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  1. JGads

    Jet Mach 3 / Mach 3 Wide

    There aren't many wide-width shoes available in Europe and it just came to my attention that there's a Mach 3 Wide which is in Europe. Anyone have have experience with this shoe - the normal or the wide version - and can give thoughts? Especially compared to any of the current Asics shoes, or...
  2. JGads

    Element Rough 16L vs 16 - and is there no 17?

    The short ask: Has anyone tried both Element Rough 16 and Element Rough 16L and can compare the feel/performance? Is the feel basically the same, just the usual performance differences you'd expect out of thinner/thicker? The longer story: I've recently given Element Rough 16 a shot and am...
  3. JGads

    Wilson Kaos Swift

    Has anyone played in this shoe? Offer any feedback? Super nice looking, and I tried them on in store and they felt to me like a more cushioned and padded Vapor-type speed shoe. A little on the narrow side but wondering if they stretch as they break in. Also, they seemed to fit a little short so...
  4. JGads

    The Feliciano Shoe Switcheroo

    Anyone else notice that Feliciano Lopez changed from a Gel Res 8 to the new Speeds mid match in the 2R? The move resulted in a comeback from two sets to love down. Perhaps there is great power in those bright amber shoes. Anyway, anyone else ever see this before? I can't recall seeing a player...
  5. JGads

    Speed FF2 clay?

    Hi @TWE Staff , wondering if you'd be able to give us an ETA on the speed FF2s, and in particular a clay model? And can you divulge which color(s) the clay version will come in? Hoping for the black/white.
  6. JGads

    Speed FF2 fit?

    Dear legends, Any chance we can get a preview of the fit and performance of the upcoming Speed FF2 as compared to past shoes like the legendary Speed 2? Any chance this is closer to that or even the FF1? Will it accommodate wider footers as those did, or is it more narrow? Seems Chris and...
  7. JGads

    Blade 102 specs

    Greetings, Just wondering if the 'average' SW and RA spec on the new Serena stick might be posted anytime soon? Seems the frame has been out for a couple weeks now but the limited specs from Wilson remain on the page. Cheers.
  8. JGads

    Lotto Mirage 200 feedback?

    Has anyone tried this shoe? The old Lotto Syn Raptor 2 was an all-timer for me but Lottos since have been too narrow. This one looks like it could be ok for someone with a wider foot? Am getting desperate to find a suitably wide-fitting but unclunky shoe for some clay hitting. For reference...
  9. JGads

    ProKennex Appreciation Thread

    Presented without fuss, like the brand. It seems that those of us who know and play with PK sticks are spread out thinly among the masses both out on the courts and here among varied and random TT threads. We're certainly a niche-y bunch. Some of us have bad elbows or shoulders. Some of us...
  10. JGads

    New Colorways for Asics Speed 3s?

    Anything new on the immediate horizon? The current men's offerings seem to be made more for nurses (all-white), waiters (all-black) or high school wrestlers (navy-yellow). Any hits appreciated.
  11. JGads

    Seattle Area

    Going to be in the northern Seattle/Mukilteo area for the next 12 days or so. Shot in the dark in case anyone in the area wants to hit/play. Cheers.
  12. JGads

    Same shoe, clay vs hard sole versions

    So recently, just because I much preferred the fit and feel of my clay Speed 2s over my old hard court Speed 1s, I wore my clay Speeds to a hard court session. To my surprise, the performance was spectacular. Not only was the court grip perfectly fine, it was even better for me personally...
  13. JGads

    Chris' Socks

    Just a note to say that Chris Edwards' sock game has been very impressive in recent reviews. Respect.
  14. JGads

    The Almagro Serve

    Was watching a brilliant match between him and Gasquet earlier before espn3 cut over to the start of Murray-Seppi (ugh. Really?).. Anyway... The Almagro serve. So good and yet I can't figure out why. Doesn't seem like a lot to it, not a lot of leg drive, etc, and yet he kills it easily and...
  15. JGads

    Tour Bite Soft

    You guys have any ETA on this string's arrival? Or any early playtesting comments in case you've gotten any samples?
  16. JGads

    Anyone in Palm Springs over the next few days?

