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  1. Klippy

    your opinion of Federer

    What do you all think of him? not as a player, but as a character. i mean like, what do you think of his attitude? i know some peeps that think he's a total champ but others that dont like him at all.... I used to be a BIG fed fan but for some reason, during that match where he loses to...
  2. Klippy

    Long time no speak

    I haven't been on this thread in years!! its great to be back. hows everything being going? Klip,
  3. Klippy

    Weight Gain

    Hi all, I am underweight by like 3 kilograms and I need to gain some healthy weight. I want to gain mostly muscle, not too much fat and i don't want to gain any weight on my legs, only my upper body which looks very skinny. I know that it is pobably not quite possible to "spot-gain" weight...
  4. Klippy

    Your favourite Rock albums of all time

    What is your top five list, and why do you particularly choose the albums you choose mine is in order from most favourite to least favourite 1. Guns N' Roses- Appetite For Destruction NOTHING touches this CD. No filler tracks. Just pure non-stop hard ROCK and RoLL from start to finish...
  5. Klippy

    So, what are your favourite AC/DC albums?

    Which are your favourites of both eras, Bon and Brian, and why? Also, you can vote for your personal favourite AC/DC album in the poll. Sorry if I haven't included your favourite, I just put up the most popular ones. My favourite album in the Bon era is High Voltage because its fun and...
  6. Klippy

    Best concerts you went to

    Hello what are some of the best bands you've seen live? The best one I saw was Iron Maiden! They absolutely rocked. I really wanna see Motorhead live! Has anyone seen them? If so, how was it? Tell me some stories! Klippy,
  7. Klippy

    Am underweight. How to gain weight?

    Hi all, I posted here some months ago about my weight issue (some of you might remember). I am female, turning 17. I am 177 cm tall and weigh 55 kg. My doctor tells me I need to gain some weight because I am underweight. He says my diet needs more calories. Over the past three days I have...
  8. Klippy

    Troubles maintaining weight

    Over the past couple of months I have lost quite a bit of weight. I think I went from roughly 63kg to 59kg because of not eating enough. Also I think I am on the verge of being underweight, as I am 177cm tall. (or am I already underweight? :S) Anyway, I think I was losing weight because of lack...
  9. Klippy

    Burning Fat. Need help.

    Hey I havent played much tennis this year and the last half of last year or so. At the beginning of last year though, and the year before I would be playing tennis 2-3hrs ona 5 times a week basis. I don't really play now because of school (i Dont have time). But yea, so naturally, fat...
  10. Klippy

    Top 5 Albums Of All Time

    What are your top 5 FAVOURITE ALBUMS OF ALL TIME? Mine have got to be 1. Van Halen- 1984 2. Guns 'n' Roses- Appetite For Destruction 3. Metallica- Master Of Puppets 4. Slayer- Seasons In The Abyss 5. KISS- Love Gun Anyone have the same as me? ;)
  11. Klippy

    Strategies and tactics you use?

    What strategies and tactics do you use when playing tennis? With strategies meaning the plan you think of before the match, and tactics the choices you make in the match. [this is question for my phys ed studies assignment] Please give examples of times you have implemented strategies and...
  12. Klippy

    The Greatest Band Of All Time

    So, take your pic. And please dont attack me if I didn't put in the band you consider to be the best. I dont read peoples minds. These are just some of the bands that are always rated amongst the greatest in many polls and by many music critics. Vote away :D wooops. I forgot to put The...
  13. Klippy

    What Strategies to use in round robin matches?

    What competition related strategies could you apply in a round robin tournament, and why? I need to answer this question for my phys ed studies assignment. I already have one answer- which is, when versing weaker opponents a good strategy would be to not play to maximum capacity but half pace...
  14. Klippy

    PLEASE HELP...with a poster!!

    I just received a poster I ordered a while ago. It is a vintage poster from the seventies, and is in really good condition, which is the way I was expecting it. Anyway, there is a HUGE PROBLEM IT STINKS REALLY BAD!!!!!!!! Of chemicals, and dust or something, and it stinks up the whole room...
  15. Klippy

    Weird Injury

    Okay, something extremeley weird happened to me. Yesterday, I was playing tennis, you know, just training, hitting against my usual hitting partner. So, I go to serve. I serve the ball down the tee, and come forward into the court as usual. My hitting partner hits it into the net, so I...
  16. Klippy

    Tatiana Golovin's shoes!!

