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    need help/Chat is blocking too much of the screen and can't be shut off

    Trying to shop on the site and the chat window can't be gotten rid of and is too big. Need to include an "x" to get rid of it.
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    Balls for tennis ball machine: what the heck happened?

    No tretorns available anywhere, no wilson pressurless anymore, the penns that come in the bucket are way too slippery to use without sandblasting all of them...situation sucks compares to where it was 10 years ago. the reviews on the tourna are terrible. What are people using?
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    Foot injury: what is it called

    Took a hard step last night and felt something go in my right foot. shoes didn't have great arch support. Pain is on the inside bottom left side of right foot, directly below the ankle bone just before where the heel starts. Is this a plantar strain or something like that? I've only have very...
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    Receivers partner not ready: scenario

    So last night playing a doubles match. It's 40-30 I'm serving ad side. I miss my first serve. I take my normal amount of time to hit second serve, maybe 5 seconds. Kicker hits the back line on a har tru court, guy launches it into the curtain, our game. Wait, now the returners partner claims...
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    Anyone play-tested the entire Head line?

    I have a bunch of demos waiting for this weekend...extreme pro and MP, speed MP (I don't do 18x20), and prestige Pro. No instinct. I tried the newest Radical Pro previously and hated it with whatever poly it had in it. Felt like a piece of metal. I'm hoping these demos don't have that same...
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    USTA 4.0 in Kingwood Houston area week of 12/23-12/30..looking to hit

    Failed at this last summer, let's see if there are any takers. My brother in law is a member at the country club so wonder if a guest can play?
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    NXG 107 replacement: Trvlerajm or anyone else

    I think it's time to get some new sticks and really commit to using them. I've been using my NXG 107's for over 10 years. I've dabbled with o3 Sharks and Tour ESP's for short stints and had some success, but overall I've probably used the NXG's for 95% of the last 10 years. I'd like a 100-102...
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    Playing through cuboid pain

    Do you guys find that putting a pad under that part of your foot helps while playing? I know I need to visit a podiatrist but I want to get through some matches in the meantime. It seems like so many orthotics and insoles provide all this arch support, but very little for the cuboid. Seems like...
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    First time to regionionals.... do you guys deal with all of your disgusting clothes? Upstate NY most matches were moved indoors and 2 of the 3 facilities had no AC. How disgusting does your bag get with 4 wet shirts and socks and hats and whatever, even in a plastic biohazard bag. I ended up doing a full load of...
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    Dry fit type Hats with no branding

    I'm not getting endorsed by Nike or Adidas. Does anyone know of a company that makes similar hats but with no logos? There seem to be a million plain hats on the big shopping site and they are dirt cheap, but are any of them light and breathable like Nike dry fit or Adidas climalite?
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    Instructional videos of kick serves with upward trajectory off the racquet...

    ...yet I don't see any pros hit kick serves like this. And no, it's not because they are 9 feet tall, Sam Stosur had an incredible kick serve and she's 5'9. Watch her videos. The ball only moves downward off of her racket. I went through a short phase trying to hit these high arching 2nds and...
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    Outside of mid foot: pain

    Been playing a lot of matches this spring and my feet are feeling it. My left foot, on the outside straight line below the knob of the ankle is killing me. It seems like the pain is coming from where the 5th metatarsal ends...just behind around and above it where there is that knobby bone. I've...
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    10 point tie breaker USTA in place of 3rd set

    I just started playing USTA last year and I'd like to mention how much I hate this system, not that anyone cares. It encourages set tanking and seems very arbitrary. I'm guessing the reason it was implemented is that it discourages stalling when you are talking about 3rd sets where one player...
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    Since 75% of people playing USTA in my area foot fault..

