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    Stringing shaped polys?

    Forgive me if I don't explain this correctly: Last night I was stringing a personal racquet with Mayami Big Spin. I got down to the 2nd to the last cross, weaved it through 3 or 4 mains, then the string coils up. Big spin twists maybe once every six inches or so, but this twist was more like...
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    Babolat tool kit?

    Who has one? Is it worth it? Cheapest price I've found is a little under $200.
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    Nike Airmax Wildcard Insoles?

    Ok, just got my pair of these and at first impression, they seem great. The only oddity is that normally I use 3rd party insoles in all of my shoes and one of my first reactions to receiving this new pair was to pull the stock insole out. Wow, the forefoot of this factory insole is 2 to three...
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    Balance Board?

    Time for me to break down and finally buy one, but to my surprise, I can't find anyone that has them in stock either Gamma or Alpha. I really do not want to make my own. Any ideas?
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    Adding silicone to a handle?

    Not sure if this belongs here or somewhere else. I'm interested in potentially adding some silicone for weight/balance purposes to the handle of a new racquet of mine, but unsure what the best way to measure the weight of what being added. Any tips or best practices anyone can offer? I have...
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    Blunt syringe needles for stringing?

    I've read a couple of articles that discussed people using these for blocked grommets. I am finally ready to order some, but unsure what size to look for. Any recommendations? I would like 1 size that works for 16 - 17 gauge string.
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    Starting knot?

    Been stringing for quite a while now, but I have always preferred to use a starting clamp. I was recently talking to a very well know MRT and he mentioned that he almost never uses a starting clamp so I figured I'd go back and give this knot a shot. No problems until last night. I was stringing...
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    Bolt Racquets?

    Anyone have any experience with them?
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    Wise 2086 with Alpha DC Plus!!!

    Just got my new Wise 2086 and installed it on my Alpha DC Plus (1 string job so far). Wow!!! The quality of this unit is fantastic. It fits great and functions flawlessly. It definitely speeds up the stringing process. I'll try to post some pictures later.
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    looking at upgrading my Aplha DC Plus with a Wise tensioner. My question is, what difference/benefit does a Diablo before the linear gripper make/have?
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    Federer strings?

    I have always read that he plays with Wilson Champion's Choice ( gut and Lux BB), but during the replay of the Fed and Baby Fed match today there were several closes ups of his frame and the cross string was dark gray or black (not Lux BB silver). Any ideas?
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    I'm 4 sessions (approx 8 hours) into my experiment with this string combo. Strung kevlar mains at 60 and Zyex crosses at 40 Lbs (in my Angell 95). Wow!!! Easy spin, with proper technique. Extreme control. Absolutely 0 discomfort. I can't recommend this combo highly enough. There were a few...
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    Kevlar stringing help?

    I'm new to stringing, only 20- 30 jobs in. I am attempting to string Kevlar for the first time and need some urgent assistance. My problem is getting the Kevlar pushed through small grommets without it unfraying. I've tried candle wax, but no luck. What's the trick to this?
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    Pulling tension on knots?

    I have been stringing for several months now and my technique has drastically improved (I think), but I do have one area that I am looking at to improve. I have settled on the proknot as my knot of choice. When I pull tension, away from the grommet, I don't feel like I'm getting enough slack out...
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    Wilson Pro Knot?

    I am a relatively new stringer and this knot has become my go to. Are there any disadvantages to using it?
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    Gamma Tension Calibrator?

    Ok, so I have ordered two of these and both have been defective. I can't physically pull more than 10 pounds and my drop weight stringer hardly registers that when set at say 50 pounds. Any ideas? I looked at it thinking there is a catch or something, but don't see anything or anyway to get...
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    Decision Help: Gamma Progression II 602FC vs X-6FC

    I am preparing to purchase my first stringer. I think I have narrowed my decision to one of these two machines. Problem is, other than the different bases, I don't see any difference in these two machines. Is there any difference?:confused:
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    Nike Lunar Speed 3?

    I saw these pictured in a competitors sales add in the latest Tennis magazine. Are these coming sometime soon?
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    Grip enlarger?

    I have no idea what this device is called, but I saw it a couple of years ago online. It is designed to go under your grip/ over-grip and extends bevels 1 and three. I remember it being blue. Any Ideas?
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    Donnay X-Dual racquets?

    Any eta available on when you will have these in stock? I would much rather purchase from you then directly from Donnay.
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    Outstanding TW customer service!!!!

    I like several other sent in my original Adidas Geniuses for warranty replacement. Adidas didn't have anything but the green and white in stock. So I called TW and they said if I send my original order receipt and the new shoes (unworn) they would exchange them for the black and white color...
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    Do you tip your stringer?

    Simple question, right? If so, then how much?
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    Adidas ankle brace?

    Does anyone have experience with this product? http://*** My ankle has been acting up and I'm looking for a low profile option, since I'm not in the market for new shoes yet.
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    Volkl C10 Pro with poly?

    I just bought a used c10 pro and I'm loving it. The multis that it came strung with are about to break and I'm anticipating restringing it soon. I have been using polys in my other racquets for quite a while and I'm thinking about stringing it with poly. I generally use a full job of Genesis...
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    Dunlop 4D 100 and 200 Tour Reviews?

    TW Staff, Any planned reviews for these two new sticks?
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    New Dunlop Sticks?

    So they are finally available. Has anyone hit with the 4D 200 Tour or the 4D 100?
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    Boris Becker Grip Pallets?

    Are the Volkl pallets interchangeable with Becker handles? Im buying a new BB 11 mid, but the only grip size available is 1/8 and I need 3/8. Also, where, online, can I get these from if they will work?
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    Dunlop 4D 200 Tour?

    I have seen the posted pictures of this frame, but has anyone actually hit with it yet?
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    New Dunlops?

    It's the middle of December and no word on these new sticks. Any updates on their availability?
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    Signum Pro Machines?

    Is there a website for a retailor in the US that these machines can be ordered from?