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    My attempt at polarization

    Posted in another thread that I am experimenting w. polarizing one of my Becker11Lights. I realize that many of the TW forum members are far too good to even think about using a racquet containing the word 'Light' and this thread will be ignored by many because i didnt lead up to SW2 <whatever...
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    Fischer Vacuum Twin Tech Pro

    Used to be a Fischer sponsored player and played both the VTPro98 (the blue/purple/black/gold one w. the exposed layup), but also played the TwinTech Pro (the pale beige one w. the Karl Steeb autograph and likely the sweetest looking racquet I have ever seen).....I regretted getting rid of mine...
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    DNX9 revisted

    I played these for a while some time ago.....revisted them today and immediately remembered why I played them and why they have been in the lineup for perhaps more than 3 years. (a good run by todays' standards) A beautifully balanced racquet in the respect of being so good at all the...
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    How much lead and where?

    There are always threads here about this..people asking other people how much lead they add and where..... The purpose of leading is to CUSTOMIZE the racquet to the preferences of the individual. As individuals, we're all different, so therefore what may or may not be right for someone leading...
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    From AeroPro Drive to k90

    I very recently gave a hitting lesson to a semi regular and here are my findings. Think this thread is appropriate in light of the other threads about 'how to know when a racquet is too heavy', 'anyone switch from a heavy racquet to light', and of course all the hype about the k88 racquet. Guy...
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    Any drummer/percussionists in the house?

    Hi...anyone who can give me pros/cons of the "Roland HandSonic 10" Hand Percussion Pad. Particularly interested in how well it can mimic the sounds of a real acoustic drum kit and how well a kick pedal works w. it. thanks.
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    Any interest in hearing about the 03 Hybrid Tour?

    We took one of these out this morning and had a very positive experience w. it. I would post a review here if some people are interested.
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    Public Service Announcement regarding maneuverability

    Adding weight to a racquet <making a racquet heavier> can NOT increase on court maneuverability. It decreases on court maneuverability. Not even arguable. Now, if you will excuse me, I threw out my back and must lie down. I was helping someone move a heavy piece of furniture. This someone...
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    My simple guide to racquet selection

    This post will be a duplication of the things I have consistently said here for a few years, so i apoligize for the repitition to those who have read before. I do this because every week, people misquote and twist around the things I say. I say these things after having given a few thousand...
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    V-Moda Vibe Duo earbuds

    Passing along the great experience I am having w. these. I've been on a quest for earphones/earbuds for my mp3 players for some while without much success until now. was looking to spend < 100 I tried and returned Shures and Etymotics in that price range. I am using these mostly with a...
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    Quick Start Tennis ??

    Anyone have any real/actual info as to how this has been received where you are? Has anyone seen this in the States? Quck Start tennis is the USTA version of what they have been doing in other countries for some while. Smaller racquets/larger slower balls, and played first 1/2 the court from...
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    Racquets making a great base for customization

    Thought to pass this along on a Xmas eve for those interested. Also wishing all decent forum members the best of the holiday season. I've found it to be a great benefit for many advanced players to start with a light base racquet and customize via lead to the right specs for them. Was going...
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    How much lead to add and where ??

    That question comes up quite a lot around here. -The purpose of adding lead is to customize the racquet for that PARTICULAR INDIVIDUAL, so unless someone is the exact clone of another, what's the point in asking? -The same racquet model often varies more in weight, than the lead added...
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    Anyone have a Motorola ROKR E8 phone?

    I have a couple issues with mine which i think are bugs to be fixed w. a firmware upgrade. Motorola has been evasive and I couldnt find info online. Anyone have one and can share their experience? the problems w. mine are the main center select key and the VR. I mostly really dig it....It...
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    Try Emergen-C. I think it is the best

    There are many posts in the forum about what the best Energy drink is...I think it is Emergenc-C A healthy dose of Vit C and several B vitamins (which boosts your energy), lots of Potassium, comes in convenient packets, tastes pretty good, inerxpensive, several flavours and formulation, etc...
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    Gulbis = Simon = delPotro = Monfils

    Except Monfils falls down unecessarilly a lot...kinda like a far more talented Justin Gimelflop
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    The Roddick backhand