    ..explain to me why I shouldn't start my serve a half foot inside the court like most of them? If I had 5 hard flat first serves that clip the tape in a match, that's 5 potential aces or service winners I'm giving up. And yes, I've seen my serve on video, I don't foot fault. I was watching a...
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    Glasses for indoor tennis:

    I started playing USTA at a club with pretty poor lighting compared to what I'm used to. Any recommendations on glasses that may help see the ball in these conditions?
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    No performance tennis racquets being sold.. *****. This is actually good news for Tennis Warehouse so not really against TOS. I think this is a sad state of affairs regarding the games decline in popularity in the US, but maybe I'm just an old fogey who remembers the days back in the 90's when Sports Authority had a giant wall of...
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    Double faulting: never an issue in singles, now one in doubles

    I just started playing doubles regularly the last year. Before that strictly a singles player. I average 1-2 double faults in a singles match...rec league, USTA, casual...and that's with hitting a better than average second amongst people I play with. Playing doubles, my double faults have...
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    Kingwood area Houston: will be in town 2/17-2/24. 3.5-4.0 looking for a hit

    Came up empty last summer so hopefully get something this time.
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    Breaking strings at top of a frame: Defective Grommet

    So my new prince lighting 100 I've broken 2 kevlar string jobs at the same grommet at the top of the frame in about 1/3rd the time I normally do on my NXg's. I ran some piano wire through the grommet after the first break but happened again. I've read about putting teflon tubing through the...
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    Shoes with a heavily padded tounge and easy on toes

    Hard to really try on a lot of shoes, so looking for advice. My favorite pair of tennis shoes ever were K-Swiss Approach I's....they haven't been available for upwards of 8 years now, and the II's were inferior. Read somewhere that the grancourts were similar, they are also sold out...
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    Prince ESP tour 100T: removing double bridge

    Hi guys. Just picked one up very cheap. Was trying to string with my normal kevlar setup and damn if I couldn't get strings through the double bridge insert. Kevlar is very loose and floopy. I noticed you can pop the insert out..has anyone ever done this on a racquet with this "technology"...
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    Travelling to Houston next week: Kingwood area

    I will be visiting relatives in the area next week from 2/18 - 2/25. I'm a 3.5-4.0 player looking for hitting or a match, plan on putting a few racquets in my suitcase. My in laws are members at the kingwood country club so could play there or maybe at a local public court. Please reply here or...
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    Used Kevlar for 3 straight TE...use full poly job one day: TE

    I've been using an Ashway kevlar mains 17g/poly cross setup in my NXGs for about 5 years straight. The 2 times I've had tennis elbow over that time frame..were the 2 times I tried to use full poly jobs, once on the NXG (flex rating 63 new) around 2 years ago, the other time on my Prince ESP 100...
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    Felt the "Burn"

    Guy I play uses a burn 100s. Was alarmed by the stiffness ratings on these when they were released like most people here. Hit about 8 shots with it after our match was over. Unbelievable performance. Much better than my Prince tour 16x16. Felt like I could not miss and shots had explosive...
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    Shoulder issue in non-dominant shoulder

    I'm having what I think is rotator cuff pain in my left shoulder. I"m right handed and hit a 2 handed backhand. The shoulder basically pops all the time from regular movement, and I have to consciously hold it tight to stop it from popping during a backhand. This is relatively easy when I'm...
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    US Open: Old Grandstand now a practice court?

    I haven't been to the open in a few years. Frankly I think prices have become outrageous..between tickets parking and food it's to the point of absurdity. I noticed that the old grandstand...formerly the best place to watch a match with higher level players as it actually has some
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    Babolat club line bags: Used to be good, now not so good

    For Christmas I got a new yellow babolat club line 12 racquet bag. My old bag was one of the blue/grey club line 9 packs. I wanted shoulder straps and a bit more space. Well, they've certainly lowered the quality of these bags. The old material was an almost canvas like thick material...the...
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    Rebel 98 ESP as a backup for my Tour pro 100 Esp?

    Close enough or are they too different? Would save me 30 bucks but o'ports vs grommets, plus built in dampener, 98 vs 100, etc. Specs are actually very close in terms of weight, balance, swingweight
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    Stretching hamstrings: anecdotal evidence

    I'm starting to think I should not static stretch my hamstrings at all. About 4 years ago I was doing a regular 30 minute or so "power yoga for flexibility routine" a few days a week. Never the same day I played tennis. I suffered a hamstring pull during my league and had to take 2 weeks...
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    Prince Tour 100 ESP: I'm sold

    I picked one of these up from TW, strung with 16g Ashway Kevlar mains and 16g Black Widow crosses (my standard setup on my NXG's except both 17 gauge) at 53 and 62. I had one short hitting session after my league match Wednesday. I found it was too light, so I added about 4 grams from 10-2 and...