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  1. Beryl

    Sorry, Murray: Being "in form" doesn't matter

    AO 2013: Djokovic beats Wawrinka AO 2014: Wawrinka beats Djokovic AO 2015: Djokovic beats Wawrinka AO 2013: Murray beats Federer AO 2014: Federer beats Murray Explain.
  2. Beryl

    Murray is a step behind the big 3

    Since March 2010, who has won more slams, Federer or Murray? If there was never a big 4, there was never a big 3. Only a big 2 that ejected Federer for Djokovic in 2010.
  3. Beryl

    I'll be happy no matter who wins this year's AO

    I'd be happy with 5 of the 6. Just not Botnic.
  4. Beryl

    Berdych to win Australian Open

    He did beat Tomic so maybe he can indeed go all the way.
  5. Beryl

    Since becoming 24.5 years old, Nadal has won only 1 non-RG slam!

    Grass and hard court slams won after 2010 USO: Djokovic - 6 Murray - 2 Wawrinka - 1 Cilic - 1 Federer - 1 Nadal - 1
  6. Beryl

    Nishikori-Cilic 2014 US Open FINAL

    Tennis wins either way. CBS and USTA in ruins. :lol:
  7. Beryl

    Wow what a final. Brilliant!

    Props to you, a Fed fan retaining perspective! It is indeed good for tennis. New slam finalists earning their seats at the table and not just inheriting it. Both guys have been great: Nishikori beat three top 6 players, Cilic conquered his bogey in 5 (Simon) and then routined Berd and Fed...
  8. Beryl

    For the first time ever all camps can just chill before a GS final

    Murray fans, Dimitrov fans and Canadians will/should be hoping for a Nishikori win, so their guys will have a better shot at making the WTF.
  9. Beryl

    Amazing run from Nishikori !!!! Congrats !

    LOL. Fedfans are far too... presumptuous, to be kind.
  10. Beryl

    Nick Krygois vs old man tommy

    Hmmm, Nick may be good enough to beat Nadal, sure, but not quite enough to beat old man Boredo.
  11. Beryl

    Kohlschreiber - An underachiever?

    He's solid, but unspectacular and prone to choking. I remember a match against Del Potro a few years back where Phil held a 6-1 lead in a tiebreaker and ended up losing the set. He's also prone to losing his game for periods of a match. That match against Sijsling at Rotterdam this year a...
  12. Beryl

    2014 Cincinnati - Mother of all slams : General Discussion Thread

    I think you may be right, and he will be helped by the bye. He needs to avoid long early matches though, because it will come back at him in Cinci, probably with greater magnitude than in Toronto.
  13. Beryl

    Disappointed in Roger

    He wasn't good. Lopez was simply abysmal, Federer didn't need much of any level to routine him there. Federer was goodish against Cilic, otherwise a favourable draw with good match-ups got him to the final.
  14. Beryl

    2014 Cincinnati - Mother of all slams : General Discussion Thread

    Novak's to lose. ******* will be very tired if he makes the final, and he probably won't. Dimitrov is coming off very long matches in Toronto and likely won't be a factor here. If Tsonga can set up a QF with Djokovic, it would be his 10th match in 12 days. Also, Delpo and Nadal are out...
  15. Beryl

    Power Play League #81 - Wimbledon 2014

    123. [5] S Wawrinka (SUI) vs. [4] R Federer (SUI) - (9-11) Federer 32nd
  16. Beryl

    Power Play League #81 - Wimbledon 2014

    117. [5] S Wawrinka (SUI) vs. [19] F Lopez (ESP) - (5-19) Lopez 30th 119. [8] M Raonic (CAN) vs. [10] K Nishikori (JPN) - (9-11) Raonic 31st
  17. Beryl

    2014 WTA Sudden Death League: Wimbledon

    I don't think keys will win, but if she does, Safarova for R4.
  18. Beryl

    Power Play League #81 - Wimbledon 2014

    99. S Stakhovsky (UKR) vs. J Chardy (FRA) - ( 13-8 ) Stakhovsky 26th 102. [20] K Anderson (RSA) vs. [16] F Fognini (ITA) - (11-9) Anderson 27th 104. L Mayer (ARG) vs. A Kuznetsov (RUS) - (8-12) Kuznetsov 28th 111. [WC] N Krygios (AUS) vs. J Vesely (CZE) - (14-7) Kyrgios 29th
  19. Beryl

    2014 ATP Sudden Death League: Wimbledon

    Day 4: Kohlschreiber
  20. Beryl

    Power Play League #81 - Wimbledon 2014

    85. [15] J Janowicz (POL) vs. L Hewitt (AUS) - (8-13) Hewitt 23rd 90. L Kubot (POL) vs. D Lajovic (SRB) - (10-10) Kubot 24th 95. [LL] F Dancevic (CAN) vs. M Kukushkin (KAZ) - ( 12-8 ) Dancevic 25th
  21. Beryl

    Power Play League #81 - Wimbledon 2014

    70. J Chardy (FRA) vs. M Matosevic (AUS) - (9-11) Matosevic 19th 71. [26] M Cilic (CRO) vs. A Haider-Maurer (AUT) - (7-15) Cilic 20th 76. [Q] T Puetz (GER) vs. [16] F Fognini (ITA) - (31-3) Puetz 21st 79. L Mayer (ARG) vs. [WC] M Baghdatis (CYP) - (8-12) Baghdatis 22nd
  22. Beryl

    2014 ATP Sudden Death League: Wimbledon

    Day 3: Bautista-Agut
  23. Beryl

    Wimbledon 2014 R128: Roger Federer [4] vs Paolo Lorenzi

    Since this match is on grass, Lorenzi's opponent will win. A garden gnome in a wheelchair might be able to beat Lorenzi on grass.
  24. Beryl

    Power Play League #81 - Wimbledon 2014

    35. M Russell (USA) vs. J Reister (GER) - (9-11) Reister 17th 36. D Istomin (UZB) vs. [32] D Tursunov (RUS) - (11-9) Istomin 18th