    I'm trying to figure out why Roddick chokes way up on the racquet on his backhand...seems silly to do that, and reminds me what a little junior might do if he is using a big boys raquet ;O I believe he got that from Connors, but i cant see the reasoning behind this as it robs him of...
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    adios deVilliers

    <paste> Etienne de Villiers, Executive Chairman and President of the ATP, governing body of the men's professional tennis circuit, today announced that he will not be renewing his contract at the end of the 2008 season. Executive Chairman since June 2005, Mr de Villiers has overseen the most...
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    Federer could be the last one hander to be # 1

    The trend has been towards two handers for many years now on tour. After watching matches like Haas vs DelPotro, Nadal vs Fed, etc I really dont think we will see many if any one handers acheive #1 status again. Many things arent cyclical. On the WTA Henin has retired, mauersmo seems done, etc...
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    Becker 11 Light Customization Project

    I'm really not a customizer and have only once ever played a customized racquet, but after hitting around with the Prestige frames that Alex Bogomolov used, I decided to take a crack at customizing. Would like to preface by saying that I like how his racquets had the weight distributed and...
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    Really poor attendance at Indy

    Anyone watching the Blake /Turs match could see how empty the stands were. Blake is a charasmatic American, Indy is a good sports town, the event isnt new, The USOpen series has been promoted, it is a saturday night, and it is the semi finals....what does it take to get fans to turn out? this...
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    Alex Bogomolov's Prestige

    I have two of his frames. The are Flexpoint MP's. They arent paintjobs. very small grips - 4 1/4. No spec decals and custom built by Bosworth buttcap. They are unstrung, and feel about evenly balanced unstrung, so they are seriously customized. I may string one up and have a go with it on...
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    Klip Legend vs BDE Performance in a hybrid

    Had the opportunity to try BDE Perf m's coupled with Isospeed pro Control crosses in one of my Becker11Mids. My usual setup is the Mojo setup (Klip Legend Coated 17 m's and Isospeed Pro Classix x's) I really liked the BDE setup. If someone wants a more traditional ball feel, this would be a...
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    Head RIP Control advice

    Anyone able to help regarding prestretching, tension, and tension loss of this string? Does it string stiffly like a poly? do you string it lower like a poly? Thanks
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    Volkl Powerbridge 8 - Playtest review

    I've got one and have it strung w. Klip Excellerator17 which is my usual playtest string. It is strung at 58 pounds. Volkl Vibe Damp and Becker Stripe overgrip. I plan on hitting it soon, and can give it to a solid 4.5 I know who is currently using a Bab AeroDrive Cortex for his input since I...
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    Volkl Powerbridge 10 - Playtest Preview

    I've got one and have it strung w. Klip Excellerator17 which is my usual playtest string. It is strung at 56 pounds. Usual Volkl Calfskin and Fischer Vibrastop. Becker Stripe overgrip. I plan on hitting it tomorrrow, but here's some basic info to get started. Available 8.25.2008 Specs from the...
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    Mario Ancic - should be talked up more

    I love watching this guy play. I always felt his playing style and physique to be the prototype for pro tennis players of the future -Tall, rangy, and fast for his size, and possesses all the shots. Big serve, two hander with a solid sliced backhand and good volleyer. An all courter who can...
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    Upcoming Volkl/Becker frames

    New Becker frames - Delta Core1 and Delta Core3 -Game improvement - Out around USOpen time. New technology is the Delta Core material, Double rails at 3 and 9, and new grommet system at 3 and 9. This will round out the line. Haven't heard of anything new in the Players racquet category for...
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    When will Fed retire?

    maybe because I phrased this post differently than the others it wont get trolled as much..perhaps too much to hope have some reasonable discourse here Last year I said that fed may not win one Major this year...or would win 1 at most. I still think he will at least tie the Sampras...
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    Wha? - The Get Low/Stay Low Drill from tennis Channel?

    Anyone see this tip on the tennis channel? Some of the tennis Channel tips leave me scratching my head. For those who havent seen, the guy hand feeds balls to someone who hits forehands and backhands in an alternating manner....the idea is to squat down w. a knee bend to hit and stay...