    Headed there tomorrow AM for two days. If anyone's around that wants to have a hit, let me know. I'm a 4.5. Otherwise I may just have a lesson at one of the clubs/resorts. Anyone ever get a lesson at Indian Wells? Last year I played on the grass at the Marriott and it was great fun, may...
  17. JGads

    Playtesters: New PK frame feedback?

    Hey guys, I realize you likely won't be doing much in the way of official reviews and such on these sticks, but the descriptions of some of the new Pro Kennex offerings indicate you guys might have had a swing or two with them ("Our playtesters found that the frame offered..."). Just curious if...
  18. JGads

    Pain when knee/leg is straightened?

    OK so I've always gotten great input here, so here's another go. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts or input on the following problem. Both an ortho and a physical therapist have come up short in giving me a definitive answer, as it seems my issue is apparently a rare one. Here goes: Short...
  19. JGads

    pain in the side/back of my shoulder

    OK, been through the vortex of shoulder searches and posts and I still just can't figure out quite what I have, so I thought I'd post: Been having some vague shoulder soreness - nothing acute or debilitating, I can play through it. Weird thing is that this seemed to start about a week or so...
  20. JGads

    Web Highlights or replay of Fed-Isner/Fish-Waw?

    I can't seem to find any video highlights of this match anywhere. The girlfriend doesn't have TC at her place (possible grounds for dismissal) so I'm out of luck in watching a replay, just looking for either a replay somewhere online, or at the very least, some video highlights. Some...
  21. JGads

    These 'I wanna know...' commercials...

    Are driving me absolutely crazy at this point. Ready for the Open to be over just to stop hearing them every other ESPN commercial. Sorry for the pointless gripe. Just venting.
  22. JGads

    Harrison-Murray: what time?

    Roughly (eastern standard time)? ESPN3? Staying with the girlfriend who doesn't have tennis channel and I'm confused by the listings, trying to see if I'll be able to snag it on ESPN3 since it appears ESPN2 isn't airing tennis today/tonight?
  23. JGads

    Tour Bite vs. Silverstring?

    Apologies if this has already been discussed, but couldn't find a thread. Tour Bite is my main squeeze, love everything about it except a cliff-like drop in playability after about 8 hours. Played Silverstring awhile ago and remember really, really liking it, but it's been so long I thought...
  24. JGads

    Not cool to sell a Black Racquet?

    Tried to put up a For-Trade post for my Black Racquet in the Classifieds but it repeatedly doesn't show up -- are we not allowed to post these sticks for trade or for sale?
  25. JGads

    Lopez's Joma polo

    Anyone else having a similar mancrush on that shirt? Talking about the dark blue with the single sleeve that's checkered; been wearing it in Shanghai... Can't find it anywhere online, of course. Oh well.
  26. JGads

    kswiss approach or speedster users?

    Have a gift certificate to get some Kswiss shoes -- I've tried the Big Shots in store as well as the Approach IIs, and of the two I like the Approach IIs more; more cushioned, more form fitting around my foot. Anyway... Also intrigued by the Speedster (as I like light shoes for tennis)...
  27. JGads

    Guy refusing to come to my court...

    Ethics question: League playoff match where I'm the higher seed and so I have home court. Guy lives far away and says I live "too far" for him to come to me, wants to meet halfway. Says he's ok with the default if I'm not willing. I feel bad taking a default for a playoff win, but I'd also...
  28. JGads

    New Balance 851, anyone?

    The low profile makes these look more like beach sneakers than anything else, but being a wide-footer, anything New Balance comes out with will get my attention. Anyone try these yet?
  29. JGads

    Donnay Dual Pro?

    You guys have any plans or an ETA on carrying this frame? Apparently it's a recreation of the James Blake frame that Donnay just released.
  30. JGads

    RIP, Lotto Raptors

    So I had a pair of the Lotto Syn Raptor 2 shoes. Had finally found my soulmate (pun intended). Cushioning was out of this world. My stubbornly wide feet felt like they were in comfy slippers out there on the hard court. My knees had found the greatest shock absorption out there. I was in love...