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  1. FedrMatt

    “Most Uncomfortable Experience”: Nick Kyrgios on Playing Tennis With Serena Williams

    Similar to most people, then. Love Venus, hate Serena.
  2. FedrMatt

    Sensational Roger Federer Interview - injury update and retirement

    He’s always more open in non-English interviews. The mainstream media in the west is cancerous with their click bait headlines and leading questions.
  3. FedrMatt

    Serena Williams not on the 2022 Australian Open entry list

    KAWEEN Serena making a statement against mandates. Go gurl
  4. FedrMatt

    Rafa Nadal is the sexiest, most handsome, most perfectly built, hottest tennis player to ever grace the earth

    Yeah I’m the same. Nadal is not hot lol. I don’t understand people who think he is. I’ve found tradesmen with a bit of a beer gut hotter :-D
  5. FedrMatt

    Rafa Nadal is the sexiest, most handsome, most perfectly built, hottest tennis player to ever grace the earth

    Lol nah Nadal looks like a c@pybara edit: LOL c@pybara is censored
  6. FedrMatt

    2021 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion

    So tired of this fear porn. “possible”, “could” “pathogenic” ugh If omicron becomes the dominant variant, the pandemic is essentially over due to how mild it is. Every variant has varied in infectiousness but has consistently declined in IFR. Time to move on.
  7. FedrMatt

    Novak Djokovic is the sexiest, most handsome, most perfectly built, hottest tennis player to ever grace the earth

    Lol eww Novak looks like a bobble head, let’s be honest here
  8. FedrMatt

    Alcaraz out of Davis Cup Finals due to Covid

    Funny, seeing as DeMinaur is likely vaccinated lol Let’s just avoid that fact though, hey?
  9. FedrMatt

    More impressive: Fed's 5 in a row at Wimb or Fed's 5 in a row at the USO

    If he’d served out the set, he would’ve won no question. He gave Delpo a sniff and that was all he needed. Fed even should’ve won the fourth, but in the third already he was being pushed around. Before that screwed service game, he was largely dictating play.
  10. FedrMatt

    Peng Shuai: Speak Up Tennis Community

    Oof yes I’ll grab the popcorn
  11. FedrMatt

    Peng Shuai: Speak Up Tennis Community

    I’ll also say what I said on the last thread: Anyone who defends the CCP (or any authoritarian regime) can shove it. Authoritarianism is a direct threat to a free society.
  12. FedrMatt

    Peng Shuai: Speak Up Tennis Community

    I hope to be proven wrong, but it seems like Fed and Nadal are too tied up in sponsorships that are linked with the Chinese to actually say something. Just look at the way it’s all a huge PR stunt when they travel to play in Shanghai. Big labels like Mercedes and Rolex (major sponsors of the...
  13. FedrMatt

    Peng Shuai missing after accusing official of assault

    Things are coming to a head with China, one way or another. I think the WTA would do well to suspend all tournaments there in the meantime (as well as the ATP), since the CCP is now an active threat to the players’ welfare should they say something even slightly critical. Someone needs to make...
  14. FedrMatt

    Rafa to play the Australian open 2022.

    lol not gonna happen at AO
  15. FedrMatt

    Anyone else excited for the AO?

    In a way, yes. I hope Melbourne loses it and Daniel Andrews suffers politically.
  16. FedrMatt

    aus open: who should host it if not Melbourne?

    Melbourne deserves to lose it Daniel Andrews is completely insane and needs some consequences. I hope we lose the Grand Prix as well.
  17. FedrMatt

    Federer News

    She didn’t need it Everyone that gets work done ends up looking super plastic.
  18. FedrMatt

    Are you ready to witness the death of tennis? Cause it's coming.

    Agreed. I don’t even watch it anymore. I just play it.
  19. FedrMatt

    Next gen can never be trusted for anything. Are younger generations just getting mentally weaker and weaker?

    Any “Gen” that the ATP has to develop a huge marketing campaign for is a joke. The entire “nextgen” rubbish is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  20. FedrMatt

    Why did it take until late 2014 for Federer to overtake Murray in their H2H?

    Federer started coming forward more instead of trying to beat Murray from the baseline.
  21. FedrMatt

    Djokovic has never won more than 3 slams in a row at a single slam before

    Guys, he’s not winning AO. He won’t be allowed in the country because we’re North Korea 2.0
  22. FedrMatt

    Federer News

    That was an older picture apparently
  23. FedrMatt

    Federer News

    I’m gonna be a bit of a conspiracy theorist: I find it hard to believe the problem is solely the meniscus. It seems like it might be the effects of wear and tear (slight arthritis) or something along those lines Regardless of what happens, I’m genuinely interested to hear the breakdown of how...
  24. FedrMatt

    In the final analysis, Federer actually came closer to the CYGS (TWICE)

    There was absolutely no way Federer was losing the USO in 2006 2007 you might have a case, but 2006? No.
  25. FedrMatt

    Federer 2015 vs Djokovic 2021

    Way to miss the point It’s about the respective competition at 34/35 years old. Novak has had it FAR easier.
  26. FedrMatt

    Federer 2015 vs Djokovic 2021

    Great post Be prepared for the salt though