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  1. bdon

    [Prediction] Monfils will be top 5 next year

    thats right folks, the most exciting player on tour will break into the top 5. He's going to start working harder in the offseason like he said and next year, injuries allowing, is going to make up most of the points he couldnt get from being injured and will make at least a grand slam...
  2. bdon

    Verdasco should bring back the faux hawk

    it's the only plausible explanation for why he hasn't been doing as well. bring back the faux hawk for AO10!
  3. bdon

    Would Sam Querry have made top 15 if he wasn't injured?

    So, what do you guys think, Do you think Querry could have made top 15 by the end of the year? I definitely think he could have. He was in great form up until the freak injury happened.
  4. bdon

    Monfils is the most exciting player to watch on tour he always seems to come up with a phenomenal shot or be apart of a sick rally in all of his matches. plus his showboating is awesome ALL...
  5. bdon

    Del Pony got lucky

    congrats you beat a guy who barely served 50% for the whole match. Definitely the worst i've seen fed play all year. Any day fed is at least 75% of his best del po goes down in 3. took him 5 sets too. sad that is all
  6. bdon

    Should Womens Tennis Take Away Serving?

    Its obvious that service game don't matter so why not just eliminate them and just have the rally started off with a nice ball feed.
  7. bdon

    Roddick will never play at that level again

    Roddick played a fantastic once in a lifetime match today. But, it's going to stay once in a lifetime. He's going to be too distraught after coming so close to beating fed. Let's not forget that federer was playing atrocious today. The only reason why roddick didnt win in straights is...
  8. bdon

    If soderlings match went 3 sets...

    and federers went a long 5 sets, fedfans could use the tired excuse just like *******s. shame that didnt happen :(