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    Pinco Strings

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of these strings. I believe they are a Taiwanese brand, but not certain. I got a pile of them for Christmas and wanted to hear some reviews if there are any.
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    Question about stringing

    I've got a question for anyone who thinks they have an answer. I'm trying to string a racquet on my DC Pioneer. I start the mains by setting the anchor clamp then I tension the opposite string. Clamp. Tension that same string back in the direction of the anchor clamp and clamp the string, so...
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    Natural gut

    I've never been so angry, I just got a set of Pacific Classic and BDE Performance to try out. I started with the Pacific and just by taking it out of the packaging it was getting bent and kinked. I couldn't get the coil out of it either. Clamps kept slipping and the string just became mangled. I...
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    Serve Problems

    I do not have access to a video camera so I cannot get any footage of my motion but I'll attempt to describe what is happening to the best of my ability. Recently, I've been having pain in my lower back, particularly the left lower back. It's fairly obvious that serving causes the pain, but...
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    Kirschbaum Blue

    Hey, I was wondering two things. First, whether Kirschbaum Blue is no longer in production (I don't believe it is), and second, what overgrip would be most similar to it. Thanks.
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    Grommets for Pure Storm Team

    Hi, I was trying to make sure I'm getting the right grommets for my Babolat Pure Storm Team MP.. the previous model. I'm fairly sure it uses the same grommets as the Pure Drive but I'm not sure. Can anyone help me with this?
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    Broke a Racquet

    I just went out to serve and my brand new Tecnifibre TFight 320 slipped out of my hand and broke against the ground. It broke at about 12 and 1. I'm really pissed right now, but do you guys have any advice at possibly getting it replaced or am I just out of luck?
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    Stringing Savings?

    I was trying to convince myself to buy, or not buy (not sure which yet...:-?), a stringer. I'd like the convenience of being able to string whenever I'd like, which would be the main reason for me to buy one. Everyone always says that buying a stringer saves you money, so to influence the...
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    Dissecting a Forehand

    I was looking for some clarification on the parts of the forehand. I'm tweaking my forehand and I am having more trouble then I would like. I've been looking a lot at Tricky's explanations on Federer's forehand, backswing, etc. and was wondering where each phase of the forehand started and...
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    May be an easily answered question, but how do you get ranked/find your ranking? I played in a tournament earlier this month and I don't know if it did anything. It was a Men's Open Singles tournament. So I really don't know anything...:confused:
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    Overgrip Blue vs. Wilson Pro

    Can anyone give some comparisons between the Wilson Pro Overgrip and the Kirschbaum Overgrip Blue? Thanks for any responses.
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    How You Learned Your Forehand

    I just wanted to poll the users on whether they now use a modern (WW, open stance, etc.) or a classic (closed, etc.) forehand, and if they started with their forehand being the same or different as it was before (ie. learned classic and moved to modern). Thanks for voting.
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    Straight-Arm Forehand

    I've starting hitting with a straight arm forehand today and it seems to be working well. It just seems to be a little lacking on the pace side and I haven't quite gotten the amount of spin perfect yet. Plus side I'm far more consistent and own it down the line. Does anyone have any +'s and...
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    adidas a3 Accel v. Nike Vapor 3

    Can anyone give some comparisons between these two shoes? As I think I want to get a pair of the adidas and I'm wearing the Vapors right now. I've worn the Barricades as well (IV's) and the replacement pair they sent me was defective so I'm probably going to buy the a3's with the coupon. So if...
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    adidas Shoes

    Quick question for anyone who has used the adidas CC Boom 2's and the adidas A3 Accelerator. Can anyone give any input comparing the durability, venting, traction, etc. I'm getting my Barricade IV's refunded and I'm thinking of getting the online store credit and I'm thinking if I get a pair...
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    Anyone in Asheville/Hendersonville NC?

    I'm looking for some hitting partners or people to just play games with over the summer. Maybe some league play too. Anyone live around there that would want to play some matches?
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    Backhand Woes

    I have a problem, I'm stuck between my 2hd and my 1hd. 1hd- Pros: Comfortable, angles, easier to hit on the run, spin, able to flatten it out. Cons: More mishits, don't hit as well when rushed. 2hd- Pros: Power, hit when I'm rushed, low balls, better returns on serves, control, and...
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    Returning Rerturned Barricades

    I asked this question a few weeks ago but I had a little confusion. I wore out my outsoles on my Barricade IV's and adidas replaced them. However they replaced them with a different color shoe. They also had one of the plastic eyelets tear out of the shoe. Now, I have a copy of the...
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    Tensions on Hybrids

    I just got a set of Alu Touch (Big Banger + Supersense) and I've never used a poly or a hybrid before so I was wondering if any of the more knowledgeable people on the forums had any suggestions for tensions. EDIT: forgot to mention I'm stringing up a Prince Turbo Shark MP, recommended tension...
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    Return Question

    I just got my Adidas Barricade IV's replaced, I got them shipped back to me yesterday, however today when I was playing one of the silver pieces that hold the lace tore out. Is there any change you guys would replace them because of this, I think someone else had the same problem and you...
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    6-Pack Bags

    What would you guys think is the best 9-pk for Cost/Quality in mind. I don't really want to spend much, but my 3-pk is just way too small to hold all the stuff I need. I also don't really mind if my bag is the same company as my racket.
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    adidas Guarantee

    I shipped in my Barricades IV's to adidas, however I forgot to send the check along with it. Is there anyway that I could send in the check after the fact or get the shoes back and send them back in?
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    Bad Luck

    My father just shipped my adidas Barricade IV's down to the center in Spartanburg and he forgot to include the check. I have a feeling I'm out of luck but does anyone have good news for me?
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    ALU Touch Hybrid

    Where would you suggest putting the Supersense? Crosses or Mains?
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    Kick Serve

    I have a brief question about the kick serve, I haven't yet mastered it but I already think I'm not quite on target for how to do it. When I hit mine it will land in the service box (duece court) and bounce towards the doubles alley and the opponents forehand (right-handed). I was told that...
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    1h vs 2h Backhand

    I'm 15, and just started playing at the end of last August. Both my 1h and 2h backhand are about equal in power, placement, and spin. I think 1h might be more consistant, but that's because I've used it more. My new coach thinks it might be better if I stay with the 2h, more control he...
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    Serves going long

    What is the usual problem that causes serves to go long?
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    Hybrid Shark vs. Hybrid Hornet

    what would be the difference between these two Prince 03 racquets, the specs are fairly similar except for the Hornet being lighter and stiffer
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    Slice Serves

    when i try to serve slices, i either 1) Slice it too much with no pace so it lands outside the opposite post on my side of the court or 2) Try to put more pace with also seems to slice way more then if i was trying to slice so it lands deep on the other side and way far out any...
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    Plus sizes

    what does the plus size accomplish with the longer length and/or larger face? more power?