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  1. Don't Let It Bounce

    Prince Butt Cap Dome Plate

    Hi, TW, I'm thinking of spiffing up some old Prince frames with a shiny new butt cap, if it isn't too much hassle. (If only I could do likewise for my own self, but alas it is too much hassle.) This mysterious dome plate... Can it be applied over any old Prince butt cap from days of yore...
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    Kirschbaum Pro Line II Reel Sale

    Dear TW, The PL2 two-for-one reel sale looks very appealing. Is it permitted to mix gauge and color in the two reels?
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    Have Black Widow and Focus Hex been reformulated in the past year?

    Dear TW Prof and whoever else measures string specs, Thanks, first, for providing information that is so helpful it is surprising that this data isn't found outside TW (and, for some of it, RSI). I hope I can ask for further clarification on some of that data without seeming ungrateful for...
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    What about the AMF Head Prestige Midplus?

    One of these, a nice-looking gold with red highlights, has been on auction for a long, long time (it keeps turning up in my searches for my grip size!), and I think it's being sold by TT poster nickynu. It is an early Prestige and is the usual ~90 sq " size; the "plus" presumably means it was...
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    Prince Taiwan frames & modern pro stock

    I have a couple of Tour Diablo MP's, and I like the way they feel. However, I like the feel of Taiwan-made Prince Graphites (1-stripe and 4-stripe) even more. Cue Vikings to begin chanting: "POGs POGs POGs POGs POGs POGs POGs POGs ..." Given my other racquet preferences, I attribute this...
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    Tell me of Major Racquets

    I saw on auction a 95 sq", 18mm-beam Major racquet, black with pastel blue and green markings, with "Dextra" on the cover and "FW Tour" on the shaft (item 230562023732 on the Bay). Anyone know its story, especially when it was current and how flexible it was? Does it correspond to any current TF...
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    How many Satellite Tours were there?

    A Satellite Tour Twin Tube came to live with me recently, and it looks like all the Sat Tours I've ever seen: like a Radical TT Zebra, but with red instead of yellow. (The initial hit was nice, but I'll wait and comment after I've messed around a bit with its specs.) Today I saw on the big...
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    Error in DIY Swingweight Instructions?

    In the instructions for TWU's "DIY Swingweight", it is emphasized that "Distance from handle end to hang string" refers to the top of the hang string: However, the axis about which the racquet rotates would be the bottom of the string, right? In addition, the only reference I've seen to the...
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    Becker DC Legend grommets in the BB11?

    Both racquets are 98", 20 mm, and 18x20... Will the Legend's wraparound grommets fit in the Becker 11 MP?
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    Do Prestige Tour 660's Warp?

    I've seen at least two Prestige Tour 660's on the big auction site that appear to have distorted frame shapes. One is still there (item #190402902529) and even makes mention of it, though it is unclear whether the seller means the head is stretched lengthwise, that the right side is flatter than...
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    Vortex SB Grommet Question

    I am a grommet replacement n00b. It isn't something I ever needed to do for students, and I always replaced my racquets fast enough not to worry about it. Now, however, enamored as I have become in the last two years with older racquets, it matters. I just spent a couple hours wrestling with a...
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    Nice Compliment For Babolat

    A colleague of mine who is coaching in Japan recently attended a function held by his racquet sponsor and had an interesting conversation with one of the execs there. (I don't have permission to say which company, but it was neither Babolat nor Wilson.) Yonex, as always, is #1 in the Japanese...
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    Pallets for Pro Stock Racquets Other Than Head/Fischer?

    I know one can't swap grip pallets on retail racquets other than Head and Fischer (and presumably Pacific), but is the same true of the pro stock racquets that occasionally pop up for non-pros to buy?
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    1976 WITC Doubles on Tennis Channel

    Anyone else see this? Laver/Borg d. Ashe/Nastase 6-4, 7-5. It was most entertaining tennis-wise, and mildly surprising otherwise. Players at this event, which included dgls, dbls, and mixed, did not choose their own partners. Borg (age 20) was more of a doubles player than you might expect; I...
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    Are Prince Graphite Classic Hoops Foam-Filled?

