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  1. kreative

    Tennis Warehouse: Head Boom MP (Prototype 2021) Racquet

    I just took a look at the Pro specs and it's thinner beam and stiffer so not sure if it would feel and play similar to a weighted MP. I've currently put ~4g at 12 o'clock and counterweighted in the handle, but will probably add some more to 3/9. MP...
  2. kreative

    Wilson Blade 16 x 19 v6 (2021 version - without CV)

    @n8dawg6 any additional feedback on the v6 (no CV) Blades and how it compares to the other versions?
  3. kreative

    Tennis Warehouse: Head Boom MP (Prototype 2021) Racquet

    I definitely think adding some lead would increase stability and put more weight into my shots which was the biggest downside of the racket. I liked the way it felt. I liked the dampened feel off the stringbed and how it felt comfortable, but not overly muted. I'm hoping that adding lead...
  4. kreative

    Tennis Warehouse: Head Boom MP (Prototype 2021) Racquet

    String and tension used for test: Head Lynx Tour@ 53 lbs Tennis experience/background: 4.0 player Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley): All court counterpuncher mostly playing doubles Current racquet/string setups: Wilson Clash 100 Tour/Pro w/ Solinco Hyper G 48 - 50 lbs. How many...
  5. kreative

    Og pro staff / Og 6.1 classic pro staff paint

    There was the actual retail PS 6.6 Stars & Stripes 85 which had a glossy finish, but Courier still played with the Pro Staff 85 w/ a matte stars & stripes pj.
  6. kreative

    Og pro staff / Og 6.1 classic pro staff paint

    There's been multiple threads (some with lots of cool photos) of the various paintjobs on the Pro Staff 85: - Edberg's Pro Staff Classic - Sampras' Pro Staff 6.0 signature teal/black - Courier's Stars and Stripes I think the user Equijet had a nice collection. From my understanding the Pro...
  7. kreative

    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    I agree with this. On Pro Staff vs PT2.0: Pro Staff Classic 6.1 16 x 18 will have more pop and spin, but is much stiffer. PT2.0 will feel more comfortable, lower launch angle. Pro Staff Classic 6.1 18 x 20 swings like a log for me. Definitely will have more plow if you can swing it. Not as...
  8. kreative

    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - You should be happy

    Definitely interested in hearing your thoughts between the 2 frames.
  9. kreative

    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    Can anyone compare the PT2.0 to Blade 2015 and/or Blade v7?
  10. kreative

    Official Wilson Clash thread

    What made you switch off from the Clash? And what does the EZONE 100 provide that the Clash didn't?
  11. kreative

    Wilson 6.1 with 6.0 pj

    Was it this one? I remember this racket being pretty popular during my HS years.
  12. kreative

    Wilson 6.1 with 6.0 pj

    post some pics plz!
  13. kreative

    Wilson 6.1 with 6.0 pj

    Wow interesting RA since the 6.1 was a much stiffer racket.
  14. kreative

    Wilson 6.1 with 6.0 pj

    Wow, never seen this before, only the inverse (6.0 w/ 6.1 pj as mentioned by some of the other posters already). Neat one to have in your collection!
  15. kreative

    Goran Ivanisevic's racquet

    I believe Goran used the Prestige Classic 600 XL
  16. kreative

    Modern Estusa Power Beam Braided?

    I also thought it played similar to the Volkl V-Engine 10 Mid, except that the VE10Mid had a bigger sweetspot and felt more stable on balls hit in the upper hoop. The PBB was like inbetween the VE10Mid and older Volkl C10pro (which was much softer)
  17. kreative

    Speedport Black Grommets

    Looking for some assistance in distinguishing grommets for the Speedport Black. Now the Speedports had a grommet tuning system: 1) String Hole grommets 2) String Port Grommets Then the frames: 1) MP version 2) Team version Then the series: 1) O3 Speedport 2) Exo3 Speedport My question is...
  18. kreative

    Another cheating thread

    If it was just on the serve, and with your skill level, I would have just hit kick serves in the middle of the box, working on spin & height. It would be difficult for him to call those serves out, and grind out the points. The other option is to play on a clay court next time.
  19. kreative

    Classic battle: PT630 vs PSC6.1 (Tour Edition

    I've played with both and prefer the PSC 6.1 Tour. Both are hefty frames, but for me, the PSC swung lighter. The PT630 was a log and I had issues hitting groundies unless I was 10 feet behind the baseline with ample time to set up. The PT630 also felt like it had more weight in the head...
  20. kreative

    New Prince Graphites?

    I'm interested in seeing if there are any new Graphites in the works. I had an Exo3 Graphite 100 for a while, but I couldn't get used to the strange balance. Tried various lead setups, but could never get it to work.
  21. kreative

    2000 Wimbledon final: Sampras v Rafter

    wow, thanks for uploading!
  22. kreative

    Wilson prostaff classic 6.1 95 vs 6.0 95...

    tnsanydy, i have 2 6.0 95's in brand new condition, 4 3/8 grip if you're interested. email me at kidkreative AT yahoo DOT com.
  23. kreative

    Question on Babolat Racquets

    gunnd, my appologies for not posting the link. you've got the answer perfectly, i didn't think about "photo effects". thanks again.
  24. kreative

    Question on Babolat Racquets

    Hello, I was reading though the review on the Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex GT (APDC GT), and about a third of the way down, a photo piqued my interest. Could you tell me the name of the two racquets pictured next to the APDC GT? They look like the predecessors to the APDC GT, like the APDC...
  25. kreative

    APD GT vs Prince EXO3 Black

    sorry for the semi-hijack, but anyone having arm problems w/ the sp black? i love everything about the racquet, but go home w/ a sore arm afterwards. for what it's worth, i didn't like any of the apd variants...just felt stiff and boardy.
  26. kreative

    Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 95

    I have 2 brand new ones, complete with holograms, for sale. 4 3/8 grip (L3), never been strung. Email me at kidkreative AT yahoo DOT com if interested.
  27. kreative

    Power V grip: anybody use it

    i think the PVG is a great tool to learning the correct grips - it really reinforces and feels great in the hand. for some reason, i had issues serving with it, as nothing seemed to work except if i was holding it with an eastern grip - it's likely just me. groundies felt best though.
  28. kreative

    Best Volleying Racquets

    microgel prestige mid, pro staff classic 6.1, prince precision response ti
  29. kreative

    what is edberg using in la tennis open?!?

    Wow, those are nice clips! Wish they would come up to norcal, I'd definitely go watch! It's nice to see the legends (especially Edberg, my fave) back on court again.
  30. kreative

    Pacfic Acquires Fischer

    IIRC, Fischer tried to help local tennis shops by not allowing their products to be sold online for a long time. It's only been in the recent few years that they caved in. I think that's one of the things that hurt them. The other was the big, rounded, oddly-shaped buttcap. If it weren't...