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    Djokovic and Murray wrote history today

    Nole the most AO (5) and Murray the most AO losing plates (0-4 in finals). Plus Murray won only 2 of the 14 sets he has played.
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    Is Sharapova a Russian or an American

    I don't see nothing "Russian" about her except her bad "Russian" with a heavy American accent.
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    Nole's record in GS finals is bad...

    6-7 in Grand Slam finals which is around or even less than 50% winning percentage. He is consistent in Masters but when it comes to where in matters the most( French Open especially), he fails to deliver.
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    Top 5 titles won so far

    1. Djokovic: Australian Open, Dubaï and Monte Carlo 2. Federer: 3. Murray: Miami and Brisbane 4. Ferrer: Auckland and Buenos-Aires 5. Nadal: Acapulco, Sao Paulo, Indian Wells, Madrid, Rome, Barcelona and Roland Garros
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    Andy Murray to support Scottish independence... a true and proud Scots:). Independence referendum date set on 9/28/2014. Braveheart.
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    This final showed that tennis is badly missing Nadal

    People are finally realizing that Nadal is good and exciting for tennis. I hope Rafa comes back strong and Federer keeps playing for at least a decade.
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    Why didn't Wawa challenge the bad call at 5th 4-4 (bp for Wawa)?

    The ball was 10 cm in, Wawa still had 1 challenge left but chose not to. I'm still wondering why he didn't challenge that bad call.
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    Djokovic ripping his shirt off: Sanctions or not?

    Ripping your shirt off will get you a yellow card in football (soccer). Should that rule be imposed in tennis as well? To me a player is free to celebrate the way he wants to. What about you? Vote and Comment.
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    Peter Bodo: Maria Sharapova is not a true Russian

    OK, I'll ask the question straight up: Is anyone else getting a little tired of Maria Sharapova at these Olympic Games? Ordinarily as cool as a Hitchcock blonde (at least when she's not uttering that war cry with which she punctuates every shot, much to the annoyance of pretty much everyone)...
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    Who's Rosol? Rafa having a good time on the beach in Italy

    He might have been knocked out of Wimbledon in the second round but life isn't so bad for Rafael Nadal. The 26-year-old tennis star has been enjoying an action-packed holiday with friends in Sardinia this week. The Spanish sportsman swapped his tennis racket for a snorkel yesterday Rafa...
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    Murray lost the match at 4-4 (30-40) 2nd set

    If i'm not mistaken Andy Murray had a break point at 4-4 30-40 in the 2nd but hit a back hand sitter. Had he converted it he 'd have been serving for a 2 sets lead. It reminds me of Rafa missing an easy fh at 4-2 (40-30) 5th set at the AO and proceeded to lose the match. Not taking anything way...
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    Murray to win US Open, here why

    1.Australian Open won by #1 2.Roland Garros won by #2. 3.Wimbledon won by #3. 4.US Open will be won by #4. The Scottish proud/Braveheart doesn't have to worry about anyrhing assuming this pattern doesn't change.:)
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    Is Rafa more dominant on clay than Sampras on grass?

    Both have won 7 GS on their favourite surfaces. Vote and discuss
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    Take this test: what's your internal citizenship? The result 'll surprise you. I got the UK.
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    Andre Agassi prep school allegation of racism

    The Nevada prep school named after and founded by Andre Agassi has been sued by a former biology teacher who claims he was treated like crap and FIRED because he's black. TMZ has obtained the lawsuit filed by James Holmes Jr. -- who claims he was hired to teach 9th and 10th grade biology at...
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    Should Sponsors speeches be banned ?