    I just watched the match between Amelie Mauersmo and Tatiana Golovin, and noticed Golovin's WICKED shoes!! So sweet!! They are this hell awesome blue, with white stripes!! I want a pair! Does anyone know, what brand and model they are?? If so, could you please post a pic!! Thnx in...
  17. Klippy

    Free Sheet Music

    Hey, does anyone know a good, error-free, legal, safe website, where you can get access to a very wide range of sheet music from artists and bands, in particular for piano?? thnx, Klippy
  18. Klippy

    Top 10 Singers of all time

    Okay, we had the guitarist debate, The Rolling Stones and the Beatles, Bob Marley and Hendrix debate. But who do you see as the 10 greatest singers of all time?? Here's my list. In no particular order. Marvin Gaye Philip Bailey Freddie Mercury Elton John George Michael Barry White...
  19. Klippy

    Skipping and Jogging

    Do you get the same aerobic work out by skipping as you do jogging? (Do you burn the same amount of calories??) Regards, Klippy
  20. Klippy

    Analyse my serve

    I found some footage of my serve from a few months ago. I think I am lacking upper body rotation, and my arm (preparation) isn't quite getting back far enough. Is there anything else I can improve on? Any advice would be great. Sorry about the resolution- (used a really bad WebCam). Also, I...
  21. Klippy

    Analyse my forehand?

    I got a video of my forehand today when I was casually hitting at practise. I haven't trained in a while, and I haven't seen my coach for a while, so of course its not the greatest. I felt a bit unbalanced and off-rhythm today. I was hitting late often, and my stance wasn't the best, I don't...
  22. Klippy

    Ok, The Rolling Stones, or the Beatles?

    Look, sorry if I seem annoying, this topic is always argued over. BUT I am just really curious to see how the results will go in this forum. So, who is the better band in your opinon, the Rolling Stones, or the Beatles? And why? Vote away, from Klippy PS: Oh yeah, and please dont...
  23. Klippy

    What's the most daring, rebellious thing you ever did?

    The most daring thing I probably ever did was going on a roller coaster, or chucking a paper plane across the class room when the teacher's back was turned. :mrgreen: lol I wanna hear some stories!! :grin:
  24. Klippy

    Will Ferrel's long lost brother!

    OMG Check out Chad Smith, the drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers!! He looks JUST like Will Ferrell! Chad Smith Will Ferrell FREAAKY lol who agrees
  25. Klippy

    Dunlop 300 M-fil too light?

    I have been using this racquet for quite a while now. I have added 10grams to the head, but still it feels too damn light! Is that the same with anyone? If so, how much more weight did you add, and where? Like- I am not sure where to add more weight! Should I just stick a new piece of lead over...
  26. Klippy

    Coolest role in a band

    Out of these, which is the coolest part you could play in a band, in your opinion? I would have to say bass!! :p :p Hows about u
  27. Klippy

    RHCP fans: What do you think of Stadium Arcadium?

    HI all, What is your opinon of the chili peppers' new album? The album has been cricised as a huge disappointment, and it has also been stated their greatest album. I sit somwhere in the middle- I think its a rock solid album, although it doesn't quite match with the superiority that was...
  28. Klippy

    Need Serious Help With my English Assignment!!

    Hi everyone Our stupid english teacher gave us this advertising assignment to do- in which we have to advertise a plain, white box. The box isn't really supposed to have a purpose, but we're supposed to have a target audience and use persuasive written and visual text to get the viewer's...
  29. Klippy

    Need your opinions: Thorlos socks

    Hi yall I wanna hear your opinions on these famous Thorlos socks. When I used to get calluses on my feet I was recommended to wear these. They are very thick and long-lasting, and I loved the feel of them straight away. But now I realise my feet seem to sweat in them and they feel "slimy." Does...
  30. Klippy

    Mirka is pregnant!

    Lol, hope you don't think I'm evil. :lol: