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  1. WildRevolver

    Would 2006 and 2007 Versions of Roger have won back-to-back Calendar Year Grand Slams in '15 & '16?

    The only thing preventing Roger from winning the CYGS back to back in '06 and '07 was Rafa at the FO. But in 2015 and '16, Rafa failed to make the final. Would the 2006 & '07 version of Roger Federer win the Calendar Year Grand Slam once or even both times in '15 and '16? An interesting thought...
  2. WildRevolver

    Would 2011 Djokovic have won any Grand Slams in 2006 or 2007?

    I personally think the 2011 version of Novak was the most complete, all-surface player ever. But Novak has always been a bit of a jack of all trades, specialist of none (not a bad thing at all). So would he have gotten any of the grand slams in 2006 or 07? That period was dominated by Fed's and...
  3. WildRevolver

    What is the GS totals of the Big 3 if Djokovic's and Federer's age were swapped?

    Would it still be 20-20-20 if Djokovic was in his early 20's in 2003 and Federer and Nadal arrived later on? Does Fed with more than 20? Does Djokovic win fewer? How is Nadal affected? I think Fed wins the GS race somewhat comfortably (3-4), but Nadal still wins roughly the same amount of FO's...
  4. WildRevolver

    In the final analysis, Federer actually came closer to the CYGS (TWICE)

    I know Djokovic's run this year was the most dramatic because he took it down to the very last match out of the 28 grand slam matches needed to achieve the CYGS, but he fell 3 sets short of what was needed. Federer, actually came closer to Novak's '21 run twice. In fact, Novak was closer in '15...
  5. WildRevolver

    How did Medvedev sneak up on us as Earth's New Mightiest Warrior?

    What we saw yesterday wasn't Ultronian. It was pure Galactus. How is it nobody saw that Medvedev was ready to take over the mantle of Earth's Mightiest Warrior until the bloodbath has begun?
  6. WildRevolver

    In sports, it's always easier being the hunter. First tournament Novak wasn't the pressure got to him

    When nobody is paying attention to the kid brother, they always thrive when catching up to the older brothers. Not easy when the spotlight shifts, is it Novak?
  7. WildRevolver

    Honestly, Novak is harder to beat than ever.

    What is the game plan exactly? What do you attack? There is no exploitable weakness that lasts longer than a point or two. Seriously, how does one beat him anymore?
  8. WildRevolver

    Over/Under on the amount of forehands Novak let’s Berrentini hit?

    I’ll set it at 15 for the match.
  9. WildRevolver

    At last, Nick chimes in on Novak
  10. WildRevolver

    Tsitsipas: “I don’t know if Djokovic is really injured”

    Add Stefanos to the list of players who has common sense. https://www.**************.org/tennis/news/Novak_Djokovic/95031/stefanos-tsitsipas-i-don-t-know-if-novak-djokovic-s-actually-injured-/ Scans were yesterday. Results are immediately known. He’s playing. Only thing that hurts is the...
  11. WildRevolver

    No discussion on the Novak report by ESPN???

    Anyone else see that ESPN report by Pat McEnroe? He said the tournament director went on local TV and thinks Novak is playing for sure, and that Novak is scheduled for practice all of a sudden.
  12. WildRevolver

    After Nadal retires, will PC be renamed after Rafa?

    Seems unlikely that the French would rename PC after a non Frenchman, but it would be fitting and far more deserving.
  13. WildRevolver

    The double fault is a weird fixture of Nadal/Djoker FO finals

    It wasn’t match point like 13 & 14, but Djoker’s double fault at 5-5 felt super familiar. Anyone else think this?
  14. WildRevolver

    Major Surprise: Rafa's Speed

    After Rome, I thought Rafa lost a lot of footspeed, even compared to the USO Final against Medvedev. I wasn't sure if it was due to the layoff, age or even a slight weight gain. But I thought it was going to make for an ugly potential matchup with Novak, who has consistently been the only guy...
  15. WildRevolver

    NBC's coverage of the French Open

    As much as I can't stand Chris Fowler, I'm willing to put up with him for another Grand Slam to be broadcast by ESPN. The fact that the entire tournament was only available on Tennis Channel and then the championship on NBC doesn't do much to promote the tournament and sport. I think its absurd...
  16. WildRevolver

    Message to Nole Fans

    I know I’m still relatively new here (came for USO19), but I want to send out a non trolling message. Don’t get too down on your guy. I’ve always looked at chances against Roger at Wimbledon, Novak at AO and Rafa at the French as great risk reward. They’re supposed to win those. If you lose...
  17. WildRevolver

    I can’t tell a difference with the speed and bounce

    I’ve been surprised so far. The ball bounce looked normal, even in the Nadal match. And the ball speed through the court looks similar to previous RG. Curious if I’m an outlier.
  18. WildRevolver

    Is this more embarrassing than 40-15?

    The USO was practically handed to Djokovic and he choked his (and others) out of it. Probably beats 40-15, remarkably.
  19. WildRevolver

    If 40-15 had happened against Nadal, is the narrative the same?

    First off, I have always felt that 40-15 gets talked about way too much. I don't see it as a legacy altering moment at all. With that said, the narrative, at least on TT, is that Fed choked hard in that game. It's always bothered me that nobody gives Djokovic credit (and I'm hardly a Joker fan)...
  20. WildRevolver

    A part of me really likes the idea of Rafa and Roger finishing in a tie

    ...and leaving the GOAT discussion to the eye of the beholder. The argument will rage on by both fan bases: Rafa with the head-to-head, most dominant surface, winning h2h at AO and FO; Fed with more USO, AO and Wimbledon championships, etc. In a way, I can't think of a more fitting end to the...