    The Prince Graphite Longbody specially made up for TW appears to be hollow and presumably damped by air/damping layer; one can't inject silicone into a hoop that's already filled with foam. So... What about the Graphite Classic OS and the Graphite Classic Mid, also specially made up after...
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    Are new POGs foam-filled?

    • The classic Prince Taiwan-made graphite frames of the 80's used foam to push the inner layer of carbon/resin up against the walls of the mold, so they were foam-filled throughout the frame and foam-damped. Since the late 80's/early 90's, most manufacturers use a damping layer between...
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    Head Head Sizes & Shapes

    It's pretty well-established that the Head Prestige 98 and 93 are noticeably smaller than advertised. Is the same true of other sizes (the Prestige/Classic 660/102 racquets) and other head shapes (Radical, Speed Extreme)?
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    Was there a "Precision" technology?

    I stopped keeping up with Prince racquets in the 90's, when Prince racquet names were including the word "Precision" the way they would later include words like "MORE", "O3", "Speedport", etc. Did it mean anything in particular that specified the difference between, say, the Precision Graphite...
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    Fox Dual Taper

    There is a Fox Dual Taper for only $60 on TW's Bosworth page, and I couldn't help noticing that it has Twaron in its makeup. Has anyone hit with one of these? In particular, does it feel anything like the old Prestige Classic MP (and related Head 102's with Twaron)?
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    Can string savers produce excessive vibration?

    I obtained a Vortex SB with a non-remarkable synthetic in it, hit with it, and restrung it recently with Pacific Classic at 55 on a Gamma X2. With natural gut being a significant expense for me, I was not sparing with the string savers: they are in a palm-size oval at the top of the stringbed...
  21. Don't Let It Bounce

    Rehab Stringing for a Mag Pro?

    I just received a strung Magnesium Pro 110 whose head was slightly elongated into a Prestige 600-like shape. I cut the crosses first and noticed that the racquet instantly returned to a normal Prince shape, but when I cut the mains it reverted to the distorted oval. What's my best chance of...
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    Mystery Snauwaert!

    Until today, the only Snort Graphite Dyno I knew of had a squarish Yonex-like head shape and came in blue/yellow or blue/white graphics, but today at a 2nd-hand shop I met a new one: • oval mid-plus head, not the least bit squarish • solid maroon paint job with gold lettering • "Graphite Dyno"...
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    Is Serena Using a Smaller-Headed Racquet This Year?

    Photo from 2010 Medibank Sydney event, from another thread: It is painted like a K Blade Team, but is that really a 104 sq. in. head? It would be interesting if one of the few remaining oversize (assuming 104 counts as OS) holdouts has gone MP.
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    Becker's Personal Racquet

    Becker was more vocal than most about his undying love for his old Puma/Estusa frame, and he even went so far as to purchase the mold after Estusa stopped making it. In recent years, however, there has been a racquet designated as "Becker's personal frame" in the Becker/Volkl line. Is there a...
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    Prince Cushion Grip System and Grip Size

    Do any of the Masters of Esoteric Trivia out there know if Prince's old (I think; I can't find mention of it on current racquets on their web site) CGS was effectively a pallet? That is, did the racquets come out of a single mold with identical handles, with bigger grip sizes created by...
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    Flexpt Prestige Team and (Prestige) Classic Tour MP

    In my misspent youth I craved only more mph on flat first serves, and so I scorned the sweet feel of Head's made-in-Austria-with-Twaron sticks... but I never forgot. Now older, wiser, and more willing to play points that last more than three strokes, I am eyeballing the Classic Tour MP and...
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    Mapping RDC Flex onto frame vibration frequency

    The frequency at which the frame vibrates after the ball is struck varies according to frame stiffness. In Technical Tennis, Cross and Lindsey give these descriptions of frames they tested: "most wood racquets" 90 Hz "flexible racquets" 120 Hz "medium stiff" 157 Hz (this test frame...
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    Vortex Specs?

    I'm looking at the old Vortex, as an act of kindness to the arm, and after scouring these forums I have a few numbers for the most likely models: Vortex OS: 107 sq in., 344g (unstrung?), 5 pt HL (unstrung?), ___ Swingweight Prince Vortex SB (OS): 107 sq in., ___g, __ Balance, ___...