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  1. Bomber412

    Gamma wearguard vs original

    Gamma wearguard vs original. Can anyone honestly tell the difference between playability and durability between the 2 or just a gimmick hype? I know someone selling a ton and he’s trying to convince me it’s worth the price difference. I just want like 4-5 people’s opinion on it. Thanks!
  2. Bomber412

    It Worth Joining the US Racquets Stringing association?

    Hey all I just wanted some feedback on it Worth Joining the US Racquets Stringing association? A little about me I’ve been stringing 6 years. I do a lot of Racquetball and squash racquets. You get anything besides your name on the site? You honestly ever get referrals? I already know how to...
  3. Bomber412

    Restringing Mass Racquets Cheap Worth It?

    Hi everyone! A friend of mine has 15 racquets that need restrung. He said he’s gonna try to sell some the frames and keep some also. He said about 10 need regripped also. We were talking and he said he’d let me restring the 15 racquets at $10 a piece if I was cool with it. All of it is going to...
  4. Bomber412

    What is the largest bag?

    What is the largest bag out there? I just need to store some racquets in a bag and was wondering what the largest bag was and how many racquets it holds. Also the largest bag for $50s thanks!
  5. Bomber412

    Best Stringing Machine For Racquetball

    I'm on the fence between these 3 machines, I just don't know which is better The Prince Neos 1500, The Gamma X-ST with a stand and The Gamma 6004, I plan on getting a wise later. I like the 6 point mounting which is better better and won't warp racquets. And it doesn't block mains like I've...
  6. Bomber412

    Tennis Shoes for wooden floor or training

    I am starting to play racquetball and I hate the gum rubber shoes and I was wondering how a tennis shoe would do. I am rough on shoes. So you think they would be better then basketball shoes on durability? And would they be slick or make me slide? And I just want people's thoughts and opinions...
  7. Bomber412

    Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour durability

    How durable are these shoes? I'm having a hard time finding that out. I'm getting mixed reviews honestly. I plan on playing racquetball in these shoes. Should they last a long time if I wear them on wooden floors for about 10 hours a week? I am curious on what others think. What's your opinion...