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  1. misterg

    Volkl Powerbridge 8 (295g) vs Organix 8 (300)

    Someone who has hit with both racquets, can please give comparison expecially in terms of confort. Thx.
  2. misterg

    Replacement for yonex RDX 500 MP

    Hy, what is supposed to be the replacement (if any...) for the Yonex RDX 500 MP? This are the specifications: Head Size: 98 sq. in. / 632 sq. cm. Length: 27 inches / 69 cm Strung Weight: 11.7oz / 332g Balance: 8pts Head Light Swingweight: 315 Stiffness: 62 Beam Width: 18-21 mm...
  3. misterg

    Slice grip

    What grip are you using on your backhand slice? The continental grip is supposed to be the correct grip but I hit my best slice's with the eastern forehand grip ! (sic).:confused: What's your experience?
  4. misterg

    Aero pro drive cortex - comfort?

    I know it is a stiff racquet and I already had TE issues in the past (that's wy I'm playing with flexible sticks like MPro N.1, Prince O3MP, PK5g... and soft multif. strings...) but I'd like to try the APDC, it yust looks soo cool... So the question, for those of you who play(ed) with a...
  5. misterg

    Post photos of your Vantage racquets

    Can you, Vantage user's post some photos of your racquet's. I'm interested in this racquets but I'll like to have more inputs how they look in reality. And btw I would like to have more color options... Thanks!
  6. misterg

    Loopy forehand

    Hy, any tips on making my lefty forehands more loopy, more Patty Schyder like. I hit pretty flat with my eastern grip, I'm in the 50-ies and don't wanna change my grip. Thanks!
  7. misterg

    Serve: from trophy to backstrach position

    Hy, maybe someone can help me. Over a 1,5 year because of a right hand wrist injury I try to master the serve with my left hand. On groundstroken I'm doing well but serve is really weak. I had several teaching pros... Actually I have developed 2 vays of serving: 1. from backstratch position (to...
  8. misterg

    Continental forehand

    Hy, I'm 46 and 1,5 year's ago I switched to my left hand because of a sore right wrist (seems like arthitis). Now I play lefty, on the forehand side I try to hit it with an Eastern grip (like I did with my right hand...) but I'm much confortable with an "old school" continental... I try to hit...
  9. misterg

    ALGRX 4975 new cure for TE

    On there are some new informations about a new medicine for tennis elbow... Here is the article: Corgentech Phase 2 Trial of ALGRX 4975 Meets Primary Endpoint of Decreased Pain for Tendonitis Patients Statistically Significant, Sustained Pain Reduction Versus Placebo in...
  10. misterg

    Quieting the head

    Any tips on quieting the head when hitting a forehand? I'm able to do it on the backhand side but on the forehand I just can't stop my eyes from following the ball... Any suggestion? Thanks.
  11. misterg

    New 5g

    I'm searching for a replace of my old 5g (model 1998...). In Italy I found just the "new" Named c5 ki SLING tour. On the Pro Kennex website there are no "sling" models... Is it the same stick? Any infomations about, maybe someone from the TW staff?
  12. misterg

    1 or 2 hand backhand - ?best for wrist safety

    To prevent wrist injuries is it better to play 1 or 2 handed backhand ? I readed somewhere that 2 handed backhand can put more stress on the on the wrist of the dominant hand because it is pronated ad the moment of contact... Any opinions?
  13. misterg

    Ljubicic new Croatia's Davis Cup capitain

    Ivan Ljubičić has been named the new capitan of Croatian Davis Cup team and not Goran Ivanišević as supposed.
  14. misterg

    Searching for the softest one: playtesting o3 tour, flex. rad. tour and Pure storm

    In the last few months I platested this three sticks because of their low stiffness and because they are not too heavy and not to light, just the range that fits my needs best. Comfort and arm friendliess was (is) my first preoccupation. Here are my impressions. But first: I'm 45, very tiny...
  15. misterg

    Head Radical OS Flexpoint users

    According to the specs it has a stiffness of 58. Is it in your opinion a confortable and easy on the arm racquet? Thank's for your input.
  16. misterg

    Learning my wife to toss the ball properly...

