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    Tennis needs their own Shohei Ohtani!

    Right now a Japanese Baseball player is singlehandily saving Baseball from irrelevancy.He is by far the most talented Player that ever played that game and so with that he capturing people who never were interested in Baseball!.Right now we have talented young Players who are good and have the...

    ATP 1000 Miami Masters Final: [21] Jannik Sinner (ITA) vs [26] Hubert Hurkacz (POL)

    I always felt that musetti has the higher potential to be great than the youngsters ala Sinner.i hope he can flatten out his FH so he can be succesful on all the surfaces and not to be one trick pony!!

    Rublev has the Perfect FH technique

    The match against Fognini showed me that if he a player like he is is on fire he is virtually unbeatable. The Problems would only come from the missing height and the weaker footwork.His BH is above average but even that would be not a problem like some players who really hindered like...

    Most naturally talented player bar Roger

    Federer was the most accomplished who´s gamestyle looked very stylish and elegant but he was not the most talented. The only answer can be Fognini because someone who is 5´8 barely moves and has almost no real swing and can hit shots like that you never seen this before.The obvious answers are...

    Who is the most attractive tennis player ever, on both the men’s and the women’s side?

    Fognini and Berrettini are in a league on their own.No one comes close. Matteo has even the height i mean thats living life on easy mode!!

    Is Federer good looking?

    Fognini and Berrettini are easily the best looking of all time.the other players are average to above average looking.

    Is Grigor Dimitrov good looking?

    Fognini and Berrettini are far and beyond the best looking players in the circuit.I think Dimitrov is someone who you would not look twice if you saw him on the street.

    is Tennis becoming more and more a sport for good looking People?

    Seeing the succes of Berrettini and seeing the other young guns and watching some women tennis i feel like tennis is the only sport where the majority is fairly good looking as in other sports.

    How good is Matteo?

    Because of the Titles on grass people thought grass would be his best surface but actually the reason was only beacuse his serve was on that time.That was the reason why the result against Fed was not suprising. His FH works only if the ball bounce high so when on grass the ball was low he could...

    Higher peak: Fognini or Thiem?

    Thiem is one of the most 1-dimensional players i ever seen.Even if he would be at his peak form there would tons of players that could beat him! Fognini on the other hand im pretty sure would at his peak form beat anyone easily because of his very poor mental strength we see it every 1000 years!

    Fognini’s leg

    Iron Man

    Beating a Peak/Prime Nadal on clay the hardest thing to do in sports in general ?

    Is there something more difficult to achieve than beating a Peak/Prime Nadal on clay or is there something in the sports world that rivals that ?

    Nadal - my tennis Tom Brady

    People dont realise how good Montana was.If he would play in this weak era he would win at least 6 or 7 Sb´s and would break records easily!!

    [24] Del Potro vs [6] Thiem

    Best example would be the 2 FH´s he had against Fed in the Final some years ago!!

    [24] Del Potro vs [6] Thiem

    Delpo´s FH CC is sometimes so flat you think there was no net!!!

    2017 US Open - general discussion thread

    That was Prime/Peak level!!

    2017 US Open - general discussion thread

    Coric is literally the light version of Djokovic in every sense!!

    2017 Wimbledon SF: [3] Federer vs. [11] Berdych

    Imagine all the losses against Nadal would not exist he would be the most undsiputed GOAT of any sport!!

    The TT Football Club

    top 5 is a insult for him, he is easily the greatest ever with the goalkeeping talent paired with the consistency that he had for over 20 years there is no one in the history of football that comes close!!!

    Peak Fabio Fognini USO 2015 vs Wawrinka 2016 USO

    Because of his height i would consider him as one of the if not the most talented player of all time.The thing is that if you are under 6 foot its very very hard to be a flashy shotmaker so the shots he makes are almost not believable!! He can do every shot in the book and the scary part is that...

    I never thought the GCYGS would be possible in Mens Tennis!

    But i think that this year with how Djokovic dominates and how the others are non existent the chances for the GCYGS is very high!!!

    Nadal vs Fognini - 2016 Barcelona quarters

    On Clay a motivated Fognini can easily beat anyone so it depends on him!!

    2015 Rio Open SF - Nadal (1) vs Fognini (4)

    I said it many Times Fognini is the Fastest Player ever!!

    Wilander does it again....

    You know the thing Wilander does is hyperbole thats a thing that americans do for their sport since 50 or 60 years now.Mcenroe does that all the time at Wimbledon.He says Player X has the greatest Forehand he ever saw or that Player Y has the best Lob he ever witnessed so in the end its all talk...

    Federer´s BH is the reason why is not the undisputed GOAT

    The last months when i see Federer i see this very shaky BH of his and i think to myself what if he had a BH which would stand the topspin and would not crack up after FH of Nadal.The only times Federer´s BH was a weapon was when he was hight at confidence but in the end it was very error prone!!

    2014 Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters ... Discussion Thread

    I say if Fognini doesn't clown around SF is safe!!

    Davis cup 2014 QF: ITALY vs. GREAT BRITAIN

    I think he means when Fognini is mentally 100% there he can produce Tennis as good as Murray and Federer.

    The official 2014 Indian Wells Masters thread

    I think now for sure that Fabio is bipolar because the way he makes these errors are not normal.

    Fognini is wasting his talent with his lazy *** Footwork!

    Ive seen so many matches of so many different players that i saw players like Djokovic Nadal or recently Del Potro who were talented players with an offensive playing style but have developed a first class defensive game after period of time!so you can work on it if you have the determination!

    Fognini is wasting his talent with his lazy *** Footwork!

    I am one of biggest Fognini supporters but sometimes between the points i think that he has obviously the speed and has the talent so why can he not work on his footwork so that he could get almost every ball.If you look at players like Nole,David or Rafa the anticipate where the ball will go...