time and so on. He got 8 years of prison (don't exactly know how much he did spend there) for strangling his wife. Rumours say he built a court in...
  2. panic

    Comparing DNX9, kblade 98 and Pure Storm

    So I've been playing with the DNX for a few years now, and I'm looking to move on to a frame, which is a little ligher and has a little more pop. I wouldn't really want to loose the stability, and there are two things that have caught my eye, the Pure Storm and kblade. Now I tried the kblade...
  3. panic

    Come on! in Foreign languages and signs

    People can get beaten because of you for that :D. Actually perkele means something like "f*ck" (the word itself comes from the word "ass") and voi vittu! is something like oh sht, but more dirty :D
  4. panic

    Weight Managment

    If you feel fine with the white, then why change. If you feel you could use more stability and power, which should come from the weight, then switch. Of course you should try it out first.
  5. panic

    Sigur Rós!! For lyrics, translations and more.
  6. panic

    Sigur Rós!!

    Have any of you seen their movie Heima? I'ts great, shows the nature of Iceland and their shows.
  7. panic

    Songs that make you really HAPPY?

    bobby mcferrin - don't worry be happy
  8. panic

    Need your opinions---- Four 18x20 Racquets

    You should demo them. TFight 335 is heavier than the 320 (352 vs 332 grams) so it depends how heavy frame can you handle. The Tour 9 is not a really good racquet, compared to other Volkls it is stiff and just doesn't feel right. The Volkl is also a lot lighter and stiffer compared to the others...
  9. panic

    US Open - Eurosports

    I'm lucky to have English eurosport. It has quite nice commentary
  10. panic

    Sharapova(RUS) vs. Radwanska(POL)

    By my logics moving around during others serving is just adjusting your position to take a better shot at the serve. By the way did you see, that Marias father left after the first point of the last game, and when Maria saw it she made only errors. And the hand shake, that was really nice, thay...
  11. panic

    Top Pros Playing stock frames

    Yes, but Federer has his grip most probably customized for him. And since Federer is the world no 1, he doesn't need to add any lead tape, they add in the weights in the factory while making the racquet.
  12. panic

    Wow! $500 for Williams Sisters Lim Ed Racquets

    Looking at the specs, these could be the same or very close to the racquets, that they actually play with. Would like to try one out. But the price is way too much
  13. panic

    Ha! Just impossible...

    Actually Paldiski is very near to Tallinn. And those guys with guns aren't really that dangerous ;)
  14. panic

    Rap music

    A Tribe Called Quest and Us3. mrjohansson, I suggest you to listen Us3 - that's how we do it (from the album Schizophonic).
  15. panic

    Henin vs Bartoli semifinal

    This is just...
  16. panic

    Pro's actual game plan

    On eurosport, they once showed that paper, I don't remember who's it was. There were about 4 rows, each getting bigger and on the last there was something to do with volley.
  17. panic

    Bosworth in Vlog #5?

    That silver one is a Volkl.
  18. panic

    Post your near-death tennis experiences

    Court separating nets ARE the most awful things. If you don't have good enough brakes, it is quite painful. I have got stuck in there about 7 times. Once got stuck, slipped and was stupid enough to put my hand in front of me. The next 2 weeks I didn't play any tennis.
  19. panic

    Your Equipment

    Thats hammer 5.2. Quite nice racquet actually, I have one as a backup.
  20. panic

    APD vs. Pure Storm

    PS is more solid and has more stability. Same goes for feel. For volleys, I liked the PS better, but it is not that maneuverable. Flat serves also better with PS spinnies maybe a slight edge to APD. As you see I liked PS a lot more.
  21. panic

    Pete Sampras Swing Weights?

    It is usual lead tape in size 1/4. There should be some paper on the back, you take it off, and stick the lead to the racquet.
  22. panic

    string tension on mains and crosses

    Since you're stringing the mains with alu power, you should put it less tight than the crosses, because it's a stiff string.
  23. panic

    Dunlop M-Fil 300

    Ok, so I'm going with the mfil. Just better on serves. What should I string it with? What do you guys use? I'm thinking of SPPP on the mains and some syn gut/multi on the crosses. The demo one had dunlop syn gut, but I'd like a little more control.
  24. panic

    henin out of Aussie?

    Seems like he didn't leave hor after getting pregnant, but just did just leave her.
  25. panic

    Your Equipment

    Völkl DNX 9, one more coming testing out multis/syn guts babolat leather + wilson pro overgrip breathe free 3s
  26. panic

    henin out of Aussie?
  27. panic

    Dunlop M-Fil 300

    Since I just couldn't decide between the i radical and the m-fil 300 I'm gonna buy them both for an extended demo period. I'm really looking forward to it! Tired of all the demoing so many frames
  28. panic

    AG300 or M-Fil 300 vs. Bab Pure Storm

    I'm having problems with the same decision. I'm gonna try them out one more time. The M-Fil had less power as said before, and was much more maneuverable, so I could hit more whippy shots easier and it was easier to handle at the net. It wasn't hard to hit deep from any position, coz of the...
  29. panic

    Cost of Tennis Balls in USA!!

    I live in Estonia, and the balls are yeah around 10 bucks. But the price is same all over Europe, I've been alot around and never seen cheaper. But when in 24can cases they can bought for 6dollars/can in some places (thats where I buy).
  30. panic

    Dunlop Tennis Balls

    How would you guys compare grand prix balls to abzorbers. I have played with the abzorbers, but never with the grand prixs.