    Does anyone have a (quick) tip to fix this problem. She hands the ball properly with her fingers etc. but she does not hit the ball enought high. Even the video od Hrbaty ball toss has not helped. She says that is yust her left hand... Her toss is pretty much consistent i.e. in the same spot...
  17. misterg

    Changing grip on high forehands...

    I use a estern forehand grip. I noticed, that on high balls (at chest level or even higher) i automathically change a bit my grip more towards semiwestern yust to deal easily with the high ball. Is this a good habit, what do you think about it?
  18. misterg

    Yonex RDX 500 (98) users

    Do you consider this stick a "soft" and friendly racquet, I'm asking primarly about it's comfort, other reviewed elements are very positive. I'm slowly recovering from arm injury and searching for a soft one in this range, flex, balance and weight seem to fit well my needs. Thank's for the input!
  19. misterg

    Volkl Tour 9 V-Engine comfort

    Volkl Tour 9 V-Engine both version's users can you give me some input about it's comfort? Is it in your opinion an arm friendly racquet? Thank's
  20. misterg

    Quiet please!

    This afternoon I saw an interesting programm on Discovery channel named "Braniac". They did a test, a fellow was serving pretty hardly in a delimited zone in the service box (near the service line, where a good serve is supposed to go). His percentage of serves IN the box was about 65% If I...
  21. misterg

    Wrist injury: A "stupid" question

    I'm off tennis because of wrist pain (in the unlar zone) over two months. The fisician ordered me painkillers and rest. From then I play with my left hand (see my previous posts...) but the pain, after two monts is even worse. It is possible that playing tennis with the left hand somehow affects...
  22. misterg

    Is the O3 an arm friendly racquet?

    O3 tour (and O3 red users...) are this racquet's arm friendly? The spec's of the O3 tour, expecially the flex. on the paper are really good. How is the comfort (any vibration's, noise, torque etc.) experienced with this two racquet's in play? Any elbow or schouder soreness or pain after 2 or 3...
  23. misterg

    Second opinion

    Last week I finally went to my home doctor to see what's wrong with my wrist. I'm off tennis about 1,5 monts and it is no better at all. No injury, probably overplaying this summer... probably wrist tendinitis beacause of RSI. My doc. gave me pills (diclofenacum or something like that) for a...
  24. misterg

    Compare Volkl Tour 9 V-Engine 16x19 and Pure Drive

    Has anyone played with this two racquet's. Can you compare it in terms of power, controll and comfort?
  25. misterg

    Compare n5 and n6

    Can anyone compare this two racquet's? I found very interesting the review of the n5 and want to know how it play's compared to the n6. Thanks
  26. misterg

    Swingweight question

    Comparing the specs. of the Babolat Pure storm and the Pure control Zylon, I foud that these two racquets are pretty the same except for the swingweight - Storm 326, PCZ 319. All the rest is pretty equal: same weight (312 g), same string patern and beam, same balance (3 pts HL), just 1 in...
  27. misterg

    Playing lefty

    Because of a wrist injury to my right hand I'm now playing with the left one... having a lot of fun and with some result's. In an self-evaluating scale I'm a 4.5 with the righ and about 3.0 (or even 3.5) with the left hand in only three weeks! Now the question's. Has anybody experienced this...
  28. misterg

    Kid's tennis: right time to start?

    What is the right time for kid's to start with tennis? Our local pro has started teaching his son at the age of 5. I feel sorry for this kid, and many others. It isn't better at this early age to start with various sports (including tennis) and then, accordingly to their fisical development...
  29. misterg

    Wilson Triad

    Is this line definitively discontinued? I played with the Triad 5.0 (MP) and I liked a lot it's muted feel and forgivness to the arm. Any triad nostalgics out there?
  30. misterg

    Target strings?

    Anyone tried the Target strings? I played with the Target Concept 3, it's a poly, excellent control but too stiff for my liking. I want to try other Target strings (Target evolution ultimum, twinflex and fluid fibre) anyone played with?