    Rafa and Nole could barely stand during the trophy ceremony yet the Kia guy kept on droning.The US Open started the sponsors speeches. Me and my friends never liked it (and i think many people don't).Some of you will say well without the sponsors there won't be AO (or other events) but...
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    Don't speed up the courts, keep them as they are

    If the courts were to be sped up, this what 'd happen: Player ---- on serve: Boom :15-0 Boom :30-0 Boom :40-0 Boom:game Rinse and repeat. There won't be no rallies (2 or 3 shots at beat), no nice exchanges,nothing. I'd say keep the courts' speed as they are but enforce the timewaisting...
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    Missed bh at 4-2(30-15) 5th set cost Rafa the match

    It looked as though Djokovic 'd bag this­ in 4 sets and then Nadal came back and had the clear­ momentum in the 5th set then missed a crucial­ backhand down the line at the net on 4-2 30:15 which 'd have given him the chance to go up 5-2. *SMH*:cry:
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    Albert Einstein wasn't a genius. His theory has been proven wrong

    (Reuters) - An international team of scientists said on Thursday they had recorded sub-atomic particles traveling faster than light -- a finding that could overturn one of Einstein's long-accepted fundamental laws of the universe. Antonio Ereditato, spokesman for the researchers, told Reuters...
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    Do any of you guys play lottery?

    ONE winner in Calvados will cash in €162.2 million after winning the largest lottery jackpot in French history in the EuroMillions rollover draw. They had marked the 9, 28, 30, 32 and 49 and chosen the star numbers 9 and 10 in the lucky September 13 draw which was the 13th draw as the...
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    Eagles gives Michael Vick a new 6 years, $ 100 millions contract

    The NFL contract that totals nine digits, even if most of it's in funny money, is a fairly rare thing. Who would have expected Michael Vick(notes) to be the first player in NFL history to amass two of them in his career? It's happened, though. In 2004, Vick signed a $130 million deal with the...
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    Sharapova still the highest paid female athlete in the world...

    ...despite not winning a GS in 3 and half years. 1. Sharapova: $ 25 millions 2. Wozniacki: $ 12.5 millions 3. Danica Patrick : $ 12 millions 4. Venus : $ 11.5 millions 5. Clijsters : 11 millions
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    "The Great Chinese Hope" Yao Ming retires

    The tallest NBA player retired today.Career cut short by injuries. What a shame that he wasn't able to do for Houston what Nowitzky did for Dallas.
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    Justine vs Venus: who is greater?

    Somebody corrects me if these stats are wrong/incomplete Venus Williams GS titles Wimbledon: 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2008 USO: 2000, 2001 Runner-up: AO: 2001, 2003 French Open: 2002 Wimbledon: 2002, 2003, 2009 USO: 1997, 2002 Reached 15 GS finals, lost to Serena (7) and...
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    15 funny stuff you didn't know about Marcelo Rios

    Another good thread just to keep the spirit of the off season alive. So here we go: Ríos' career has been marked by a number of controversies: 1. After achieving the number one in singles, an Argentine reporter ask him what it felt like to be at the same status as Guillermo Vilas; he...
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    Rafa may retake #1 right after USO, here is the scenario

    Rafa beats Nole in the finals in Montreal/Toronto Nole loses in SF, Rafa takes Cincy. Nole loses in SF, Rafa takes USO. Rafa retakes #1 on monday september 12th by...5 points. Very unlikely scenario but you never know.
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    Maria Sharapova is the first Asian ever to win a Grand Slam

    It's off season people,the board is getting a lil a bit boring. So here we go: Maria Yurievna Sharapova was born April 19, 1987 in the town of Nyagan in Siberia (lies in the Asian part of Russia), which technically makes her the first Asian ever to ever win a Grand Slam. [Run fast and...
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    Girlfriend turns down marriage proposal but won't return the ring

    Dallas Cowboys receiver Roy Williams is going to court to get back the $76,000 engagement ring he gave to a former beauty pageant winner. In February, Williams proposed to his girlfriend, Brooke Daniels. When she turned him down, Daniels didn't return the ring. According to Williams'...
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    Rafa living large despite Wimby loss,relaxing abord a luxurious yathc in Ibiza

    He might have lost his Wimbledon crown and his world No1 ranking, but Rafael Nadal seems to have found a way to cheer himself up. The Spanish tennis pro is licking his wounds in Ibiza and Wimbledon appeared to be the last thing on his mind as he relaxed with friends on a luxury yacht. The...
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    Djokovic's mum predicts dominant era

    Proud mum Dijana Djokovic declared the start of a new era for men's tennis after her son Novak beat Rafa Nadal to win Wimbledon on Sunday but the beaten Spaniard was less sure. "Now it's Novak-Novak, now you will see," Dijana told reporters after being asked about Roger Federer and Nadal...