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  1. safin_protege

    Explain this... I can't figure this illusion/trick out: pretty cool.
  2. safin_protege

    Red Hot Chili Peppers Accused of Plagiarism

    Listen to this clip and see for yourself; there is a slight change in the sound when the clip switches from Tom Petty (who RHCP copied) to RHCP, but in my opinion, it is blatantly similar.
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    Strings for Head Prestige Classic 600

    I just ordered a brand new Head Prestige Classic (I couldn't wait until TW started selling them, but I'll buy a couple more once they do). I am looking to string a synthetic gut or multifilament in it. The string needs to be arm-friendly, have decent durability, and be less than $10. A...
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    Prestige Classic 600 Pre-orders

    In another thread a TW Staff member mentioned that they would be accepting pre-orders of the PC 600 on April 1st. I don't see one as of yet; do we need to order over-the-phone, or will there be a link on the "Head Racquets" page? Thanks.
  5. safin_protege

    Question for Marius

    About six months ago I switched to a Tecnifibre TFight 315- and I really like the racquet. Unfortunately, due to me playing every day during my high-school's tennis season, I am beginning to experience shoulder pain. My old racquet was the i.prestige mid, which I never had any arm trouble...
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    A little reminder

    Especially with the controversy on the boards, I think it is wise to review the rules with which we agreed when we signed up for the forums.
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    Poly question

    I have played with many strings, specifically polys, but have not found any similar to Kirschbaum's Super Smash Honey. I have found that I like this string in my current racquet the best, and am wondering if there are any polys similar in feel and control to Super Smash. Thanks in advance.
  8. safin_protege

    Public courts in Seattle or Vancouver

    My school orchestra is taking a trip to Seattle and Vancouver right before my tennis season starts. I know I'll have free time during the trip, so I'm wondering if anyone living in any of these two cities knows of public courts on which I could play when I am there. Thanks in advance.
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    World Cup Draw

    Here is the final draw for the 2006 World Cup: Group A Germany Costa Rica Poland Ecuador Group B England Paraguay Trinidad and Tobago Sweden Group C Argentina Côte d'Ivoire Serbia and Montenegro Netherlands Group D Mexico Iran Angola Portugal Group E Italy Ghana...
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    Drinking tea?

    I have a general health question: is tea good or bad for you, or is it neither? Thanks in advance for replies.
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    Best Kirschbaum string?

    I was wondering if users could give me there opinions on any Kirschbaum string that you have used. It would be especially helpful if you could compare or describe any of the following: Super Smash Honey Super Smash Spiky Competion Touch Turbo Thanks in advance.
  12. safin_protege

    Any musicians here?

    I was wondering if there are any musicians on the board, being one of them myself. I am a dedicated cellist, and am thinking of taking up the bass guitar. What instruments do you guys play?
  13. safin_protege

    Technifibre NRG2 vs. X-One Biphase

    I've heard good things about both strings, and would like to try out a Technifibre string since I have Technifibre racquets. When I demoed the the racquets, I know that they were strung with some type of Technifibre string. Since I loved the feel of the racquet then, I was hoping to test some...
  14. safin_protege

    Technifibre Racquets

    I just demoed the TF 315 and loved it, and am definitely going to make the switch. Anyone else use Technifibre? I've heard some good reviews from people and also some bad ones; they seem to be quite an up-and-coming racquet company though. Thanks in advance for the input.
  15. safin_protege

    Tacchini jacket question

    The vintage jackets look nice; are they waterproof?
  16. safin_protege

    What racquet to demo?

    For my upcoming birthday, my parents are paying for me to have a private lesson to demo racquets. We are calling the pro tomorrow to set up the lesson, and I have to tell him an idea of what we want. I'm thinking of trying out the Prince O3 Tour and the Dunlop M-Fil 300. Are there any others...
  17. safin_protege

    Teaching a beginner the serve

    I have taken up teaching a friend and peer the game of tennis. He's really motivated to do well and is a good student so far. His serve is wild though, and today I tried to teach him the serve. I think that I may have overwhelmed him by trying to teach him every detail about the serve. What...
  18. safin_protege

    Food question

    For soccer tryouts I have to run two miles in 12:15. What is the best pre-run meal or snack, and when should I eat it? (I have to run on Monday morning)
  19. safin_protege

    Callous on palm

    When I play, the butt cap of the racquet gives me a nasty callous on the palm of my hand. It annoys me when I have one, but when I cut it off and play, it's painful and I get blisters...ideas?
  20. safin_protege

    Safin injury update?

    Does anyone here know how Safin's knee is feeling? I haven't heard yet if he even went into surgery. If he has went into surgery, when will he be back?
  21. safin_protege

    Do you like this hybrid?

    I have decided to try Luxilon ALU Power Rough for the mains and Prince Duraflex for the crosses. Has anyone tried this and liked it? I have tried straight Big Banger Original before, and didn't like the feel, and I hoped that the hybrid would 'fix it'. Thoughts?
  22. safin_protege

    Specs of i.prestige midplus

    Does anyone know the specs of the i.prestige midplus? I would like to know the basics: balance, weight, length etc. Thanks :)
  23. safin_protege

    American Twist Serve?

    I took tennis for gym during the school year, and on the test it said there was something as an 'American Twist Serve'. What the hell is that?
  24. safin_protege

    Wimbledon's music

    Today when I was watching on NBC, I heard a piece for Wimbledon that sounded distinctively like...a tune from Zelda?! Anyone else think this?
  25. safin_protege

    Prestige Classic specs

    What are the specs of the PC? I would like to know things like weight, length...all the basics. Thanks in advance :)
  26. safin_protege

    Best cross for ALU Rough

    Well, I'm a Kirschbaumer, but I would like to try out a Luxilon for its performance, not feel. I think I can do this by crossing ALU (in my opinion bad feel) with a gut-like string for the cross. Any suggestions?
  27. safin_protege

    Racquet Dilemma

    I currently use the i.prestige Mid, which weighs 12.1 ounces strung. At a recent camp, I hit with a lighter, more powerful racquet, and found that it helped my volleys and serves. I think now that a 12 ounce racquet is a little to heavy for me for now- I should work on my upper body strength...
  28. safin_protege

    Durable and absorbent?

    Now that the temperature is getting higher, I'm sweating more and I need a more absorbent grip. For absorbency, I love Tourna Grip, but it wears away after maybe 4 hours of play. Does anyone know of a good absorbent grip that doesn't tear as quickly as Tourna Grip?
  29. safin_protege

    Ferrero's strings

    Is he using Super Smash? I remember that he used to use it in the past, and today at Wimbledon I thought that the strings were the distinct honey color. What do you think?
  30. safin_protege

    Hybrid tensions

    I use Super Smash for my crosses and mains, and the only problem I have with it is that it loses tension fairly quickly. Would using it as the mains and something else (you suggest) for the crosses help my strings to maintain tension longer?